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  1. Tesco feed local rag with non story and they get location, facilities and opening hours printed in return. That would have cost them £1k as an advert Run the story again when it opens ?Ha ha!
  2. The retailer pays a fee for the privilege of having a debit/credit card terminal,the size of that fee depends on the stores turnover. You also pay for that fee-it is added to to the retail price!!
  3. No,you spent £17 and got £50 "change" The Fifty quid does not go onto the turnover figure!
  4. Congratulations and well done!
  5. When I was a Store Manager working 45-50 hours a week,one of the girls there was on a 16 hr contract with tax credits Hb ect. she was on apx £500 less than I was,used to make me sick.
  6. Spot on! probably why they were offered an eight hour contract,zero hours is becoming quite popular too.
  7. likelihood of the property gaining substantial value in the coming 5 to 8 years. Is this a wind-up?
  8. then the shop staff put them back two hours later and let them refreeze/chill
  9. might be a good day to commit a few crimes
  10. I too have just sold my house and gave the buyer £10k as a gifted deposit, Santanders surveyor asked me three times during the valuation whether it was a gifted sale or not , the implication being the valuation would have been different had it been a normal sale.
  11. . Looking at MSE, it seems like a lot of deals are being scuppered when the valuation comes in below what either the seller or the buyer expects (I've seen a few threads, posted by buyers, saying 'Help, the valuation is too low' - ie they still want to pay the full agreed price but can't get the credit to do so and think it's an outrage. ) A lot of sellers near me are offering "gifted deposits" as an incentive, help the seller as it easier for the buyer to get finance and at a lower rate, this falls through though when the valuation comes in lower than expected.its generally not that they want to pay more, but get a better interest rate cos they have a higher LTV.
  12. link * Price changed: from '£594,500' to '£524,950' [Found by n/a] 13 August 2008 17:55:24 * Price changed: from '£894,500' to '£594,500' [Found by dilbert]
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