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  1. Hi All, Im new to this forum so my apologies if this is in the wrong section. But i really need some advice if anyone has some to give....Ive been living in Cyprus for 2 years now with my partner and were hoping to pack up our things and move to Cape Verde by summer 09. I have my property in Cyprus listed on a site called 'Property Abroad' Theyve been a success these past 3 times in which weve sold properties but i just really want to shop around and see if theres other portals offering cheaper advertising prices. Does anyone have any advice or had experience on selling their properties over an advertising portal? Thanks Sally
  2. Speaking though experience, 3 years ago me and my partner invested in a property in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. We bought the villa through a company named Property Abroad. They were very helpful and gave us time and space to think our options through instead of just hassling us like any other agent would! They managed to organise us an inspection trip and even gave us tips on the overseas property market. For the year which we lived in Spain it was perfect, so much to do and experience, but it all got a little boring so we decided to pack up our stuff and move with my parents over to Cyprus. Again we went straight to Property Abroad for help with this. We have now lived here for the past 2 years. Personally i enjoy living in Cyprus more than i did Spain. I guess that all depends on what your looking for in a country and your price range. But we bought a villa in Cyprus cheaper than we did in Spain plus its a lot sunnier and the culture alot different instead of just living in a 'Sunny England!' There are alot better countries to live than Spain!
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