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  1. Quite the contrary - you are one of the most qualified. The entry requirement to join the OP's infantile club, isn't to posses an impressive male appendage, but rather to posses extreme envy of his. He is a financial porn star* * The first poster to refer to a 'money shot' gets a crisp trillion US$ note.
  2. Jay Aston was much hotter looking anyway, at least she was in my hormone addled, mid-pubescent mind. I know this is hardly a good reason for Cheryl to suffer financially, but for some reason, in my fully grown hormone addled mind, it serves as some form of payback for the unwarranted inequality in term of media attention over the years.
  3. Me too! I never said I wasn't in the minority I referred too! * *Kidding!
  4. No. If that renders my point invalid to you, then I concede.
  5. It is fairly obvious that there is at least a minority of contributors on here (this forum, not this thread), that revel in each and every bit of economic disaster that is reported, speculated upon or fantasised about, the more biblical the scale of the suffering likely to ensue, the better . That isn't to suggest that, as stated by some contributors on this thread, many posters were not simply issuing warnings prior to recent developments and are now continuing to warn about the future, even if their splendid and honorable warnings are tainted a little by an 'I told you so' subtext . However, there is definitely a great deal of spite, malice, selfishness and gleeful self congratulation as things get worse in the economy, regardless of the plight of others and despite that fact that the economic downturn in terms of inflation, deflation, unemployment and so on, does not discriminate, everyone is impacted. A case of cutting off your nose to spite your face just because others will lose their nose and have their eyes gouged out! At the risk of my point being misunderstood, it isn't always clear which group is in the minority on here. The reason I bother to raise this point at all is because, to me, this kind of attitude is not entirely different to the attitude that was rampant amongst those that allowed, or even caused, the housing bubble in the first place, that callously gorged themselves at the easy wealth trough whilst smirking and looking down their noses at anybody unwilling or unable to join them then producing and force feeding magic debt beans to the weak willed that were impossible to digest. Now some HPC-ers, maybe just a few, appear to be applauding with a child-like excitement anyone (other than themselves) losing their jobs, businesses, houses, livelihood or future because they believe it might benefit them financially. I can't see how it is, ultimately, any different, bar some self indulgent and pious belief in an active versus passive involvement. I'm not entirely convinced that society will ever meet in the middle. Edit: knows -> nose ... kind of works either way
  6. Really? Japan has seen nominal price drops of 80% on average? Not some areas of Tokyo but Japan? I wasn't aware of this. Could you provide your source? BTW - if nominal prices even get close to a 90% drop I know at least 50 people*, personally, that would start asset grabbing - and they would be using weapons, not money, to do it. So if you are planning on buying what was a million quid mansion for 100k be prepared to move out very soon after you have moved in. *these are relatively placid people too, so goodness knows what the less balanced folk might get up to.
  7. I'm already wearing it Daniel. I just found a five pound note in the pocket and an orange tic tac covered in tissue paper fluff.
  8. Sorry if I missed it* Was there an answer to the 'nominal or real' question? *(my eyes seem to be malfunctioning for some reason, not sure why all I have been doing is surfing por........... ahh yeah, now I remember why).
  9. Nonsense heaped upon nonsense. The 'young guns' and MBA's that shared in the financial orgy found themselves employed by companies who, not only encouraged reckless risk taking, but punished anyone who demonstrated any dissent. I don't think I would have to research too deeply to find the generation that was primarily responsible for these corporate cultures and aggressive anti-social strategies. I find myself constantly amused by the media and amateur analysts desperately searching for a group to blame, 'the others' such as MBA's, making themselves feel better that a disconnected, identifiable group of people had some inherent trait, a trait not shared by everyone else, a trait that was even taught - by 'brain washing' no less, that urged them towards greed, irrespective of the dire consequences for society. When in reality the character flaws that allowed the unstastainable and, in retrospect, unbelievable drive towards fattening the goose until it burst, exists in most, but only a few were smart enough to get their hands on a shovel for the corn. Being young or having a certain qualification can't make you greedy, but it can arm you with tools that make you a more effective glutton. However, we wouldn't blame the scientific education community because some science graduates went on to use their education for less than virtuous deeds. Perhaps you would? For the purposes of disclosure I do hold an MBA and thus might be* guilty of bias. *definitely am
  10. As this thread is about 'boomers' can you just clarify that you are suggesting that the generation of that nomenclature made notable sacrifices to defend other's rights to 'express themselves' (snigger, sorry I'm so childish) without fear of state retribution? Again, is your assertion that 'boomers' did this, laid down their lives time and time again to protect our rights? I'm assuming so as this thread is specifically referring to 'boomers', not the generations that fought in the two World Wars. I only ask as, from my understanding, the likelihood of civil disobedience of the nature I think you are alluding to and the act of voicing subversive (from the states point of view) opinions, being overlooked has never been so small. I'd wager that the increasingly anti-libertarian laws have, in the most part, been implemented by 'boomers'. I will happily stand corrected, but your posts just feel as though they are being produced by Mel Gibson, that is, they are 'based on a true story', or rather several true stories from different points in history that have been merged in to one story that ultimately perverts the roles played by both heroes and villains, is a horribly inaccurate account of the impact on history and, frankly, is offensive to those whose real stories you are divisively claiming to be telling from first hand experience. Edit: stuff
  11. Aren't you spreading yourself a bit thin, jack of all trades mast....... oh you don't mean you!
  12. Deleted: Excessive wires being crossed on my part to contribute anything meaningful.
  13. Once, when I was a young, slim, handsome jack the lad I drank a massive amount of Vodka and lime which simultaneously massively decreased my general ability to function AND massively increased how attractive* I became to the opposite sex. I am going somewhere vaguely relevant with this - honest! Whilst at the bar one extremely attractive young lady challenged me to a game of pool and after much discussion inexplicably agreed that she would engage in acts unbecoming of an HPC forum contributor should I win. I was significantly worse at pool than I would have been pre-imbibing the aforementioned alcohol, which was utterly appalling. She was rather good. She essentially white washed me game after game after game. However, I completely refused to give up until eventually, I won a game (by cheating). At this point I put the cue away and claimed total victory, when she pointed out that I had won one of, perhaps, twelve games, I simply pointed out that 'you are only as good as your last game'. I will never really understand why, but she seemed to agree that this hypothesis was beyond scrutiny. Thus proving that I am a mathematical genius. *I thought in my deluded state.
  14. Win To Let. Nice. I'd be interested to know why he has never been able to move out of home though. He is an IT PM, and they generally get pretty good salaries, at 37 you would have thought he would have been getting a reasonable salary for quite some time. Surely he could have jumped on the bottom rings of the 'ladder' before things went totally insane. I don't even know why I am asking, it could be for any number of reasons and do I really care? I say I'm interested to know, I'm not, I'm bored. I think I'm using these forums to feel connected to the world, not entirely alone, even if nobody responds to my poorly thought out contributions, at least I can invent in my head a world where someone is reading..... even if nobody is. Win To Let though. NICE!
  15. I don't recall the Labour Party standing for election based upon a a manifesto of unfettered free will for the masses. Government is supposed to be an interventionist (in the literally sense of the word) force in society and politicians stand for election based upon how their particular brand of intervention will protect the population from themselves and from each other. Otherwise what is the point? So, whilst I don't entirely disagree with your fundamental point that individual responsibility has a place in all of this, the Prime Minister, whose very existence is based upon defining the scope of responsibility we all have through policies that allow us a limited number of choices, cannot blame anyone except his fellow politicians - and most certainly himself.
  16. My GUESS - Statistics and sentiment! Some 'thoughts' 1) Almost every single source is flawed in some way, as they do not describe genuine price differences brick-for-brick / house for house. They aggregate based upon some, usually very simple, formula. This doesn't mean that they have no value, but that they can be very misleading, often deliberately. 2) The statistics generally have very few factors, maybe; borough, number of bedrooms, square meters and price. Often depending upon what the author wants to prove. Again, useful as an indicator but unsophisticated and not entirely scientific. 3) There are many sources of information that describe demographic features of areas, even streets which, as far as I am aware are rarely cross referenced statistically in the major headline analysis. I’d guess that these characteristics would go some way to providing an answer. For example my parents live in a village that was built and populated en-masse at a certain point in history and a significant proportion of that village are the original owners who happen to be in an age and economic group that own their houses and draw a pension. Compare this to many nearby villages where houses have been similarly priced but have very different demographics by virtue of when they were built and populated and you get stark differences – not necessarily in the VALUE but in the recordable changes in price as more people have been forced to sell / willing to accept lower offers. 4) Sentiment is arguably the greatest factor impacting prices, it also happens to be the most intangible and (possibly) unpredictable factor. Recent history, demographics, attitudes, cultures and so on, massively influence sentiment so people buying in certain areas will be more positive about the future than people in other areas despite current economic indicators suggesting their logic to be horrific. 5) Political, economic, social, technological, legal and regulatory (PEST) factors have resulted in the provision of certain types of homes in certain areas both in the long and short term. As you know, if you had two ‘average’ areas in, say, Surrey but one had a council that was sympathetic to the development of trendy apartments and the other favoured commercial building, you would find that different types of residencies would characterise the locations. As I think most agree different types of residences have been, so far, impacted very differently in terms of both the owners willingness / requirement to sell and the expectations of potential buyers. I could go on, no ok I won’t. Edit: Shouldn't type so much when I'm so sleepy.
  17. How about that Gordon fella? I forget his surname. You know him. His name is Gordon something, only one eye. Oh, what's his name? Gordon....., Gordon....., Gordon.... B. That's it! Gordon, one eye, surname begins with a B Gordon Banks. Great keeper!
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CCH73sG63A...feature=related followed by
  19. At least not as far as the tax man is concerned! Judging by their Cheshire Cat like smugness, they probably do. .............I should let this Alice in Wonderland thing go now shouldn't I?
  20. So more of a 'our system is based upon Alice in Wonderland politics, magically delicious economic reasoning and is masterminded by a Wizard of OZ-esque, seemingly all knowing, but ultimately pathetic, entirely disappointing, soul destroying, weak willed, maniac - anything is possible once the strong smell of coffee pervades amongst the masses’, rather than a mathematical hypothesis of proof. Now it makes sense!
  21. Out of interest - in what way would you expect that to convince anyone that believes 'big falls' aren't possible, that they are? I do believe they are possible*, by the way, although if I recall not nearly to they extent you do, but I'm a little confused by your hypothesis here. * For clarity I'm assuming we are both using 'possible' as a substitute for 'plausible' rather than in the true quantum sense of the word 'possible'.
  22. Those that believe a 90%, average drop, is perfectly plausible are not ‘nutters’, wrong, maybe disconnected, but not ‘nutters’. However, those that are wringing their hands in glee and anticipation, willing it to happen, in the belief that it will be a form of financial chastisement of current indebted home owners and vindication of themselves as prudent, responsible renters who will stroll out, unhindered, to snap up a property with cash; are deluded, unthinking, spiteful and absurdly mistaken in equal measure.
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