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  1. This is an inescapable nightmarish existence if you chose to live in the UK is it? I must be extraordinarily unobservant not to have witnessed anything like this in the UK. Whilst I'm certain I could find it if I went looking for it, I'm pretty confident I could also seek it out in Italy. It's OK you can leave the UK without making excuses, we will still love you without constant justification for heading somewhere else. Edit: stupidity .... and again for more
  2. If this is a serious question, you must have an extremely flimsy grasp of global economics and politics. You don't happen to read the Daily Mail do you?
  3. I'm not familiar with the 'News Of The World' publication. I assume, as you have chosen to cite it, that it is a double-blind peer reviewed series of financial and economic articles? - Not a worthless, ill informed rag that is essentially a mouth piece for the highest paying vested interest to brainwash and confuse idiots? Or at least a well respected journal to which well educated, informed commentators contribute balanced, well researched articles. - Not a series of thrown together, sound-bite based headlines designed to encourage / discourage those incapable of understanding somewhat complicated issues to do / not do something, based upon that weeks whim of a megalomaniac editor / owner. Maybe I should just look it up on Wikipedia?
  4. Out of interest - do you think a homosexual is less capable politically than anybody else, and more inclined to fiddle in a 'sexual way'?
  5. For me it is even more compelling to rent, at least for now. I'm reasonably happy to rent a place I don't particularly like in an area I'm not that keen on - but I'm extremely determined not to buy somewhere like that. So the calculation isn't one of renting or buying a similar place - it's renting a much less desirable place or buying a really nice house. 'No brainer' at the moment.
  6. Thanks, I just won ten quid from such a predictable response. Your post is both accurate and irrelevant. I wasn't suggesting the situation 18 months ago was good or better or right, but it was different. It was easier and cheaper to buy a house relative to price for those seeking a new mortgage. Thus Sibley's suggestion that the crash is a myth because mortgages are 'easy' to get is based upon nonsense.
  7. You are right. Kind of. However, it seems clear to me that you are suggesting that the mortgage market is 'back to normal' with the trivial exception that the banks have decided not to lend to those that cannot pay it back. This just is not true. Yes, banks will lend to people, but unless you have a huge deposit you will get heavily penalised through unreasonable rates, high fees, mechanisms that 'lock you in' and much lower multiples of income than 18 months ago. To put this in to a more tangible context, when I first started planning to head back to the UK 18 months ago I calculated likely salaries and what that represented in terms of mortgages / properties. Even though I ended up earning 20k more than I had based calculations on (aaaaiiiight), I am in a position to fund houses valued about 30% less than I could have back then. In other words, the changes in the mortgage market mean houses are LESS affordable despite price drops. BTW Sibley - are you a talented arm wrestler?
  8. I'm afraid to me, whilst ultimately virtuous, your point dissolves in to rhetoric. I don't believe that the choice really exists, at least, it isn't as simple as you appear to insinuate (in a rather insulting, accusatory way).
  9. Yes Londoners. If you had an ounce of decency you would live elsewhere. You are spoiling the vista for others. Savages!
  10. Quite. However for me, my choice is: 1) Pay 800 quid a month (720 for the train 80 for parking) - to earn 71k a year in London 2) Move to London away from my friends, family, everything I care about and buy / rent a place I despise and suffer general misery 3) Earn nothing (OK, I could always earn something, but it doesn't sound so dramatic). Whilst applying for jobs earlier this year, I was prepared to work for 31k less than I get in London and still didn't even get an interview, despite months of many applications I still weep gently each day as I get on my 720 a month train - on which I often have to stand (OK, dramatic effect again, but I have to stand probably 2-3 times a month) Edit: user error
  11. No they don't. I think that is probably for the best.
  12. Slightly off topic, but along the same lines.... What is your opinion of inheritance? I can't* find it now, but I was reading an interesting article that hypothesised that inheritance was a significant factor amongst the various factors responsible for perpetuating inequality. Excuse my dreadfully in-eloquently rehashing of it - but it essentially outlined how inheritance supports the continuation of the 'controlling' classes over the rest of society and whilst it recognised that everyone has the opportunity to 'join the club' financial 'control' is massively stacked in the favor or rich families. By 'financial control' is included the ability to suppress the wealth opportunities of the masses. It also recognised the fact that most people would be disgusted at the suggestion of the state capping inheritance. * be arsed to
  13. Love lots of things about Aus, prefer the UK.
  14. A few things that someone may find vaguely interesting ...... or, more likely, infuriatingly dull. I have just returned to the UK from Australia. I have managed to secure employment. The first thing I was taken aback by was the fact that the recruitment agency were visibly dumbfounded that I got a job offer so quickly. They told me initially not to become too concerned if I hadn't found anything for six months - SIX MONTHS? I almost cried upon receiving the advice (by 'almost' I mean 'actually'). Obviously I got lucky. Secondly, I have been under the pitiful misapprehension that it was a very good salary - until I started crunching the living expenses numbers. I'll be a long way from struggling to survive, but when I factored in all the ludicrous costs of having the audacity to exist (food, utilities, clothing, dry cleaning, phones, internet, insurance, air, electing to use my full compliment of senses) the outrageous consumerism I was planning on participating in disappeared as tragically as all my adolescent hopes, dreams and great expectations. Thirdly, I was planning on buying a house. For some MENTAL reason. I've lurked and occasionally added trivial, ill educated nonsense on this forum for a while and am definitely aligned with the general HPC theory - but, honestly, have never been particularly driven by how much money I might lose or make I just wanted a place I could live in and do with as I pleased. So thought - ahhh feck it I'll buy. It sounds like it might be getting better! UNTIL I started looking at what you can actually get for your money. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? Seriously? I can only assume that the flu jab I have refused to accept year after year is actually powerful hallucinogenic, mind controlling, reptilian j1zz. Surely, nobody that has actually looked at the price of the truly ghastly abominations of architecture that I can afford can fail to entirely believe that we are nothing other than unthinking bees, desperately buzzing around for pollen confiscated along with our souls by the unseen, engorged, all powerful entity that controls our hive, all the while thinking we are somehow benefiting? What the hell am I talking about? I'm going to continue to rent purely because I'm happy to temporarily live in a s1t3hole but would never actually buy one at twice the monthly cost. Seriously what in the name of all that is holy am I ranting about? Edit: made slightly less sense than it does now
  15. Got ..... to ..... resist ......... got ...to .... stop .... pedantic tendencies ...... must ..have self con....... ...... ahhhh GOD DAMN IT ... The Portuguese Man o War isn't a jellyfish .. ..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sorry.
  16. Southport is one of the most undesirable places on the GC. There are worse places, but not many.
  17. In the interest of balance. Since moving back (UK from Aus) I have been, quite genuinely, thoroughly uplifted by the generally great attitude of people here in the UK. Undoubtedly, there is a lingering and pervasive atmosphere of concern and negativity about ...well many things, but, at least amongst the 100's of people I have interacted with so far, this atmosphere is matched by a healthy, balanced, brilliantly humored attitude of refusing to become lost in the swirl of needless depression. Of course, as is made evident by a brief read through some of the posts on this site, you will have those that will try to infect everyone else with their freshly-trodden-in-dog-turd tinted view of the world. Ignore them. Avoid them. Everything in the garden isn't rosy, but if you obsess about the damage the slugs have done and spend inordinate amounts of time eagerly searching for cat sh!t to fume about, you'll never appreciate the daisies. If watching Big Brother or Pop Idol represents a society unworthy of you, then the fact one or both of these shows are syndicated all over the world (including Australia) means things aren't looking good for you. Perhaps some posters could try having fun, stop judging so much and telling us all how bad we should feel. I LOVE being here, I'm worried about not having a job, worried about finding one, worried about the economy, but overjoyed I can live here!
  18. I just returned to the from Aus after 7 years. Lived in Melbourne, Sydney and finally Brisbane. Aus is great, many things to like. Easy place to live, generally very nice people. Good fun. However, just as many things to dislike as the UK (and everywhere else in the world). That's not a slur against Aus it's just life. Aus has its problems. Personally I very much prefer the UK. I could understand why others would prefer Aus. However, living there you will get considerable pressure to acquiesce and agree that Aus is the land of milk and honey and the UK is a hellish, dreadful, criminal place. The absolute worst thing for me was British ex-pats who devoted a great deal of time justifying their decision to live so far from home to themselves, telling anyone that would listen how bad the UK is and how flawless Australia is. Constant, monotonous self targeted propaganda urging everyone to believe they did the right thing. Snorting derision at any suggestion of going home. It wears very thin, very quickly. I actually found that, ultimately, most British people I spoke to about how difficult I found it to feel at home at Aus would broadly agree that they felt the same. It was very possibly a coincidence, but those Brits that most vehemently insisted that only an insane or disturbed mind would want to move back to the UK from 'paradise', happened to be the most small minded and racist - I have no real explanation for this. I am actually concerned that a lot of people become trapped somewhere they don't want to be because of pride - they perceive they would be viewed as failing if they moved back home.
  19. .... and nuclear submarines ... Besides, I said one of the most powerful nations - we must be in the top 350?
  20. Perhaps I am being naive, but I assumed that, as the leader of one of the most powerful nations on planet earth, the Prime Minister would have some sort of team or even a lone person, in place to give him PR advice, for example: 'When you are being publicly berated and accused of, almost single-handedly, destroying the economy and with it the wealth and prospects of many of it's current and future citizens, most of whom are already disgusted with you and your Government, DON'T - that's DO NOT - slouch in your seat like a soiled, homeless drunk that has been forced in to a suit and smugly grin as if you are watching old episodes of 'The Young Ones' after getting home following a heavy night drinking, a few drags of weed and a curry. Try to appear as if you are, well, the PRIME MINISTER, or even just like you care. Oh and if you aren't eating or talking keep your mouth closed, you look like you are about the exclaim that "SLOTH LOVES CHUNK"' Seriously, surely someone has played back footage for him so he can witness how absolutely, horribly offensive his mannerisms are?
  21. Personally, I think the CAP was significantly responsible for hamstringing a country that was a world leader not only in manufacturing, but designing, innovating and architecture of much of the planet's genuinely valuable technological advances, replacing much of it with shuffling electronic representations of pieces of paper around a series of electronic boxes. Discuss? No? Coat?
  22. I've got some green boots ......... .... i haven't but i wanted to join in....... but not enough to be bothered thinking of a setup for a punchline .... I'm so alone ...
  23. I am under 35 and I remember the character. Unfortunately your erroneous hypothesis means that you have proven yourself to be hopelessly unreliable and thus anything you contribute from this time forward should be assumed inaccurate and designed to mislead and confuse. God I'm bored....
  24. Bergerac wasn't. It was like a bad Chinese takeaways' laughably out-of-fate photograph of horribly unappealing and badly arranged food that has been drained of colour - a bit like one of those white dog-poohs you never see anymore. My eyes were red and spinning in my head with rage though.
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