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  1. Friend of mine looks like he just got Gazumped today. Terrible for him as he was struggling to find enough for a 25% deposit on a very modest home he was buying as a result of a serious illness in the family - basically he was trying fulfill his Wife's desire to own a home and have some stability. Now he has just burnt about a grand of his deposit getting a mortgage rushed through. Whilst he was always very worried about it he was reassured by his Estate Agent who was aware of the circumstances who insisted that as long as the mortgage was arranged reasonably swiftly they could ensure that he wouldn't find himself in the exact situation he now finds himself. His fault - he obviously didn't realise that when an EA says 'swiftly' in reference to an activity which often takes 10 weeks, they mean within 7 DAYS. The fact that it actually took 12 days was not good enough for them. Inevitably, if anybody bothers reading this, many will merely consider him an idiot. He probably was. However, desperate, vulnerable people often make idiotic decisions. Isn't it great to know that we have greedy, deliberately deceitful, heartless, money grabbing filth to profit from these situations - it's what makes Britain great. On a side note, how on earth has the law failed to figure out a way to deal with this sort of mess??
  2. All we need to do is to get everyone on the planet to reach a consensus on exactly how we proceed and make everyone promise to never sway from the agreed plan and to never be greedy. Easy. Oh and we will also need to make sure that everyone born from that point forward also agrees. My only reservation is that mankind has never, ever demonstrated the capacity or desire to reach such a consensus. But I'm sure that is just a trivial matter.
  3. Out of interest - what do people actually buy 'for Christmas'. I know that may sound like a ridiculous question, but I just can't fathom the 'I've done all my Christmas shopping already' phenomenon. Yes, I have to get a couple of ill thought out tokens and slightly more food than usual, but it barely registers on my pre-Christmas activity list (it's a metaphorical list, I don't actually write one). What's the big deal? I'm sure there is one, I just can't imagine what it is.
  4. My blood instantly dissolved and my toes exploded I was so angry - I can't BELIEVE that they walked out without taking a brochure after Kevin attempted to fornicate on the bed and DIDN'T EVEN UN-CRUMPLE THE SHEETS. I'm starting to think they didn't have a genuine intention to make an offer. TOTALLY wasting the Estate Agents valuable time. Aggghhh the bloody keys on my keyboard have now melted like molten cheese.
  5. Nonsense. There is a group of people, or several groups of people, that have seized and control massive swathes of 'resources' that allow society, as we know it, to function. Some of these people also have devices than can instantly destroy the entire planet. They also have control over a specific resource (money) which can enable anything that can be conceived of to happen. I'd suggest that not believing that we are being 'done down' by an elite is the sort of naive thinking that would get an A* at A' Level Philosophy.
  6. I'm a Cardiac surgeon. It's basically plumbing. How about when you, or one of your family, requires my services I get one of your colleagues to do the work and when I, or a member of my family, needs someone to massively over complicate moving numbers around on a screen in order to 'create' wealth one of my colleagues arranges it for them? I'm happy with that, you? I'd also recommend more carefully reading the documents you use - if you actually read my post thoughtfully I'm sure you will see why your retort was inappropriate. Given how complicated, difficult and important your job is, I'd expect you to be able to absorb and rationalise information, accurately, more rapidly.
  7. What you have described in you last few threads is what most people call 'doing their job'. I know I couldn't possibly shatter your absurd view of your own skill so I won't bother applogising, but your job isn't really that difficult in the great scheme of things. You seem incapable of distinguishing between yourself and your organisation and who funds activities and takes the risks.
  8. He would only end up hurting me and confusing me with all those words, words, words.
  9. I wonder if he knows that it is 'Royal Mail Letters' employees that are giving him grief, rather than 'Post Office' employees?
  10. When it does, I will be watching it on a ridiculously large TV. My current TV is so massive that my eyes actually bulge when I am watching it. They sometimes change colour. I often cry myself to sleep because my life is so hollow. I sometimes dance in front of people I have never met before.
  11. Whilst I am clearly sporting a tin foil beret. Are you doing the 'right' thing or are you doing what you have been convinced is the right thing?
  12. You missed my point. WE are irrelevant. I don't know anybody, or even know anybody that knows any body that knows anybody (etc), who decides to invade countries, captures territories, creates money out of thin air, blah blah blah .... THEY are worse than animals. Animals can't conceive of willful cruelty in the name of outrageous greed. You don't know anything about my subconscious, neither do I, that's kind of the point.....
  13. No. It is the same rule for everyone. The 'money masters', to coin a phrase*, will do exactly what they wish, regardless of who 'owns' the keys to the front door. The Government is free to pretend to be really fed up with those pesky blighters, shake their fists, tut and then STFU. * blatantly steal a phrase
  14. Do Snakes and Lions have the cognitive capacity to conceive of 'moral' right and wrong? Do you? The majority of corrupt activity across the world isn't about finding a scrap of food to survive or fighting to protecting territory. It is about gorging at a golden trough built on stolen land. Probably.
  15. I am bladdered. I wish I was a proper boy. .........seriously I'm hooberstinky ...
  16. It's just possible that any topic will polarize the participants - each one deliberately misunderstanding, taking opponents comments massively out of context and to extremes in an attempt to win a hopelessly dim audience's hallow approval via soundbite size clap-traps. Where any vaguely sane person realizes the truth is probably somewhere in-between. Shameless and embarrassingly transparent arguments churned out by Politicians who would cut off their own genitals live on air and claim they thought it was 'absolutely the right thing to do' if they thought it would receive a round of applause.
  17. Nobody can explain. They can guess. When they guess right people will champion them and, for a period, hold them up as beacons of enlightenment and they themselves will smugly shake their heads at the futility of everyone else for not seeing their brilliance earlier. When they guess wrong they will either simply disappear for a while, or be held up as fools. If anyone was capable of consistently and accurately predicting public sentiment they should rule the world and own everything in it. Nobody can, so nobody does, They can only guess and sometimes guess right.
  18. I actually had the conversation at the weekend with an aspiring Politician (that's how he describes himself, he is in fact a mature, seriously deluded, undergrad student doing Politics and Economics). He not only had no idea what it is, he couldn't begin to grasp the concept when I explained it to him. I also briefly explained the very basics of fractional reserve banking and the US Fed (and only the undisputed stuff) - he dismissed me as a conspiracy theorist. Now I think about it, perhaps he isn't deluded after all - he sounds like an ideal candidate for any major political party.
  19. Possibly. I doubt it though. I think you are (probably deliberately) missing my point. Maybe the riot Police outside distracted you.
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