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  1. Any business model based upon selling boxed games is doomed - online or on the high street. It needs to radically change or it will totally fail within a few years. Edit: Rubbish use of the English language
  2. Stars, sorry if I am misunderstanding your point - but an individual with a property to let who would rather not let it to people with children isn't dictating who can reproduce, only that they can't rent a specific house if they do, hardly the same thing as being forced to rent to whomever the Government tells you to? (maybe I missed an earlier post??). As a general point - it's interesting reading this. I don't have kids nor do I have a property to let. I do, however, have quite a few nieces and nephews. If I did have a property to let, unless I thought I'd be excluding my only likely tenants, I'd definitely stipulate no children. Even very well behaved ones can quickly cause a fair amount of damage - and whilst the tenant agreement would probably protect me for writing on the walls, if there are no kids living there I don't have to deal with it in the first place. I think it is unreasonable to expect landlords, amatuer or otherwise, to tackle whatever social issues posters are suggesting 'no kids' lets are exacerbating. Let's face it - it's just annoying (for the OP).
  3. Exactly. Although - I disagree with your earlier post that insinuates that a small majority of 'psychos' would be willing and capable of doing it. I reckon a majority of people would ultimately, given the chance, sacrifice the good of the masses to satisfy their own greed - just some would not go as far as others. What some people are suggesting all sounds very 'nice', but in the same way that it would be 'nice' if it was always summer and everyone got to date hot Swedish girls and we all had yachts and Aston Martins. Its like listening to a surprisingly eloquent beauty pageant contestant.
  4. Ha ha... and you have totally missed the point of the post. Your son sounds like he is a lot smarter than you.
  5. 62% tax on income that they shouldn't be getting. I'm utterly amazed that these people actually believe they can justify these bonuses. Many people are getting pay cuts at companies that did not require (and certainly didn't get offered) a bail out. The justification seems to be that all these brilliant people (that somehow managed to allow Banks to get in to a situation where they needed trillions in bail-outs (just say that in your head a few times - TRILLIONS!!!)) will leave the country. Some might, but the VAST majority wouldn't and those that did would easily be replaced. The argument that the Banks themselves would leave is horse ass - they are being given legitimate ways of reducing the cost of staff, yeah I bet the decision makers will be killing each other in the crush to get out. The arrogance is absolutely stunning - the Public would probably happily have Bankers Publicly castrated, they don't give a sh!t if they threaten to leave.
  6. I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck. However, if you find you are standing in a puddle you don't have to look for a desert.
  7. To be fair, I just happened to see about 15 minutes of the Jeremy Kyle show (I was previously a JK virgin). Having done so I suggest everyone leave the UK as soon as possible.
  8. What a ridiculous statement. Keep in mind we are discussing moving to another country and the reasons to do it. Surely, you can't be suggesting that living somewhere with high crime that has 'a good reason' makes sense? Absolutely not what I was suggesting, I can't see how you managed to infer that. My point, for clarity, was that your multiple posts about leaving the UK referred to various crimes, I was merely pointing out that the vast majority of people are NOT victims of these crimes. I'm sorry to hear that. Not the point at all. I'm sure you would agree that most people living in the UK are extremely unlikely to be impacted by this? Fair point.
  9. Could you give me a list of countries where I can't, within minutes, find many examples of horrendous crimes? Other people leaving the UK wont help you feel any better about your own decision, with which you are clearly struggling and, like many posters, are in a constant loop of trying to justify. It's OK we don't care. I have lived in London and don't personally know anyone that has been tragically killed or sold in to a sex trade. My point being people might be better off making life decisions based upon things that are likely to happen (weather, standard of living, education etc) not things that are incredibly unlikely - like being killed by a bomb.
  10. Interesting thread. Three thoughts in my head - if anyone cares: 1) It amuses me how many people regurgitate the: money doesn't make you happy / all I want is the basics / people are blind and materialistic zombies who don't know the true meaning of happiness [email protected] We all know you would all feverishly force your snouts as far in the money trough as your little trotters would allow, scratching and biting those around you, whilst a horned, pin stripe suited banker, with the head of a vulture and torso of a goat thrashed your naked buttocks with the sharpened souls of your ancestors. I know I would. 2) There is no meritocracy. Inheritance is one of the most significant contributors to inequality, but fiercely defended, even by those who stand to inherit very little. 3) I forgot what three was. It was very insightful and brilliant though.
  11. Despite the juvenile, frankly sexist, responses from many on here - I think there is a serious point to make. Do you really think she is 'busty'? I have always been thoroughly disappointed with her breasts relative to the rest of her ample frame. Almost to the point of rage. I'll be genuinely surprised if DImbleby doesn't open the programme with a question about it ... or 'them', if you will.
  12. This (above) is why they are getting paid so handsomely. The absolute nonsense that there is something 'special' about Financial Institutions when it comes to IT. They delude themselves that it is extremely cutting edge and mind boggling and that without deep finance industry experience you may as well be a shaved chimp because you just couldn't begin to comprehend business imperatives and processes. Of course, it's completely untrue - if anything it tends to be extremely mundane, repeatable and basic. Even IT infrastructure roles are paid up-to double. I know a MS Exchange chap who literally doubled his salary going from an extremely complex, cutting edge environment (not a Bank) to look after a standard installation, of about 1/10th of the size in a Bank. He was fortunate enough to have worked in many Banks before, not looking after the same stuff, but that doesn't matter to them, just as long as you tick the 'Banking' box. It's the Banking world - the really do think they are in an Ivory tower that will turn to dust if they let strangers in. BTW - the Exchange chap ... I am him ... mwa mwa mwa ha hahhaaaaa* * actually I'm not but the post sounds less bitter if I lie that I am
  13. So what would you 'like' to see them doing? Building bomb shelters, looking gray and depressed, shuffling around the kitchen with a bowl of cabbage water devoid of any glimmer of joy and stuffing the couple of hundred quid they were going to spend in their mattress in order to quicken the current economic downturn? More to the point WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING IN TOWN?? I can only assume you were going to the tinned food emporium (but lets face it you were out Christmas shopping like everybody else, shaking your head at the stupidity of everybody else)
  14. If the patient was still alive ten years later and was diagnosed with having a totally different condition all along, (still terminal the lucky beggar), would you consider the original Doctor to have been right? Or would you find him saying 'I told you so, see how good I am?' a little irritating and question the value of his advice?
  15. Clarkson is an utter bell*_end. Lots of what he says is inaccurate, poorly thought out ranting . However, a lot of it is grounded in truth and people read what he says. At least he is a rebellious voice. He has done a lot more to alert people to the madness of what is going on in this country than anyone on here - in fact, a lot more than the sum total of this entire website (despite what lots of you would like to think). So he is a d!ck head, but at least he makes people think, maybe even start to question!!! But lot's of you wouldn't like it if 'the masses' got in on your act would you? Then you wouldn't be able to congratulate yourself so heartily for transcending the 'big brother watching plebeians' with your philosophical, intellectual and economic insight and forethought. Then you would have to admit what you are - just like everyone else. I think a lot of posters on here should save their energy and pompous contempt to focus on taking their irritating self satisfaction to its ultimate conclusion - and finally managing to crawl up their own @rse.
  16. I love the idea of this. My concern would simply be that the disgraceful, immoral, all powerful, society controlling thieves that have a vested interest in perpetuating the status quo (bankers, lizards, whoever), may well be shafting us right up our poor, inflamed derrieres, but they are shafting most of the rest of the world to a much greater degree. Stop them and you instantly weaken us (The West, the UK, whoever) and simply point our backsides in a different direction - no amount or type of lube will ultimately lessen the ........ ....i'm regretting starting with this metaphor, but can't be badgered to change it - hopefully you catch my drift
  17. Just to play devils advocate. Is it possible that, had the AutoCad software not existed, or that robots, automation and so on had not been introduced to other companies / industries - the few design jobs that remain in your example and the few non-automated jobs that exist elsewhere would simply have been outsourced (offshored) with the rest of the work? Plus the jobs created by the automation wouldn't exist. At the moment investment in efficiency enabling technology seems like one of the few tactics the UK has left to retain any work at all - otherwise everything we do will be done less expensively elsewhere. Would we rather have robots building stuff, but stuff we can sell or just stop making stuff altogether?
  18. There are lots of indolent, incompetent people in the Public sector and lots of weak management. However, it's no at all surprising to me. Having experienced the Public sector a lot, it becomes obvious extremely quickly that due to the very nature of these organisations - poor performance is absolutely assured. The organisations are utterly hamstrung by Governnment in that pretty much all decisions about strategy, budgets and tactics are based upon very short term Political agendas and fear of the Unions NOT performance in any meaningful sense. Imagine in the Private sector being in, say, a middle management position where you are not aware of any mission or strategy (if it exists at all it remains a secret), the inability to even suggest anything that might impact job functions (an I don't mean people losing jobs, I mean even modifying the processes people follow), an on-of-on-off budget (the exact amount and availability of which is a secret), practically a ban on strategy that requires thinking beyond 12 months. Anyone with any passion or talent will boil over with frustration and leave quickly, leaving behind the 30 year veterans who are jaded and incompetent in equal measure.
  19. Yeah, brilliant. You are the best. Your detached, emotionless, hard nosed attitude definitely makes you appear a financially insightful, enlightened realist from whom we could all learn a lot about life and money. Not a weak point scoring wannabe who takes any chance he can get to elevate himself above others in a desperate attempt to appear to know something valuable. Can I subscribe to you?
  20. Fair question. When I started writing the post the fact that gazumping was occurring rather than gazundering and the delight some of the 'told you so' bulls might have felt, was going to be the context - i was also going to make the point that some of them (note SOME of them) would even revel in his plight..... changed my mind but my indolence prevented me from changing the topic title.
  21. I would have no issue with the seller, (although personally it wouldn't be in my playbook), it is the EA I find disgraceful - I won't bore your further with the details, but they clearly exploited his situation by getting him to make an offer and arrange a mortgage (and all the cost associated) by misleading him (actually it was completely lying to him) about the actual risk. Knowing what a bad situation it would leave him in financially and emotionally (particularly his wife) but thinking - 'fu*k it' just tell him it will all be fine..... makes me sick.
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