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  1. 'We' are not funded by a License fee (Tax), nor do we have a mandate to produced unbiased, balanced 'news'. 'We' do have the name 'House Price Crash' ffs - anyone who is hoping to enjoy a thoroughly unbiased, no-spinning view of the world on here, is probably quite stupid.
  2. I think we are very close to saying the same thing here. Get rid of the needless jobs and perks, get rid of the incapable, reduce the astonishing HR footprint. The only difference is that I advocate paying good people good money to do a good job of spending massive amounts of Public money- that doesn't mean I advocate paying the current employees good money (save the ones who deserve it) nor that those being paid salaries that are above market rate, even if very good at their job, shouldn't get an adjustment - but 50% accross the board will ensure failure. Also, I didn't say there would be a massive rush to the private sector, by everyone (I actually said the reverse). However, the the calibre of people we now need to turn around the Public sector mess will definitely find work in the private sector (and they are).
  3. I said the very few very competent people would leave, in fact, I know they would because I know they do and, despite your insinuation there are no jobs for them to go to, very good people are still finding work to escape the Public sector. I see it every week. And no, I would like a Public sector that places excellent people in positions where they decided how to spend Public money. I think any other aspiration is ridiculous.
  4. In that case my rant still stands Also, I absolutely agree that the incompetence is largely with management, however, punishing them with a pay-cut would not work. The most incompetent would stay, knowing even with a slashed salary they can't survive anywhere else (with those few very good people definitely walking out), and more incompetence would be attracted. The problem lies in the culture and bureaucracy that is unpalatable to most competent people. Those people leave, very, very, often for their role to then be filled by someone who was turned down for the role 3 or 4 times, who then get close to the salary offered to the now absent competent employee. I'm sorry but you have to change the culture and compete with the private sector for the best people and best results, not just accept it will be [email protected] and get paid accordingly. I'd rather pay someone handsomely who will make sensible decisions about massive budgets rather than try and claw some of the wasted money back through reducing salaries.
  5. This (3) is the one of the worst ideas I have read on these boards, and there have been some shockers. Am I being dumb, is this an in-joke I've missed? Having worked with the Public sector a significant amount, I can assure you it would absolutely ensure utter catastrophe, beyond anything we have already witnessed. With all due to respect to Public sector workers, I have observed over 15 years, that the vast majority (but by no means all) of very capable and highly motivated people, especially in middle-to-senior grade roles, will remain in the Public sector for the short term. Despair and leave for the private sector. Decent money might slow the process a little. The result is that less than capable, often plain incompetent, people drift to the senior, decision making positions. There then exists a loop of decent mid-level people joining, facing the incompetent, fearful, backwards looking, fiefdom building hopelessly-out-of-their-depth managers above, despairing and leaving. Pay cuts suggested will simply accelerate the process, or, in fact remove the loop all together leaving only a pool of incompetence. These people, remember, are frequently making decision about budgets that would dwarf all but the most massive private companies. A budget funded by you. I'd suggest instead that at least 30% of staff are cut, Unions power massively reduced, fraud, back handers, personal agenda driven contracts fiercely driven out and programs vigorously adopted that specifically aim to change the Public sector culture towards those of the best performing Private sector organisations and a gap established between Government Political agendas and direction of much of the Public sector (essentially much longer term budgets / strategy, rather than the hand-to-mouth tactics). Not that I'm bothered Edit: Sorry I just noticed you put above '25%' I initially read it as 25k - maybe I am missing something?
  6. No, it's appalling. You are totally right. However, those people, some of whom had already demonstrated they were extremely poorly motivated to go to work (seriously 5 years without work??), not turning up is in no way surprising or enlightening, nor useful for judging the ability of local workers. Think about what we saw: A group of people, many of whom hadn't worked for several years <queue broken record references > are contrasted with a group of people who have moved country just to fulfill very low paid jobs. Hardly scientific is it? The only 'expert' analysis we get is from people who have chosen to employ very low paid immigrants and, amazingly, they explain how they are fully justified.
  7. Ok, Ok, they didn't turn up!!! Really got to you that didn't it You are like a broken record ....... one about people not turning up ...like .... erm ... no can't think of one!! Let go Bloo, it's going to be alright... I think the point is, though, that drawing conclusions either about immigrants or locals based upon a tiny, tiny fraction of the relative populations was as ridiculous as it was pointless. From memory, 1 guy hadn't worked for 5 years and two for 3 years, and yet we are supposed to be astonished that they had low levels of motivation for turning up to work. There was a very obvious agenda. Notice that the guys that had demonstrated a genuine desire to work, such as the chippy, did very well - yet all the documentary makers chose to focus on was him getting annoyed at the immigrant chap who criticised his work - with a throw away mention at the end that he proved himself 'worthy'. I don't think any conclusions can be drawn at all, except it was a very lazy documentary that fully intended to 'prove' something right from conception. Does that mean Brits aren't lazy, or that immigrants aren't indeed far more worthy employees? No, that may well be true. What it does mean is that 'they' successfully setup the right people and edited accordingly.
  8. Well I did say 'I'll have a lucky dip for tonight, please' She responded 'There's no lottery tonight' I said 'I know' At least that's the conversation I had in my head.
  9. The woman who works in my local News Agent is incredibly attractive and very busty. She is wonderful. That isn't he good news. On most days, even during the grip of winter, she chooses to wear clothes that reveal significant amounts of cleavage. It's incredible. That isn't the good news. This morning I went to the shop. She was there. Her cleavage was there. That isn't the good news. Due to a serious wardrobe malfunction, whilst she was taking my money, about 90% of her left breast was completely exposed. That isn't the good news. Although I tried (a little bit) not to look. I looked. She saw me look. I saw her see me look. She just fixed her clothes. Looked me in the face, winked and giggled like a Carry-On scene. Life is brilliant.
  10. Man who has been unemployed for 5 years is useless. What a surprise.
  11. Don't be so rash. I'm sure that the mature drama student will be rubbing shoulders with the impossibly rich and famous very soon. Is that a bit out of order? Sorry.
  12. I'm betting on a typical polorasation of the issue. They will show that 'locals' will not manually cleanse geriatric hemorrhoids with their bare hands for $3.50 a day (or something equally depressing), but immigrants will do it with a smile and praise to God for giving them the opportunity. From this then will then extrapolate across the entire employment spectrum suggesting that all jobs immigrants are shipped in to do wouldn't get done without them and that we are too pampered and pouting to do a fair days work for a fair days pay. They won't bother to mention quite well paid jobs immigrants are doing, or the fact that fruit picking immigrants are here as a side effect of laws designed to lap at the huge sweaty ballbags of billionaire businessmen and pressure groups who want cheap skilled labour. I might well be wrong - just a guess.
  13. I think that is completely unfair - at least in regard to my post - because that isn't what is being said at all, not even close. I won't regurgitate my point, but I think if you genuinely re-read my post you'll see this.
  14. Are you referring to the theoretical 'globalisation' that you can read about in economics books and that the Government and other manipulators of the masses pretend is being used in practice? Or the actual 'globalisation' process where certain groups are manipulating and exploiting resources to further increase their power? The reason many people are becoming increasingly frustrated, often, is not through some belief that they deserve anything specific, rather because they are starting to realise that they are an irrelevance - they may or may not benefit, but either way it is a symptom not a goal.
  15. No. The 'rules' are different for certain job types so it skews the 'Global market' Also, I did not mention off-shoring. For clarity - I mean 'on-shoring' in the literal sense. The legislation changes effectively allow companies to employ foreign workers, that live and work in the UK whilst enjoying Tax advantages not available to UK Citizens (but only for certain types of jobs). This isn't Globalisation it's the Government hamstringing it's own Citizens at the behest of corporations.
  16. I happened to be at home most of the day and left BBC News 24 on for most of it - I have to say the message I was very clearly getting was 'Yes we are technically out of recession which is better than remaining in recession - but barely, in the context of expectations it's bad news, 0.1% is a joke'.
  17. The job was UK based though - how are Indian based salaries relevant? If they ARE relevant I ask again: How much do Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Bankers, Sales People, Marketing People and Astronauts get in India? Perhaps we should champion legislation changes to allow 'on-shoring' for all professions (because that is exactly what happened in the IT industry)? If we did, within a few years, there would be millions of adequately qualified people willing to relocate and work for much lower salaries. Whilst many of you seem to have nothing but contempt for IT people, save a healthy dose of spite, I'm sure you'd start to sympathise if the Government decides to add your profession to the list. Suggesting this is just a result of a 'Global market' is total nonsense as only certain job types have been handicapped such that locals cannot financial compete with 'on-shored' talent.
  18. How much do Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Bankers, Sales People, Marketing People and Astronauts get in India?
  19. Nice. I didn't watch the credits, I'm assuming Mel Gibson Directed as both Economists have become American :-) Was good though!
  20. True. Seriously though, how, how, HOW? Has he become so powerful. If you read a brief summary of his 'career' it is littered with shame, scandal, embarrassment and failure. Add to this the undeniable fact <crazed, hypnotic, spinning, satanic eyes> you agree with me, YOU AGREE WITH ME </crazed, hypnotic, spinning satanic eyes> that nobody would leave their child in a room with him, even for a moment (think about it -you really wouldn't would you?) due to his almost Biblical creepiness, how has he become more than a despised headmaster (which is what I imagine he would have become without his 'powers')? Serious question - anyone know how he has managed it? Or does the Government have that much contempt for us they will inflict him upon us as an all-powerful demi-god politician with a shrug of the shoulders and a 'fukc them, they'll never notice' smirk?
  21. Come on, it's only the Midlands, not London. They (used to) make 'stuff' there. Who needs stuff when we could be mashing keyboards to move digits from one part of a screen to another and thus gambling money that never really existed creating wealth. Why inject a couple of hundred million in to manufacturing outside of London, to essentially save an entire industry, when we could pump billions in to a handful of companies that caused the entire mess?
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