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  1. I see what you mean By-Tor. The media does portray Americans as suers. I'm sure only some people are demanding, like New Yorkers. Americans don't seem to be demanding the Government for answers about 9/11, the illegal occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan. Charlie Sheen seems to be doing his bit. Regards,
  2. Does that mean British VIs are stupid, but the public even more stupid for not believing what is in front of their face? Or maybe Bristish VIs are smarter. They know that there won't be a boom for many years because of job losses / less pay rises, and so are trying to milk this one as much as possible? Regards,
  3. Hello fellows, Here is an american link for the US house bubble. VIs over there seem to be less corrupt that the VIs over here. Two-Thirds of Lenders Nationwide Say U.S. in Midst of Real Estate Bubble - and Half Say Burst Has Begun or Will Shortly, According to Phoenix Lending Survey Results; 93 Percent of Lenders Predict Housing Prices Will Drop 10 - 20 Percent Any reason why? Do you think the US wants the bust to happen quickly so that a prolonged boom can start again? Regards, Nayved.
  4. This has always been true. Have not heard the saying the "Good guys always finish last !" Regards,
  5. Isn't the point that congress have not set a higher limit yet, that America is bankrupt. Why haven't congress set the limit? Why don't they just set it to $10 Trillion and be done with it? Anybody got any analysis on this? Regards,
  6. Can this be true! Will no-one speakup? Take alook: America is bankrupt Regards,
  7. Hey guys, I've been surfing around and seen some great sites about the house bubble (in America unforntunately) & economics. I thought I'd share them with you. This has over 50 links attached to it on the righthand side as you scroll down: the mess that greenspan made Here are my favourites: another f@cked borrower the housing bubble 2 marin real estate bubble marin very overpriced houses Enjoy! Regards,
  8. The article says that car sales are only down 5% in the UK, but looking at the cars in London, there aren't many 55 Reg cars about. There are lots of 04 Reg & 54 Reg cars about. I would imagine car sales are down 50%. Anyone agree?
  9. This exactly why house prices will crash below anybody's imagination. Chinese wage inflation will 0% for the next 20 years because they have so many workers so don't expect house prices to rise before 2025. Governments & Business know this and that is why they are trying to keep people spending (via MEW) as long as humanly possible.
  10. Not suprising really, There are so many off-licences around (many of them Sri-Lankan family owned) working on small margins, you can't really make decent money out of anymore.
  11. I think this shows that people will ditch bad investments once it is absolutely clear that the investment is bad. This goes for the BTL brigade aswell. It also shows what banks are capable of doing, should the need arise.
  12. Hey Guys, Has this been discussed before? Does seem that the smart money is leaving the building! Deutsche Bank Rescues Troubled Real Estate Division Regards,
  13. I've found 2 related links to this: MP’s plea on threat to ABRO jobs Staff at a threatened army depot in Telford, where more than 400 workers could lose their jobs, will be irreplacable if the site is shut down, a Shropshire MP warned the Government. The jobs are under threat at The Ministry of Defence’s Equipment Support Procurement and Provision Agency (ESPPA), at Sapphire House, if its facilities are moved to Bristol. Telford MP David Wright told defence ministers yesterday, it would be difficult to recruit staff of the same merit elsewhere, and the MoD would also end up paying out bi
  14. You know what they say, "the taller they are the harder the fall". House prices have gone past anybodies wildest imagination on the way up. You can bet house prices will go past anybodies wildest imagination on the way down. Regards,
  15. Hey Guys, I think some people missed the point. A student debt has grown to massive amount and the govenment are doing whatever they can to get it back. As the title suggests, soon the government will need chase the next of kin for the parents debt when the parent can no longer pay (Coming Soon: PAY from the GRAVE!) This is the horrifing part! I don't think this topic has been done to death. Maybe it has been mentioned before in passing as it relates to house prices not going any higher because of lack of money. I think this also means that banks will chase defaulters, and should they
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