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  1. The working man gets home, watches the BBC news, FTSE up. 'Nothing to worry about' The FTSE figure on the news is some kind of be all benchmark of the financial state of the UK/World to many people I know.
  2. About six years a go, I was working as a security analyst for one of the big online gambling operators. I remember finding a critical bug in the system, where I was able to take 'test account' fun money into a real cash poker game with online punters. As proof of concept I created £1,000 for myself, took it to a live table and won £350. I then took my winnings into the sportsbook, and backed a couple of odds on shots on the weekend football. Now, when I think about QE, banking, and trading financial markets, I always think of that fraudulent grand.
  3. By chance I met my Landlord in the local pub this evening. He'd had a pint or two. He and his wife are in my opinion flag bearers of the BTL and MEW'd Posh and Beck wannabes way of life. After a few pints he told me how he'd been on an expensive Christmas Shopping spree with the missus. After a few more pints he eluded to the fact he was down to his last 'layer' of credit cards. He went on to admit he would be in a seriously bad position after Christmas. He admitted to spending a day shopping at Cheshire Oaks and Chester on his remaining live credit cards, totally putting the post Christmas debt consequences out of his mind to please the missus and his family. In not so many words he said he was happy to spend his last 'layer' of credit without giving a sh!t in order to have a good Christmas. To finish off his evening he bought a round on one of his 'last layer' credit cards. The way he was talking I'd expect him to carry on his bottom of the credit barrel spending until New Years Day or until the pot runs dry.
  4. With the 'latest gadget' brigade maxing out their credit cards over the last few years, it makes me wonder where all of the perceived out-of-date stuff will end up. I regularly dispose of cardboard at my local recycling centre, and I am amazed at the TV's, computers and electricals cast away. Admittedly some maybe beyond repair, but I'd guess much of it isn't and is thrown away to make way for the next must have gadget. The biggest eye-opener is the number of what appear to be nearly new bicycles thrown in the skip. Shocking. I remember one day queueing up outside the recycling centre. The guy in the car behind couldn't be bothered to wait and dumped an iMac computer outside the gates. The thing can't have been more than four years old. How long until we see working iPods, Nintendo Wii's and such like dumped on the tip to make space for the new 'stuff', or maybe they'll escape the tip and end up on the bailiffs inventory?
  5. The retail parks are still full of week day shopping moms in their Chelsea Tractors. Its only when their magic money cards are declined or the ATM fails to pay out will they start to take any sort of notice.
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