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  1. Offer was 168 to include the parking (which they value at 7.5k) And obvs the reservation fee was put on a credit card Sorry, i came here perhaps for some help / advice / insight - clearly not the site for that. Sorry for wasting your time
  2. Hi there I made an offer on a new build flat advertised at 182k My offer was 168k + parking (7500) + all fees paid for, first year maintenance etc Now im not looking for advice on whether i should or shouldnt have bid. Here's the strange thing. I submitted the offer over week and half ago. Ive paid a 1k reservation fee. I cannot get an answer from Fairview, either a yes or no. Just keep getting told directors are in regional meetings and cant look at the offer! How bizarre is this?! Whats happening at Fairview?! Thoughts?
  3. Hi I'll keep this short and sweet. I am about to buy a 2 bed 2 bath flat on a 75% mortgage 25% deposit in form of 10 year int free loan from Fairview Homes. Am I mad? My logic = I really really like the flat No deposit = no significant financial input upfront I am comfortable with the monthly repayments Even if i enter neg equity for even 2-3 years, in 5 - 6 years the flat will be worth at least what i paid for it. Thoughts?
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