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  1. Nice to know they are in the real world and competing for business.
  2. Mmmmmmm yes so she can fondle them all day Anyway, had a lovely chap round today, his own firm, not sold out to the big corporates. 1% incl. vat and 235 incl. vat for the HIP. Told me some horror stories about the bad boys A pleasant experience with an EA. Hi Rachman, yes I just come on here to be grumpy as we all do I am as nice as pie in person.
  3. I am genuinely interested, what is the difference so I know what to look for? I cannot see what else they do. They might have a client database so they can contact prospective purchasers. They may put your advert in once a week instead of once a month. Must be some EA's on here want to chip in?
  4. Come on, what do they actually do? £1,500 to print a few leaflets, put an ad in the paper and put a board outside your house. I just thought that in these times they would be trying a little harder to get your business. So what is the difference between a good EA and a bad EA?. Both will put you a For Sale board outside, advertise in the local paper and put you on Rightmove. A potential buyer will come to see your house from that.
  5. Yes, I think he meant the energy cert is the only thing you can't do yourself. Still, no-one looks at these at all. If I just printed one that had the worst ratings, it wouldn't be far out and be covered. It is not like I would be claiming it to be a green house. I don't see people looking for a house, they find their perfect house in a perfect location and cheap and then say... 'oh but darling, we can't possibly buy this house because it is rated 'F' on it's energy use
  6. Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, only the HIP included VAT so another few hundred pounds. Satch, I told the missus I would do the HIP myself, I can get the Energy Cert for £35 etc. but she won't let me.... yet. The EA yesterday said the first bit of the process was getting the HIP done (apart from the searches) before they market the property. Surely you can start marketing the property while the HIP is 'in progress'? Anyway, 2 more muppets today. Hope it isn't a price fixing cartel and they all charge the same
  7. Just had the first one round. As to the price, she got out a printout of similar properties, put her finger in the air and said £85,000. She is good . I would have said £87,500 but it's 'priced to sell' . Well I wouldn't want it 'priced to rot'. Anyway, fee of 1.5% so that is £1,275 to them, but they forgot to mention to me in the EA's office that a minimum fee of £1,500 applies which is 1.76%. £225 for the HIP which nobody ask's for or is interested in. I am guessing £350 for Solicitors fees. So all in all just over £2,000. Thank god I am not buying again!
  8. Just venting my spleen. Been around my town to get Estate Agents to come out to value my house and put it up for sale. To help me choose which muppet I am going to use, I approached several EA's to ask roughly what their charges are. (not one of the EA's ads in the local paper advertises fees and charges). To my astonishment most wouldn't say before they had come out to see the property. I said 'ball park' figure then to help me choose. Can't do that they said. Told them address, type of house, even pointed to one in same street on their boards. They kept saying, depends on our valuation. I said, well if it's £80,000 how much? If it's £90,000 how much? No can do. I just walked out with this guy standing his ground. Amazing. I found 3 out of 10! in the end coming out later in week. A few still want to charge 1.5% hahaha plus VAT! Got one 1% incl VAT and HIP for £185 plus VAT. I want to do it myself and the HIP myself but the missus wants it done proper . Ok I said, I will do it haha.
  9. The 4 robbing sods is bad enough but how does it cost £16 million to write a bloody report!! Even if it has taken 4 years thats £4 million a year, take off the printing costs of £10, throw in a couple of computers and calculators Note to self... tell son to train as an accountant.
  10. Must have missed that. He should have taken it down more carefully though if he wanted to salvage some of his materials He should have realised... 'council house'... tenant can't do stuff like this to house if they haven't 'Right to Buy Get in Debt'
  11. I find Kirsty attractive as well as long as she doesn't open her mouth.... well not to speak anyway
  12. Well we are going to put our foil hats on and live in this little blighter for a couple of years and save. It's in our friends garden Save the rent and buy when the time is right.
  13. Why has that Foxtons 1 bedroom flat got 2 toilets! That cloakroom and wardrobe space would have made another bedroom!
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