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  1. Thanks guys! I can see this house mybe losing a bit of value in the next year or 2 but I think prices, certainally in stranmillis seem to be stabilising a bit. Was also getting sick of renting - - wasnt a great area and had noisy tennents to one side of me - partying and shouting at each other...! House is a fairly standard semi - 3 bed, 2 reception, garage, garden, 115 square metres, old fashioned wall paper, tiles etc. All cosmetic - i.e. no damp issues, house seems well built. No problems from students - a professional lives other side of semi so all very quiet, no problems so far! BTW - house is cutters side of stranmillis.
  2. I've just bought a 3 bed semi in Stranmillis for round the 200k mark - it was on the market over a year ago for 330k! Its a bit old fashioned but happy to put my mark on it. Very glad I found this website many months ago as I never thought they would go under 300k never mind 200k! Stranmillis ticks so many boxes for me, lagan for nice walks, good bars / restaurants / cafes, cycle to work safely on tow path, near nice schools if I ever have children (lol), nice vibe/atmosphere, no hoods (well very few) running about!
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    The house is old fashioned but nice big reception room. Just need modernised I guess. Its in the wrong side of Malone though in my opinion. Would prefer Stranmillis to here.
  4. All I can say is get rid of your debts! A few years ago, I was also living with my parents and I racked up quite a bit of debt without even realising it - 3 credit cards, a small 2k loan and a 1k overdraft. I remember the day I counted up all my debt and it was over 8 thousand pounds!!!! I also remember feeling very depressed. I stopped buying clothes, and had a budget of about 60 quid a month on going out which I got used to fairly quickly. After 1 year exactly I was down to 3k and after another 6 months I was debt free and only have 1 credit card to this day which I pay off in full every month. I can honestly say it was the best feeling in the world to clear the debt but it so, so easy to get into debt, esp. with credit cards!!!!
  5. Its a different house:- The other one was sold about a month or so ago.
  6. Was chatting to 2 different people in this last week who own properties (3 bed semi's) in Stranmillis - one is old fashioned but an impressive house, the other been heavily modernised and very nice. One owner is moving to london, the other to lisburn. Was chatting to them both about the house price crash which they both were very well aware of and both said they will price houses at a "level to sell". They are also said they would be very picky about which estate agent they were going to pick to sell them and would be looking at estate agents which had successfully sold proeprtys recently in stranmillis. House are selling though, several houses I've really liked have all sold, all in Stranmillis. Ravenhill, however isnt selling quite as well at present which I might start looking at now.
  7. 50,000 in dock over rates payment http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8172685.stm Almost 50,000 people (46,611) have been taken to court in the last financial year in Northern Ireland for not paying their rates bill. Some of the 3 bed semi's I've seen in Stranmillis have rates of £1500+ / year!
  8. Bottom of housing market has already passed http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/story.aspx?storycode=6505533 "The agency says that ‘with the benefit of hindsight’ it appears the best time to pick up a bargain has been and gone, and ‘the window of opportunity to pick up the best buys in popular areas in this phase of the market is therefore closing’." Although this is UK based I think the same has happened here for Stranmillis for example i.e. no decent bargains are left.
  9. To be fair, I have seen quite a few nice houses in North Belfast, its just the fact you have to drive through really rough areas sometimes to get to them! I am not denying, parts of South Belfast are rough, racism in the Donegal Road area has seem to have went through the roof recently, students in holylands getting carried away, etc.
  10. I see you said "Once the richest part". Its not now, and I would not want to live in a part of Belfast with hoods coming in from their estates, intimadating, stealing etc. I like south Belfast (bt9 area and thereabouts) because a) decent people live there, its close to city centre, c) has nice, relatively safe parks / walks and finally d) lack of hoods / spides / folks who have noot done a days work in their life, have zero respect and think the world owes them something. Rant over!
  11. I think the question most buyers are faced with are 1) Should I buy in a good area a smaller / less quality house or 2) Should I buy in an "up-and-coming" area where I can get more for my money? Upper Ormeau is (or was) an "up-and-coming" area - parts of it very nice. However, some people dont touch "up-and-coming" areas with a barge pole - reason for that is that its a risk that the area may never get better e.g. Donegal Road becoming the next lisburn road? Also, might take too many years, in the mean time you may have social problems with neighbours, etc? On the flip side, there is the danger that a good area becomes bad e.g. The Holylands? I personally would prefer a wreck in a very good area, my target area is Stranmillis, although I hope my future house isnt a wreck ... ;-) I honestly cant see Stranmillis going the way that Holylands has and I think East Belfast has a good bit to go yet but who knows how many years.
  12. I've been bidding on properties recently (and also on a property next door to this one). I had to get a letter from my bank to show that I had the mortgage in principle and that I had a high deposit. I say most Estate agents would demand this now adays.
  13. Since selling my house over a year ago I have been watching propertynews / TDGTTS / etc religiously every week. The areas I've been looking in are South Belfast and East Belfast. One thing I've noticed is that since the end of last year the number of houses for Sale in Stranmillis has been dropping like flies. There were 3 semis in Stranmillis that I really liked (nice garden, close to lagan, tidy house, etc) which I bidded on but was out bidded each time since last year. The quality and quanity of houses now for sale in Stranmillis is dropping every week. From what I can see Stranmillis is one of the very few areas in the whole of Belfast that I see so much market activity going on. I suspect its bottom has been more or less reached where the less desirable areas have a bit to go yet. I may be wrong though.
  14. LOL, nuts. Would love to meet the seller of 11 prince edward park and chat about how he came up with that asking price ...
  15. Hello, if everone here found their dream house tomorrow, and at a price they were happy with, what sort of mortgage would you go for? With uncertainty looming over the economy, global and local, what mortgage deal is best for the next 20 years? Fixed rate, tracker etc. No gloating if you're a cash buyer now ... ;-)
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