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  1. Hi guys. Do you know what are rent prices in Chelsea? Are they falling? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys. About interest rates cut, I'd like to ask you one question. I'm monitoring the Italian housing market and, as you certainly know, ECB is going to cut interest rates as well for EU. Someone is saying this will give the housing market new gasoline and let it start again growing. What do you think about this assertion?
  3. Hi guys. I created a topic on our forum dedicated to international guests. You're welcome, please enjoy us. http://freeforumzone.leonardo.it/discussio...spx?idd=7999740
  4. Sorry, I forgot in my previous post to say that "Google Translate" translates in an orrible way, but that's only to begin, to let you access earlier some infos. We're about to arrange for HPC users a thread providing some material translated in English by ourselves: surely it will not good as native language people, but should be better than "Google Translate". We'll be back soon. Stay tuned.
  5. Hello guys. I'm here again. As suggested by guido.zip (one of the best users of FFZ's Housing Bubble Forum) you can start reading our area by using Google Translate. You can use this link FFZ - Google Translate In the meanwhile we will arrange internally in order to let you accommodate in a more comfortable thread in English: I'll follow directly this activity, hoping some other user with good English skills will act as supervisor
  6. If possible, I'll open a thread to host who of you is interested in participating to our discussions about housing bubbles. I'll put there some material related to Italy's status and I will invite other forum's users as well. If you like my idea, let me know: it could be interesting to share different points of view among persons experiencing the same phenomenon in different countries. Most of the aspects shuold be common, despite of the fact that each housing market is strictly local to the place which refers to.
  7. I choose this slogan, to reply to a "Bull" user in a forum. This user always supports house prices will raise again after interest rates cuts from Central Banks and after stock markets crashes. Have you similar users here in HPC? P.S.: my slogan worked. Since I set it, the housing market began to go down without any stop.
  8. Nevermind, most people are unaware: owners have no reason to dig into the market to know its status. I think that's why your friends told that to you. Furthermore, I think that bubbles are the same in all the world (not only the housing bubble): lot of psychological matters take place. So I think that housing bubble in UK isn't more different than Italian's one. Maybe in figures, but if we calculate percentages or weights, I think we probably get similar results.
  9. I want to post you some data about Italy. They're mainly charts. Housing prices trend in Rome and Turin. Housing prices trend in Milan based on families common expenses (I don't know the exact term, sorry. Need help for that). Comparison among housing prices (blue), rents (yellow) and familiy earnings (green). Rome: Prices (y), Transactions (x) "Housing clock"
  10. There's not more the double price at the contract registration, because Bersani (a minister of the previous government) made a rule (law?) to avoid this. Only one thing: even in south housing bubble has been inflated, according to its local economy.
  11. You're not right again, sorry. I come from Sicily and almost each family has its own independent house composed by at least 2 floors. Still searching data... I'm busy...
  12. Thanks so much guys for your feedback. I'd like to reply to all one by one, but I should spend the whole night writing, if I take into account the limitation of the forum setup to prevent flooding. So I'll write a post with a "compound reply" Thanks to all that make me feel at home, especially who wrote in Italian: it has been a surprise for me. About Euro, I don't think we're gonna drop out of Euro, but I think we're gonna face lot of troubles with economics gigs. There are people aware of housing bubble since 2004, I'm aware since 2005 and discovered my forum since 1 year. The bubble affected all areas in Italy, but huge cities have been the most impacted. In Italy there isn't a culture of rent: government agencies monitoring housing market ever stated that 83% of Italian families own their home. I (or better we) don't agree with this number, because it takes into account people owning house bought with a mortgage and in our opinion this means that the real owner in this case is the bank, and furthermore second (and so on) homes are accounted as it's owned by a different family. Prices are dropping in all Italian regions, with no exceptions. There are areas preserved until now because of their peculiarity (like some Tuscany areas or something like that). It's difficult to me to resume the current Italian situation: we've collected a lot of material. Now I'm gonna look for a "Housing clock" and some chart showing prices performance. I'll get back soon.
  13. Sorry, it's my fault! I'm able to read/write/speak english, but I haven't lot of experience in English Forums. Give me some time to be ready for that. I know that forum, but I don't understand Spanish.
  14. I can give you more details on the trend in Rome (I live there and I monitor its market) in the last 10 years: +300% in the average, with peaks of +600% in some areas. But in Italy it hasn't been a joke. I can search the forum for that and I'll post some chart and explain to you: unfortunately, the forum is in Italian language, but we've gathered a lot of infos.
  15. Do you really think that? Home buyers in Italy have been destroyed by owners in the last 10 years. In Rome there have been sort of auctions on homes during transactions.
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