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  1. Surprises me. I'd have thought they'd want to keep the police sweet for the forthcoming waves of civil unrest. At this rate, they'll start to identify with the people they're Tasering, and that'd never do.
  2. Whoa there, Topher Bear. Don't let the sh*te system get you down. You may not be rich in fiat currency - nor am I - but you have the wealth that really matters, ie family, loved ones and integrity. The real deal can't be bought or gambled. It might not feel like it today, or generally at the moment, but things WILL get better. Hang on in there.
  3. "Unexpected" Wish I'd had £1 for every use of that word in the financial pages over the last year. I'd be minted.
  4. Exactly what sort of 'personal situation' could provide immunity from the sort of almighty systemic collapse we may (perhaps) be facing? Unless someone starts off with megabucks to play with, options are pretty limited. 'Wishing for an economic crisis' is very different from wishing our fraudulent, destructive casino economics could be replaced by something a bit saner, fairer, more stable. From what I've seen, most people on here are hoping for the latter.
  5. Interesting that Loughner's anti-establishment, anti-corporatism views are being touted so forcefully in the media. Almost as if establishment VIs want to discredit dissenters by association.
  6. What's the betting this chump's rental empire is at least partly funded by housing benefit? Looks like it's going to be a bad year for him.
  7. My jaw hit the floor on reading that. This needs to be highlighted for all eternity as an example of media manipulation. Unbe-sh*tting-lievable.
  8. De-lurking just to leap up and down and shriek "WOOOHOOOOOOO" on this most glorious of days. Looks like the 'dead money' I've 'wasted' renting is back from the grave. If the falls are this big next month, who wants to start the conga past Islington Foxtons?
  9. What happens to a wealthy criminal's assets when they're jailed for life? Er, just out of interest.
  10. Just as I was about to dive in as well. Where do you reckon is the best place to put <£30k now?
  11. I work in the public sector - not Diversity Outreach Officer, no - and am about 90% of the way towards deciding to opt out of the pension. What is the point of paying 6.5% of salary into a black hole? I'd be better off sewing it into my hems, or blowing it on tat (eh Alistair?) or more realistically saving/investing it according to my own judgement rather than theirs. By the time I retire (over 30 years away), it'll either be hyperinflated into oblivion or defaulted on. I won't get my previous contributions back (3 years' worth) but it's better than throwing good money after bad. Actually, s
  12. Agreed, but surely the VAT distraction issue is irrelevant to anyone rich enough to be doing the buying?
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