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  1. No fear of a repo in this case, the owner has had the place for 25 years but is moving closer to work. I think the two things that bring insecurity are if they decide it's better to sell than keep renting the place out, or they themselves hate renting their new place so much they want to move back in. The realities of modern day renting following 25 years of owner occupation may surprise some people. Another quote from the same person was "after looking around at places to rent, I can't believe how some people live". Welcome to the Nu-UK!
  2. Just signed up to a new 6 month rental agreement, nice little house. I met the current occupier who is the owner. In conversation they said "now's not a good time to sell you see, but who knows in a year, or I might never sell the place". Now on the plus side, these reluctant landlord homes seem to be better quality since they're actually kitted out to live in rather than just good enough to find a tennant, and they don't seem so eager to squeeze every tennant penny. On the downside, do you think a year of rising / stagnant / falling prices will have these reluctant landlords selling in drove
  3. Young professionals don't want plumbing for a washing machine. I'm fairly sure i've heard that sentence a thousand times but with plumbing for a washing machine substituted with anything you care to mention, no matter how essential or desirable.
  4. More money than can be imagined has been thrown at the "problem" of getting banks to lend money to people at "normal" levels. It's only to be expected that this bounce is the result. It just goes to confirm that anything and everything will be sacraficed on the altar of house prices by the government. I'll echo the sentiments above though, i'm getting a bit plucking tired of waiting for a decent correction to take place. I'm now seriously questioning whether it's worth waiting for cheaper housing to happen in the UK or take up a job offer in another country with a good rental sector.
  5. My guess is they'll do just enough to get the pensioner vote. No tax on savings if your over 65 or something like that. I swear, by the end of this everyone will have had a bail out... except me!
  6. Well I remain convinced that house prices will fall far eventually, but as some news from the coal face I can tell you the ramping is managing to convince some otherwise intelligent first time buyers to jump into the market. One guy where I work, who is by no means stupid, has just bought a house at what sounds like peak 2007 price. This is after me trying to talk him out of it. He didn't even take the hint when the sellers told him he could move immediately because they were going to start renting!
  7. Something you might find interesting I posted the other day, on a topic about the directors of universities getting massive pay rises: On the plus side, the fiddling of inflation figures / interest rates is at least bringing down the interest on my still huge loan, even if my savings earn nothing
  8. Anyone who has left university recently may have noticed that they now send out begging letters to former students. The universities are hoping you'll be feeling generous and want to donate something. Frankly, given grants were withdrawn starting with my year at uni - resulting in about 6k more debt (at least) - i've always thought I owe them nothing! Although this was more government policythan anything. Having read this though makes me even less likely to donate. I've always thought the willingness to burden students with debt is in line with the same policy of high house prices. The older
  9. Deposits in the UK are one of the main reasons I personally hate renting. I'm sure they're seen as a source of income for many a landlord out there and i've had many a "heated discussion" with landlords / letting agents about this trying to get a deposit back. It doesn't matter if it's wear and tear or even an improvement to the property, they will "charge" for making it exactly as it was when you moved in. Even when covered by a deposit scheme either party can opt out. So basically if the landlord thinks you have a case and he can't blag his way into getting some of your deposit they can say
  10. Anyone else notice the complete lack of CPI in the news headlines this morning. The government manipulates the interest rates, that forces down tracker mortgages, hence the drop in RPI that includes mortgage costs. I'm willing to bet the mortgage in their "basket" this month is a BOE -1% tracker as well. I'm yet to hear someone mention how the cost of something has fell.... except house prices :-)
  11. Are you sure, where did you hear this from? I was just looking at the national statistics website and as far as I could tell it still has a 10% weighting? Could be wrong if there's been an update.
  12. I think we all noticed this a long time ago. They're about as impartial as Gordon Clown himself. It's no wonder it's been called the Brown Broadcasting Corporation on HPC. One from me... Brainwashing Bankrupt Consumers
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