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  1. We live in interesting times. Inflation is nudging up, for a variety of different reasons, and conservative forecasts are of inflation of 3 or 4% at some point in 2018. In other words, comfortably above the BoE target. It would be really helpful if admin could update the CPI and RPI graphs on this site. I have used this site, which used to be excellent in its heyday, as a resource for economics data and interesting HPC articles and viewpoints. However, it has become run down and it's a real shame. Admin, could you help?
  2. You would be what is commonly called "wrong". Before the change in the law, pre-nuptial agreements were always invalid as a matter of public policy. Since the Radmacher case (referred to in the article which you posted) they are now enforceable as long as they comply with certain conditions.
  3. No, the Bank of England interest rate isused as a tool to curb inflation. Interest rates will rise eventually when it is considered that the economy is starting to pick up (i.e. GDP is up, inflation is heading back towards the 2% target). If inflation "follows" that is because it was going to rise anyway, not because it is tied in any way to interest rates
  4. This is competition. Not deflation. Not negative inflation. The price of one commodity in the basket of goods going down (ever so slightly) may have an effect on inflation, depending largely on its weighting, but I don't see this as significant and I'm calling BS on the deflationistas
  5. I wonder if any admin can assist with this: there are interesting times ahead, and I am using this site as a source of information much more now than I have been in the several years since the crash. Interest rates (and inflation) are my areas of real interest. When I look at the commentary on this site next to the UK base rate chart, it reads: Here we can see the record low interest rates that we have been experiencing. Cheap credit has fuelled to recent housing boom but credit is only cheap if the interest rates stay low which people are quick to forget about when jumping into a 25 year m
  6. Could anyone clear this up for me? I don't post here often and I may well have missed the point. When you say printing "actual money", don't you simply mean causing inflation by means of QE? "Printing" money does not generate anything real or tangible (or "actual"), but eventually increases the money supply and decreases the worth of the currency in circulation (thereby inflating). I'm not therefore sure what you mean about it making sense conceptually. You're swapping money created by the banks for money created by the BoE - it's all ultimately the same thing, nyet?
  7. Mr Walayat should maybe stick to commentaries on inflation, involving capital letters to EMPHASISE POINTS. There's something in what he says here, but it's a bit far-fetched IMHO
  8. What the country needs is a serious trimming of civil service jobs. The fact that there is already high unemployment is no rationale for maintaining a bloated public sector. The government needs to create conditions which will promote enterprise. Let's see some fat cat civil servant leeches doing something useful for a change
  9. You know, I think you're right. It's like a VI thing, yeah? Wouldn't it be rubbish if everyone's savings went up in smoke because some millionaire wants to be an anarchist for a day to impress idiots who want to bring down the banks, man? Right on! Yeah, that'd be cool.
  10. With friends like you, he'll be just fine.
  11. What a bizarre way of making an argument. I see it this way: "95% loans are available ON THIS PROPERTY" (my emphasis) "This property" is in Manchester. Not Bristol. Not London, either. 5% of £75,000 is £3,750, which I would have thought was a perfectly affordable deposit, even taking into account the additional cost of solicitors' fees, the property being exempt from stamp duty. Nowhere in the post or the property particulars does it say that this mortgage is self-certified. Even if it were, the value of the property concerned and the likely average salary/income in the area are such
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