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  1. many high street shops have already closed. many are in the process of closing and have firesales on remaining stock many more will close. those who think the economy will bottom in a few years have their head in the sand.
  2. hard cash ? you saved that working as a teacher?! thier must be good coin pinching all that dinner money.
  3. hope? is that all ya got? SELL!!!! (well you can always hope to innit)
  4. ohh, boo fooking hoo.... bunch of fook wits who borrowed from their boom inflated assets, to leverage and gamble on the very same bubble. wanna credit crack hit high? fine, now take a dose of serious cold turky, fooking stuipd junky scum!
  5. any economist/chartist worth thier salt will see that every UK housing cycle for the last 30 years show that every boom is followed by a bust measured in equidistant time. anyone care to mention how long this bust might be (based to the preceeding years of boom) ? a hint : its longer than 4 years.
  6. it's cheaper to fly around the world (twice) no? and you get to sit back, enjoy the view, watch videos, and get served drinks!
  7. dude, get with the thread, you need to specify size!
  8. C CUP TITS C CUP TITS C CUP TITS C CUP TITS deflation is no bad thing!
  9. so lets get this straight. the hanky-panky bail out was supposed to pay for bank default/write-offs, or at least reduce credit leverage... instead the bail-out is now being used to buy shares in the market, ie speculate on stock prices!!! http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7724325.stm WTF!!! seems to me, that the bail-out is now too small to pay off the debts, and now only being used so paulson's wall street mates can sell-out their HUGE stock positions without it collapsing the stock market further (while they plunder it). is this not simply day light robbery/theft of tax-payers?
  10. do they mean to suggest that a "saver" is not an "investor"? or that an "investor" is somehow morally superior to a "saver"? who exactly were lending the money to "investors" (on credit), if it was not "savers" ?
  11. what a buch of horse Sh*t yeah this site has lots of unsolicited GOOGLE ad's advertising "houses". thats because the word "house" is the subject of the site, and because for the last 10 years (at least), the ponizi market is geared towards selling inflated "houses". Is that gonna change overnight now the crash has only just begun? no, there is a lag, and that is all. if the website was named "houseauctioncrash", and everyone was posting about "auctions", then we would see loads of ad's advertising auctions. again, if the market was full of funds who "short sell" houses, or companies urging people to rent rather than buy, then we would see the inverse of what is shown now in GOOGLE ad's, and may then indicate the bottom of the market. if anything the huge supply of GOOGLE ad's on this site pushing the buy side only shows how behind the curve the global media really is!
  12. UK owner-occupancy is 69.8% based on 2007 numbers. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/feb/1...rices.economics
  13. which is no different to speculating/gambling on a housing bubble which banks (who issued these bubble cards) have done in spades....
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