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  1. The reason for 30 per cent less ? Well its i think a very good starting point. Plus ea will need to think about the offer. when the offer is given to the owners. so the next property is fairly priced. When they want to take it on. If you say 50 per cent less. you will not get them to play ball. At a later date when the market does come down. offer what you like see what they say. Get them to see the hpc .is here now. make a offer they will think about. YOU dont have to buy just test the market. do it often you will see the effects . markets can change in a very short time. good house hunting
  2. He is doing the right thing to live.he has the money now he can enjoy it.Good luck to him Just look how and who he made it from. best of luck to him.
  3. As i said if you can afford it buy. if you can not well ?............ THEN just rent or stay with your perents to save more. Do what you want. I have my own place. all paid................ yes i become a loan free ............ So can you if you want its simple JUST FOLLOW WHAT I HAVE SAID....... as long as you can afford to pay. the pain will end one day.... It gets paid of or you check out of this life. The end is the same we leave with a big fat Zero
  4. YES we must all start to do this. To offer 30 per cent less then the asking price. IT will bring the ea and owners to the new reality. yes folks its here H.P.C. if we all start to make these offers. Then we will see bigger drops in prices....... Try it you will have some fun + you will be doing good
  5. I am not sayying to offer the asking price. oh not the asking price no never never not in million years. should you offer the asking price but ABOUT 30 per cent less. would be fair from the end of last months prices........ THATS WHAT MEEEEEEEEEEEE THINKS.............O.K.
  6. if you really dont want this then start by contacting your mp. tell them you want to be free from big B write to the pm the news papers send e mails start to shout now while you can before its too late. we will have no freedoms left everthing in 1984 is here in uk 2008 i told my english teacher in the early 70 this will be uk in 20 OR 30 years from now. she went crazy saying i did not get it. i got it but she did not,,,,,,,,,,, we have more cams then 50 ussrs would have had when i read the book, back then freedom where are you............................................freedom 20 years from just asking for it will get you 20 YEARS in JAIL ....JUST WATCH OUT its coming the big B state..........................
  7. thanks for the sites to improve my trolling skills.
  8. only buy if you know you will stick around at least 10 years in the house or flat you want to buy and you can afford the repayments. GET your property at the price you can afford. if you can do this you will be ok to buy now regardless of what happens to property over the next two years.fix your repayments enjoy your home. people who can not buy this way rent you will be better of. a property should be a home rented or bought we all should know i hope we can not take our money, with us so if you have money or not when you go out off this world you go empty handed.do not feel or be made to feel less because you do not own your own property ownership is a mith to keep people with little or no money slaves to the property and the state for all their lifes. if you have kids and you can not afford to buy but want to leave money to them get cheap life insurance so when you go they have something.even if you have 100 houses they will be left behind when you go .wealth is a state of mind enjoy life forget trying to be a slave to money.
  9. a home should be to live in people who believe that its their ticket to wealth will learn we are going down the same road as the jap market the end is here for the property bulls hurry keep buying you bulls come feb 2009 you will see the true unemployment rate it will top 2 m and will sadly rise to about 2.5m all your investment skills will turn to dust , there is no skill to buying property.only luck if you where born at the right time but what goes around comes around for sure end of 210 will be a good time to buy a home to live in but gordon has got rid of boom so now we will have bust for maybe 10 years or more
  10. dont believe the lies that they will not lend at 2007 levels this bull s=+t is only to help people have a happy christmas and a new year. lending will not go up to 2007 level they dont have the money. dont get taken in by the lies, the money being pumped in is only on paper it does not have to be shown or proved. and come feb 2009 btls will start to get a true sinking feeling. a lot of people are not going to pay the rents over the next few months to the btls this will lead to there fall just watch and see it costs nothing
  11. IF btls where the best thing since sliced bread. most of the people who got into btl would never have been given the loans. by the pick pocketers (banks) they would have kept this for themselves and their freinds and family. AT the start of all scams you let a few make money in the start, then you take all the sheep who follow to the cleaners. do people never learn there are no free meals out there,,,,,,,,,,i wish i could feel sorry for these fools
  12. nearly 50 per cent of all loans since 2002 have been liar loans a lot of people got out of jail because of ever increasing prices. like all scams of this type they end in tears for all the unlucky (stupid) ones who got into this racket in the last few years dont cry too much look in the mir,,,,,,,,,,you will see your own face so you know you had a small part in your own losses . so next time dont get taken in.. property is going down by at least 50 per cent no matter what they do. when a lot of people fall behind with rent payments, the btls will go bankrupt in a hurry. come the new year the goverment is going to let the btls go hang. they cant save everyone owner occupiers will get a lot of help.. just watch it all unfold early in the new year. lending at last years level is only being said to help people have hope for the new year you will see its all smoke and mirros to hold up this piece of string called propert prices. they are going down for sure down just look how the property market WILL fall feb 2009 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then the 2007 loans remark will seem a sick joke to the btls who think this will save them greed is the down fall of man and absoult greed is nailed on to make you bankrupt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. what the goverment should do is give everyone say a million pounds each give this money all to the banks to lend back to us say over a few years in the mean time nobody can claim any benfits all the banks will be solvent again we can all live in the same world as the banks never never land is not so bad ask the banks and the goverment oh what joy now i hope i dont wake for a while,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hah::::::::::hah;;;;;;;;;;hah.......PLUS THERE WOULD BE NO MORE CHILD POVERTY OR POOR PEOPLE LEFT oh what joy to live in the same world as the bankers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just hand out cash cards so people can withdraw money to live no more poverty its so simple ;;;; my plan is no more daffter then the goverments only mine would benfit the many instead of the chosen few::::::::::::::::::bankers could still get their billions in there back pockets because they are so clever+they need their billons for all their hard work............................can any one from gordon browns office please comment,,,i would like to know by the time i wake up,,,,
  14. if you are in trouble or have lost everthing or you are about to dont worry for it was only numbers on a piece of paper.if you dont pay back your debt nobody can make you if you go bankrupt after a year you will be free to start again.i know from my own life whatever you think you own it can be taken of you or you could lose it in many differnt ways there will be a tommrow forget the ******** to scare you you will be ok.just like fruit trees have to be pruined so does peoples so called wealth so the syestem can start again,,,,,,,, dont worry be happy you will be ok..................................
  15. barclays was lent money in 1990 to keep it from going bankrupt all this was done in private it recovered after a few years.all the pundits in 1988 kept sayying there will be no property crash but it came.in 1991 big time. it was the same this time there will be no crash.according the the experts so called, but it will be far worse then the last property crash peoples loans bear no realtionship to there incomes.people feel very clever when property prices go up.all i can say if you get out at the top you are clever or lucky but in my book you are indeed clever.for all those who cry when they get cought in a crash.dont be greedy next time.for nothing goes up for ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  16. i know from the past that what is going on now is just a copy of what happend in the early 1990. only then when barclays was broke the goverment dId everthing in private the banks dident get into the same problems.AS the masses were kept in the dark only this time it was so big it could not be kept in the dark.
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