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  1. COME ON GOLD ONLY EVER GOES UP iii isn't that what people used to say about property. gold will fall, gold is in bubble territory,,yet on this site it seems people claim it's going to go up and up all bubbles burst sooner or later !!!
  2. every bank in the uk should be made to show all the su-prime loans on their books...this drip,drip,,must stop !!! no more bail outs ....
  3. yes this is fact,,big houses never return a good %rental..nor have they in the past.
  4. in only 4 hours !!! everthing you said was ok untill the 4 hours bit...talk sense 4 hours from scratch !!!
  5. I think your right..or their not going to bail out the average joe !!! yes it must have been a fluke...or the printing presses have been shut down for a few days !!! to let them cool down a little.
  6. if only IMF don't have that power !!! it's ok they can get governments to do it for them to lend the paper to otheir governments more *******d then they are !!!!
  7. sad isn't it...more of the same every time !!! :angry:
  8. she said he wasn't up to much...even when it stood up !!!
  9. This time they don't want to jump they have their ££££££££'B's to look forward too.the basket's are all the way to the bank & us all !!!! :angry: so why jump !!!
  10. Well at least their good for something,,,, just out of interst how do you know about their prostitutes and porn stars,,
  11. great post !!! i wish common sense could be handed out to some of these stupid people, i keep seeing on TV.fat chance i know
  12. bin-laden is CIA, his family are great pal's of the bush family...bin-laden was offered to USA by sudan when he lived there,yet the CIA said at the time we don't need him !!! ok they needed him for 9-11 that makes sense now,bin-laden is where i thought the CIA knows all the people who will buy stocks for 10% of what it cost at peak and make bn's is it by chance...!!!
  13. no way they woulden't be able to sell 7% of their property's these days !!!
  14. most of the loans to ftb in the last few years will end up in negative equity, unless they put 40% to 50% down, which i doubt...redundancy will be knocking on a lot of doors very soon !!! Liar loans were sold by nearly every bank,Nothern rock were the biggest of the liar loan sellers...all the rest were dead heat for second place....in selling liar loans,the big players who ripped of the banks in taking liar loans to a whole new level..many bought more then 100 property's..all becoming repo's now or very soon.the dirt has yet to come out !!!
  15. her cuboard was empty ,,, the world these governments live in is never, never, land along with the bankers they have bailed out......when they come into the real world,even then they won't want to accept the truth !!!
  16. yes their's no safety net in america,,yet many on this site claim it's so great over their,the grass always looks greener on the otheir side !!! I hope a few go over and let us know how great it is these day's....
  17. i wonder how many pet projects they will tag on, in the end just to pass it, and how much will it cost...
  18. I wonder if people really know how bad it could get even at 8%.... it won't be a pretty sight blood on the streets i fear,,dead bankers all over the place along with one or two mps...oh dear,oh dear....!!!
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