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  1. bump !!! i doubt we will see any queues outside northern rock anytime soon..at 6.69%..
  2. The bbc did a doc on liar loans in 2003,,,the banks knew the government knew,yet they did zip..why ? brown should be asked in a court of law why he did zip this should be done ASAP he is not fit to lead us !!!
  3. I doubt any of these bankers will ever be charged with fraud,most of them are in bed with the government. they will never be held responsible for their theft in the recent past. or the bull shit HPI 1.9% price increase they claim happend... no way did we have any price increase,lies and more lies from liar loan sellers..they will say and do anything to keep HPI going if they can.they can't accept the truth we have HPC now...
  4. bump !!! we need a few more of these baskets to be put in jail.+ some bankers...
  5. I think your spot on with your conspiracy theory. their about to go bust so why not lie, they were selling liar loans etc...so how can we accept their 1.9% price increase !!! their whole board should be put in jail...if the truth hit their ceo in the face, he still wouldent know what hit him..FF's we need to sort these baskets out..they have been getting away with theft for years,it needs to be stopped now, they pay lip service to us by saying sorry, are they really sorry or are they taking the tax payers for mugs.
  6. it was engineered the guy who knifed that basket got a very light sentce,i guess the otheirs will get what's coming to them once they come out...instead of sending the guy who knifed him to jail he should have been given a reward. they should all have been hanged.
  7. do they have that much time left ... their doomed,yes doomed,no way out...i think they will be shouting help !!! very soon.their only plan now is to print if that fails, ah well then plan B will be to print more ... the £ will crash in march....i wonder which one of them will take the blame...
  8. it sure will,,, can i have some of what your on !!! yes i know your joking, so pls don't get upset !!
  9. agreed !!! he looked such a pri*k,,as if he could understand what the ex-woolies employee was facing..ie life on the dole..job seekers £60pw or something like it..he should try to live on that sort of money for even a few weeks and see how it really is...
  10. yes he is every time i see him on any show he says it''.....the pound is going to bust in march maybe the USD and the pound at the same time.... bring it on ...!!!
  11. yes i had to that's a new one for me !!! but it's true no matter, what the problem is with the bank's or economy just print more that's, the new way for USA/uk these days....it will lead to tears for all of us FF's...
  12. Yes he has, yet diden't he claim prudence was his middle name !!!
  13. I don't know about that, but i heard there's a few bent ones working in there too !!! how equal is that basket madoff he should be locked up FF's..we all know life is not fair and yes it's who you know and not what you know..i doubt that will ever change.
  14. Yes it's been a very slow process for a drop in property prices,every few months people kept going on about green shoots..now that has been put to bed we should see some decent falls in prices every where in the uk now !!! i hope !!! sooner or later they will fall.
  15. Do you know the differnce between the UN and EU...
  16. Good luck with your new life...your dispatch's from the front line were very good,sad their won't be any more but happy for you that you will get your life back !!
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