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  1. why don't we have a vote to see if we want to stop all benfit's to the unemployed...how many people would want to do that..i would like a opt out, i would give up all my rights to any benefit's if i could pay max 10% tax on income or profits no upper limits i think many would love this opt out.lets have true free markets,no safety net only for the old or sick etc..anybody who doesn't want the opt out could share their income tax with the out of work...and pay income tax at 80% or more !!!
  2. it wasn't the eu that got them into these problems get real..if ireland was not in the euro,they would be worse off then iceland..do you live in the real world.!!! pray tell us if ireland left the eu & euro who would bail them out you i doubt it,wake up.!!!
  3. on these high debt levels no way could people pay high interst rates. it would take us to a new level of bust.we would even out do iceland !!!
  4. your spot on about soros, he has a vested interest in talking the market down even more...his greedy no amount of money will make him happy he wants it all !!!
  5. just to transfer your money from belgium to uk it's taking over 2 weeks now.so they might just stop people taking their capital out above say 6k anywhere in the eu or just uk...their is no free movement of money now..under 6k you can do it the same day. yet large amounts it's taking weeks now !!! it's happend to me...i still haven't got my transfer done yet next week will be 3 weeks...capital flight will not be allowed to happen, they will ban transfer's of large sums as they seem to have done it to me. i hope things don't get much worse.i have been told i should get it by next week.their making sure i don't leave with my money, leaving any debt's.so it must be going on everywhere.
  6. sibley old chap HPI is not coming back any time soon !!! get over it, and if you only own 1 house it doesn't matter what the price goes up too. as you have to live somewhere, you will never enjoy the profits of that property,so i hope your kids won't piss it away...after your gone
  7. what's the exchange rate to the pound PLS...link.
  8. yes that's one way of looking at it !!! spot on i reckon ...
  9. browns in too deep to ditch the guarantees now,,,next month we will see, what a mess the government has got us into, how bad can it get ???
  10. what can one say,only that your 100% right with what you have said...for all the people who have spent a life time saving their money,they must now be thinking it wasn't worth it !!!
  11. this is fact, in noway is it fair then governments don't do fair do they !!!
  12. they will ask for more cash !!! only when they can't get any more cash will they sell.
  13. the BOE is not fit to deal with the problems they have allowed to happen on their watch...i agree with you they have been treasonous on both counts,i wish the board of the BOE could be put in jail.ASAP
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