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  1. the rewards are only for the stupid and reckless...it's the new scheme to help the stupid..as long as you are on a liar loan 10x or 20x income you will get help !!! FF's interst rates at 1% people can't pay their loans what the f***k is going on.so when interst rates go up to say 10% then what are these stupid people going to do..get their 12 year old kids to have kids to bail them out.any liar loan takers should go to jail and the sellers of liar loans.
  2. people in the uk just don't want low paid jobs, that's why all the jobs created over the last few years have gone to the foreigners...anyone able to work should, once in work, then apply for a better job, not sit on the dole with no intention of working.how on earth did these foreigners take british jobs,lets have the truth,no one on the dole can afford to take these low paid jobs.in the uk.that's what i feel has happend.the cost of rent is too high, to buy property on low wages without liar loans is not poss. so people have to stay on the dole to make ends meet !!! we need to build more homes for the poor to ease them into these british jobs with low rents...on low wages.
  3. why not leave !!!! it's not the only place to live in the uk or london.
  4. if that happens then we will see blood on the streets !!!! people will not pay...
  5. we had no money to lend, that's why we were at the bottom !!! the pound will be bust before the euro.
  6. WE NEED 25% fall by summer to have a really good hpc this year !!!
  7. how many kilo's do you think you would get out before the baskets catch you....then you go to jail just for wanting to take your money out...it's getting harder to just take your money out of any country so much for freedom of capital in the eu that's dead in the water now...or very soon will be. you have to say why you want to send your money to country x y or z...over two weeks i still havent got my cash to uk from belgium..bank to bank from sale of property's...proof given etc.capital controls are here.
  8. we will all see very soon .... i hope your right.. but i know you won't be...!!!
  9. can you name this mug that wants to pay you 180k instead of 175k after exchange pls...!!
  10. march.....by the end of it or before....it's getting very close now...
  11. so you would prefer the crash !!! i doubt that will do us much good.i'am intersted in knowing why do you think that would be ok for us.
  12. what you said before is true, i have seen very high interst rates before,if interst rates went up to 10% then i reckon we would see blood on the streets !!! we never had interst only loans in the 70's or 80's like we have now.i doubt many would pay their interst only loans if BOE interst rates went up to 10%. the pound will fall soon by next month it will start to fall by at least 25%.interst rates will go up sooner or later it's only a matter of time,the interst only loans will default as soon as interst rates rise.
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