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  1. offer the full asking price,keep them happy for a few weeks, then tell the ea you found a cheaper place. it's the only way to treat scum like this !!! if this is done a few times reality will hit home...
  2. master of p's we know, that brown saved the world ,so he claims.( ... :angry: ) I think his Global solution sounds like bull sh*t it won't work, just like the people who have been on the dole for years.if they never got a job in the good times what chance of them getting work now !!! he bailed out the banks, the baskets f**ed the banks then leave with £650,000 per year for life at 50 FF's. I wonder can brown really have any global solutions up his backside,his done sweet (f.a) in the recent past,apart from letting his pals walk away with huge amounts from the banks his bailed out !!! brown's no socialist just look at what he gave away to the bankers. he rewards the bankers for their stupidity and theft, they should be put in jail or have their heads cut off. if they don't give back the money they have stolen !!! brown has no road to socialism,the only road he has is to pump money into the bankers pockets. How can we bail out scum who think it's ok to get £650,000 pa for life,for f**king the bank they run. brown needs to step down his not of this world, only he knows which world he lives in it's not the real one that's for sure !!!
  3. oh dear,oh dear,,,what are we to do now !!!!
  4. do you think £500pw rent's are fair...most of these people who got into btl pushed up prices with liar loans etc...in the property market when you make a lot of money your very happy,if you lose you should shut up and take it where it hurts !!!
  5. it's true we have had rip-off prices in the uk for years...it's about time it stopped.
  6. their is no left where are they !!! not in government or the banks !!! so where.????
  7. if in london we had say even 100,000 people do the same the btl lot would give up !!! they depend on the rent to pay their loans.most of the btl landlords have no savings,,,oh dear,oh dear !!!
  8. oh yes we are indeed very lucky, to have brown in charge !!!
  9. what will it take to get sibley to talk sense...or accept HPC is here for some time to come !!!
  10. yes but he got away with it for a long time and his still doing it !!!
  11. All we will get, is more of the same no matter who's in power !!! someone once said i care not who's in power just give me the power to print money...the bankers are in charge...
  12. they will be lucky to get 3 million for it !!! they will find out HPC has hit them, even harder then the average joe...
  13. bump !!! the halifax sellers of liar loans, will not tell the truth it's not in their interst to do so !!!
  14. the so called left wing opposition had to shut up to keep their jobs !!! they all lost their balls. it's not the 1960's anymore,,it's right wing or extra right wing..no left. if your lucky you might get middle of the road but left wing no way..
  15. the people in charge are not left ,,, they led britain to financial ruin,by letting the bank's do what they want. how many bankers were left win ? talk sense !!! right wing,extra right wing..that's all we ever get. show me one ceo of a bank who was left wing.
  16. what you have said is not harsh,,,immigrants should have private health insurance and proof that they can live without state help for at least 5 years.then only after paying in for 5 years get the same benefit's as anybody else..i think that's fair !!!
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