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  1. maybe it's become one by the back door some bit's in 1984 have become reality in 2009.. even in the 70's i thought we will live in a 1984 type of world in the uk one day.. it's the blue print for our governments to use to rule us...maybe all world governments will use 1984 to rule !!!
  2. the sooner these bad banks go bust the better,we need new banks,or new blood in them..no one has gone to jail why ??? I just can't get my head around that no one on any board of any bank is in jail, or any ceo has lost all his money etc...they walk away with a big smile on their faces,the share holders have been taken to the cleaners.what the fu*k is going on,is the government asleep on the job,,,some of these baskets are called sir FF's,,,the basket who put them up for sir should be put in jail...to start with !!! in the USA ponzi scams don't seem to land you in jail,yet stealing a mars bar does...theft on a large scale must be legal if you know the right people !!!
  3. sibley don't get caught taking your drugs, otheirwise you will end up in jail must be strong stuff man are you high
  4. to which the incompetent,will say what's wrong with that !!! :angry:
  5. brown want's to carry on the insane lending of the past,after all he can print as much as he likes..forever and ever.....so be happy join the club get as much as you can while you can..we now have free money,or so he thinks..we will all find out this month if it's true...
  6. IF ONLY...your dream came true...we would need to build a few more jails to house the scum...
  7. if only that was the outcome if only !!! in life the greedy get it all...rewards for the few..even if the Fuc* up..liar loan takers, if they lose their job the interst will be paid by us FF's. even for liar loan takers who with the bankers caused all this sh*t..theirs bail outs for them..it would be like your cow having thousand lives it will not die for a very long time. they way brown is going to print money they could keep buying cows till the cows come home !!
  8. I think a lot of people think the same as you....life sucks at the best of times, these are not the best of times by a long way...i hope things get better for you.anybody who has to work, every day in a job they don't like, should get a reward for keeping a roof over their familys heads...rewards should be for the needy and not the greedy bankers.
  9. well i think not we,he brown is a laughing stock all around the world...the us already know's he claims he saved the world and the banks !!! I doubt they will be amused with his bull sh*t, they have plenty of home grown people who could out bull sh*t brown, and out piss him too i bet...
  10. it couldent happen to nicer people, liar loans fuk*d the property market. pay back
  11. some high streets are better off becoming ghost towns,the landlords have put up shop rents too high,the city centre flat's that were built,were crap...they need to be pulled down and a fresh start made.if shop rents fall people will open new shops. it's the high rent's the foolish landlords are demanding that's killing the high street's.
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