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  1. things must be bad for them these days,,tenants are in short supply...
  2. we should just print money and hand out £2m per person,,then we woulden't need any more bail out's.. the way things are going every company want's a bail out so my idea might not be so crazy !!! yes i know we shoulden't do this,but look at the shit the BOE is coming up with..
  3. what odds are you going to offer me...i'm already doing well from my bet's on the euro against the pound..offer good odd's we may have a deal..
  4. I have said march from the start as to the 1=1 in jan it was only my thoughts..any way theirs only a couple of weeks left for it to happen...and it will !!!
  5. the pound will fall...last year in oct i said the pound will fall this month !!! as to why...you will know by the end of this month !!!
  6. you will see,,it will happen. this is the month....you will be able to have a good at me if it doesn't..
  7. I think we should scrap dole payments to everyone only the real sick or old should get money...give work for dole payments even if it means to clean the streets 5 times day..people will soon find work,or give up asking for dole or government hand out's !!!...
  8. by the end of this month the pound will be around 1euro=£1.10 to £1.25...
  9. this is just the tip of the ice berg !!!! more fraud's will come out soon...property's were sold just to take out huge loan's with liar loans..to pocket the extra money...
  10. people have lied to well that's why property prices are so high now !!! we need to put some of these people in jail.
  11. if they get a basket who rent's the flat..they will be well and truely Fu*ked...no rent coming in having to go to court to kick him out etc..void's etc when things go bad they really go bad...!!! btl is not for everyone,,the rental market is going to get much worse.. if the BTL doesn't give 10% return then it's a bad deal...you will end up worse of then the 1% on offer from the banks.
  12. is any of this money real, it's just no's on paper.....if they have trillions everybody in USA wouldent need to work again...they could live off the hand out's from the government..
  13. I doubt that interst rates will go up for at least a year or more...we could end up like japan...
  14. Never rent's only ever go up just like property,as for void periods hardly ever acc to one ea
  15. if the market's keep going down they might not be as thick as you think they are !!! they may know a lot more then you
  16. THE MARKET'S WILL GO DOWN !!! new lows 2pc drop on monday...5% lower by the end of the week.
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