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  1. it's just small change for them !!! with backing start ups you will lose a few it's not 100% by any means even if they have 6 losers and 4 winners out of 10. they will make money they are not stupid by asking 40% to 50% of these new start ups or sometimes older compaines asking for their money.
  2. you don't get much more these days, how can anybody even think things are fair, just look at madoff still not in jail, no banker has gone to jail...nor will any banker go to jail,government bail out's for the greedy !!! yes things are one sided..power is in the hands of the greedy...
  3. they need to sort it out A.S.P ....much more of this sort of greed from companies will led to problems that will get out of hand !!!
  4. yes it's true they have too much power over the suppliers. the government should do something about this !!!
  5. OH DEAR, OH DEAR !!! look it's not the end of the world
  6. they will need more then the 23bn they will get, they will never pay it back !!!...ford has become a huge basket case for the us tax payer to bail out for a very long time to come. as to the cost of the debt to service each year just add it to the bill on the never ,never
  7. yes that's what i thought,,,it should be more like 60% to 70%...fall !!!
  8. yes what happend to it being independent !!! so it must have been BS about it's independence !!!
  9. Now look here i hope you don't blame brown for any of this mess !!! liar loans were good for the property market, surely we should all accept they were god to the banker's brown saved the world diden't he !!! LOOK it's still not his fault... ok why you may ask because brown said so !!! oh dear,oh dear,people are now thinking his a liar,,if only he had stopped liar loans he might have got away with it !!!
  10. no we diden't god to the banker's elected himself with the help of a few banker's..
  11. i don't want to knock you but gold also goes up and down...at the moment gold has done very well.in 2010 i woulden't like to be in gold then... my bet is on the euro hold till the end of march maybe in the next few days the pound will go to £1=1.12 then it will go down to 1=1 by march or even one euro=£1.25 by the end of march.
  12. bump. if you can afford it,then it's not a big price to pay to save lives.
  13. a lot of people think union's are bad, the poor only ever had them to fight the boss in good times and bad..if their had been no union's then the lot of the working people would have been much worse... people who made the unions did so for a reason they were not stupid.
  14. but one day i hope we do get a investigation,,in the lords you can buy any change to any law you want so we are led to believe.did the city and banks change laws or stop laws being made to hold them to account,this should be looked into !!!
  15. can you blame them if they can get away with it why not !!! :angry:
  16. we never got social unrest before in the 70's, it got bad people just put up with it more of the same. this sort of thing happens boom & crash & bust it will be with us forever..early 90's it got bad the people did what zip and now they will do what .... i guess zip !!! rules of the game make a boom then crash then bust so the people at the top make money... the rest start again from the bottom up !!! before the next bust...to do the same again.
  17. most people are sheep they do what their told led by the nose !!!
  18. do you really think that will make a differnce many ea's are now thinking second half of this year property prices will go up... they must be crazy or on drugs...
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