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  1. you don't have a web address for them do you could be handy for a few on this site...
  2. yes i wonder why ther was no obama bounce any ideas ? even with the extra money their was no fireworks.
  3. it's about time something was done if they want the peoples money then they must ans to the people !!
  4. march is not far away now you will see..it's not my feeling i will know by the end of feb i will share it, as soon as i know..but march is the month for a run on the pound !!! i said that in oct 2008...
  5. very good ...funny anyway i had a good laugh..it could give the banks something to keep in their empty valults.. can we tell brown that !!! we might save a few bn's..
  6. really 10,000 i hope those people have been locked up, i don't want them to get near brown to give him any more stupid ideas...
  7. yes don't you just hate these people who sit on the fence !!!
  8. AT last i hope they R.I.P on the banks books for a very long time !!!!
  9. the pound will go down again..it's just like the stock markets up and down then down,down...in march it's going to be down for the pound.
  10. I was led to believe in USA they had a time limit on benefits,, it was for 5 years max can anybody tell me if that is true or not...?
  11. your right but she's taken it a step too far 8 at a time my god !!! is she a pig or what !!!
  12. tell me at the end of march !!! that's when i will buy into sterling....i'am nearly 75% in euros the rest is in chinese rmb..
  13. it will go up for a few days then come down and then crash in march !!!
  14. really you have proof of that !!! she's a bit stupid i could be wrong
  15. what are they going to set their interst rates too 0% then what... it's the euro that has saved them from icelands fate,,wake up the Irish would be dead in the water without the euro,they were into liar loans in a big way ...uk will be in the same boat as the Irish you will see in march we won't have the euro behind us !!!!
  16. no but he want's to make money on the back of the killings (LL)..so you must think that's a great idea then. you don't give a s**t about the feelings of the dead persons familys,what a nice person you must be !!!!
  17. they will come around to your way of thinking sooner or later !!!! reality will always, do that to people in the long run.
  18. i think your spot on,,it's all bloody guess work,brown has been shooting in the dark !!! as for assets yes hard to value, do they have any value
  19. lot's of jobs will be saved by this. for many people the main thing will be, it will help in the long run to keep rents in the private sector down.as low paid people get council houses they don't look to the government for hand outs to pay private landlords.leaving lots of empty propertys rents will come down,supply and demand they need to start to build soon.
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