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  1. all liar loans should be stopped for ever !!! this is a good start...
  2. the chinese could put a end to the unrest just like that, they have before !! so i doubt they won't be able to handle it !!!
  3. I think the dow will go down to 6,500 by the end of may...unless they get some green shoots soon !!
  4. yes indeed how !!! it's not going to be easy...
  5. yes this is fact what you have said..as long as you have everything in place it's all very easy..may i add much cheaper then the ea's these days !!!
  6. i think their should be no tax on £12,500 pa..many shops wouldent even pay £7,000 pa to the low paid. we need a safety net for those that want to work for such low wages,not everybody want's to live of the DHSS..for such people their needs to be a min wage,companies in the past have paid these sorts of people very badly.our poor need to be looked after,the min wage is not going to make these poor sod's rich by any means who are on it !!! we need to keep a floor to stop exploitation of the poor it's for all our good. you have a point about our gargantuan and largely unproductive public sector it just grows and grows..
  7. offcourse it's got nothing to do with god to the banker's brown !!! how dare you even joke about such a thing.....
  8. it's all very sad if people think that way !!!!! i can see that some people might think like that.
  9. now this has come to the uk ..oh dear,oh dear..what has the world come too because of the banks !!! you can't even move your own money around..
  10. Look if we are going to have a really big crash,i say bring it on let's get it over and done with like in the 1930's...well maybe not like the 1930's but the sooner we get over it the better...!!
  11. I do agree with you, but we have some companies who would pay £1 per hour if they could get away with it.our unemployed don't want to work for these low wages, as they can't even pay their rent on the min wage. unless cheap rent's are given to the low paid or companies were honest in paying a wage people could live on .wages in the uk had gone too high in the recent past so they will come down in line with otheir eu countries..sadly for many the good times if they had them are now over !!!
  12. how much did he get in kick backs,for buying these things..it was a con on the share holders.. most of the CEO's have proved to be baskets of the highest order,liar's,con man,greed driven mad man. they should be, all put in jail no way should they be allowed to go free !!!
  13. Do you want no minimum wage,,do you think that will be good for the low paid. the min wage is set very low, in london you coulden't live on it..unless you live with your parents. most things are not expensive because of the min wage it's because of the greed of the companies and shops who put high prices on goods sold in the uk !!!
  14. no it's not me !!! the pound will go back down again !!! don't forget march their will be a run on the pound !!!
  15. you don't say could the landlord do that !!! in these times yes..
  16. thx very good !!! will their lordships see the funny side of this...
  17. this sounds very strange lot's of people get lower valuations,the mortgage companys just lower the offer by the same amount...your solicitor diden't overstep the mark..if you think so go and see a new solicitor to see what he thinks...go back to your mortgage company phone them ask why they havent given you a new offer in line with the lower value you now have..write to their head office get your mp to write on your behalf also...
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