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  1. yes indeed it's strong magic !!! that brown has learnt to save us & world !!!
  2. the BNP lot on this site might think japan is a 3rd world economy,,,britain will never be a third world economy, it's always led the world in the past it will do so again in a few years !!! GREAT BRITAIN. will live forever !!! no matter who says it won't all economys have bad years & times this is ours we will get through it,,,we have always done so in the past, so shall we now !!!
  3. There was me thinking the presses were already switched on...
  4. Bump !!! yes pls,pls,pls,,,more the beter !!!
  5. we need this sort of article once or twice every week for HPC to sink in all over the uk..
  6. do you really think they will learn,,most of these people are still not out of denial, and hpc started a year ago !!!
  7. your right even after a bbc prog about liar loans in 2003,they diden't let the government do anything to stop the liar loans being sold even after that :angry: !!! yes green shoots,it's not even funny anymore, it just makes me mad every time i hear that word !!!
  8. that wasn't bad was it, so your not that young then !!! god it seems like it was 100 years ago..
  9. i don't think you need to go that far !!!
  10. it's about time the word crash is used, HPC is here it will not go away any time soon no mater what the government does.as wages seem to be going down then property must fall to keep pace !!!
  11. yes they should it's better then bread !!! no matter who's in power from time to time workers will need to move to where the jobs are,,the only thing this time, there are no jobs to move too !!! just look at the city of london the bankers have well and truely stuffed it for now.
  12. Do you think greedy uk companies will want to pay a living wage to the people who work for them,if this was the case their would never have been a need for the min wage to be brought in. the ceo's of these companies are out to line their own pockets !!! i know some companies paid more then the min wage it's not all companies i'am talking about. our exports must compete, so we need to pay fair wages for a fair days work demands by workers need to be fair for their companies to compete in the world. rent's are too high if rent's and property prices were brought down by the government building 2m to 3m new homes wages need not be too high. people need fair rents and property prices if property is in short supply then you will pay high prices for crap..like it has been in the recent past !!!
  13. yes indeed it was only 18 months ago,doesn't time fly when HPC kicks in !!!
  14. bump !!! you seem to know the truth about both sides,,every word you have said is true !!!
  15. yes untill she had a great idea to give the people poll tax..that led to riot's !!! then she was kicked out by her own party oh dear,oh dear..
  16. bump !! yes that's true the cuts have already been made..
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