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  1. do you really think so !!! if only !!! oh yes if only...
  2. really so it's snow too, along with everything else !!!
  3. bump !!! indeed how many walk away from being a CEO without a payout not many if any !!!
  4. it's very true what you have said,yet many on HPC don't understand the differnce between the two types of landlord. the professional landlord it's his bread and butter he needs to plan long term !!! many on HPC may not have come across a professional landlord,when they do they might not call all landlords scum..their's good and bad in all walks of life..the btl lot are just in it for the short term,unlike the professional landlord who's in it for life...
  5. I don't think it's possible, lets say hyperinflation was to happen,prices would need to go up,to cause wages to spiral up,,that's just not on the cards at the moment...or have i got that wrong ?? most people are taking pay cuts to get back into work,or even keep their present jobs,prices in the shops are coming down..yet to just print money it should cause hyperinflation so why hasn't it ,,,???
  6. I pay because i have no choice,just like everyone else, one day if we get a choice just like the super rich, i too will not pay...!!!
  7. i wish what you said was 100% true,,co-pays doesn't cover all drugs,many drugs are not allowed to be generic,in the USA the drug compaines have the government in their pocket.that's why they pay bn's to lobby congress...so in the usa everything is just great for the poor ... in the usa election it came up again and again the people wanted cheap medicare..ok they were all crazy,,the bbc just made a doc on this subject, just a couple of weeks ago so they made it all up... no not very funny for the people they showed with their health problems and no cover..people drove 100's of miles to get free help !!!
  8. yes bump !!! i doubt we could see that in the uk !!! if only...
  9. you must pay for your own medicine's their not free even if you have cancer..the cost of medicine in the USA is the highest in the world,that's why a lot of people have to go to canda to buy their medicine's..you really have to see how they treat their poor then you woulden't talk the way some people are here.it's not a walk in the park for the poor in USA,so pls don't make it sound as though it is !!! what we have in the uk is the best free healthcare in the world,free for the out of work etc. i live in belgium i have private insurance but it cost's,if i was sick anywhere in the world i would get 5 star treatment.ie private room,the best treatment money could buy, choice of food etc.. you get what you pay for in this world only in the uk many people get something for free
  10. the hospital emergency rooms are obligated to treat everyone if they come in as a emergency case,i have myself seen people in new york told to leave because they were not a emergency case.i would love to know which hospital's in the USA will treat, ear infections as emergency cases..it's not as easy as you claim i have family who live in new york,they tell me anybody with no ins cover has no chance of getting any health care unless they are going to die if they don't get treatment.even if they treat you it's not free you must pay you get a bill sent to you.they ask for a credit card or for someone to come to pay for you before they treat you.it's a joke if you claim they treat people just like that no way i go their nearly every year.just give me the name of one hospital that will treat people the way you claim !!! the hospitals in USA are run for profit if the were as free and easy as you claim then things woulden't need to change,you make it sound as though it makes no differnce if you have no health cover get real !!!
  11. Do you want pity because you can't get anybody or because you have to pay tax like the rest of us
  12. why ? I have been told over a year ago their would be a run on the pound in march 2009. the person would not say why or maybe he diden't know why.. he said the euro would get too 1=1 with the pound by march 2009 or before i have made good money on the back of what his told me..he backed that too so i jumped in also. you reckon it could kick off in a few weeks why ???? or is it your feelings. I am coming back home to london in march ...if we get hyper-inflation then everything in the property market at present, will seem very cheap in couple of months time if what you say turns out to be true !!!
  13. what's the old saying there's one born every min !!! 2010 no harm in having such a dream !!!!
  14. things in Nothern Ireland have changed so much i hope things never go back to how they were a few years ago..it's a pleasure to go there these days...very freindly people yes it's true go and see it's a beautiful place too...
  15. no more handouts if they can't stand on their own feet,,the uk needs such a company we should take it over after it goes bust we can sell it again in a few years for a nice profit...
  16. yes that's true ,,, cash or gold .. bit of both to keep the gold bugs on hpc happy !!!
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