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  1. that was to make it look good !!! his not stupid by any means,his still not in jail !!! the son reported him,just to make sure, the family stay out of jail.His not just clever his very clever, with freinds in high places to help him, he must be his socks off !!!
  2. the powers that be will carry on with their so called capitalism for a little while longer,,it's like a person on drugs who want's just one more fix before he stops but never does. !!!
  3. No matter who get's into power, it's not going to be much differnt for a few year's, were doomed for now !!!..hopefull we will see green shoots in 2 or 3 years time..
  4. I hope so but only 10%, it's not like the high street shops with 70% off !!! maybe in march !!!
  5. you know where his got his money invested these days !!!!
  6. yes you might have a very good point, or even hit the nail on the head !!! or the ea's thinking
  7. REALLY .....so it's not to save money then !!!
  8. it's a pity you diden't know them i would have loved you to ask them, how they felt about their mate madoff who made off with their money
  9. greed empty's the pocket sooner or later !!! I see his still not in jail one law for madoff & freinds, which is only for the super rich,,and the law for the rest is jail even for theft of a few thousand...yes that's fair :angry: their will never be any law's which are the same for everyone in any country...their are two set's one written and the second one, for the super rich unwritten...but it's stronger then the written one crooks at the top looking after their own !!!
  10. many did,,,,he was warned, he must have thought they were crazy, because property only goes up !!! who's crazy now !!!
  11. well then we are indeed getting close to police state...the government should make drugs legal,so the tax payer can make all the money, instead of the drug dealers,,,it's no differnt to selling guns etc so our taxes can come down & also crime will fall !!
  12. in belgium and holland for 100 plant's you woulden't even see court..no jail if you open up a so called coffee bar in holland it becomes legal to sell it...people smoke it on the streets just like cig's..
  13. Well we sort of do, if you sort of get it,let's start if you own or run a company we the tax payer will bail you out, no matter if your stupid or a crook etc however if you make a profit you and your share holder's can keep it, if you choose to give them a share !!! ... if you don't like this type of capitalism,then well you can choose not to work, we the tax payer will look after you for ever..on the back of the stupid tax payer's who have no choice !! we have one more type of capitalism if you choose to buy property,the government will keep interst rates low for you in order for you to make a profit, however if anybody was stupid,and thought by saving they would get some interst on their money no way,we only look after the property owner's... their you have it we sort of have capitalism... oh yes free market's well in our capitalism well for now ther dead,however when the powers that be need them again they will be reborn !!! for them not us, this is our capitalism. I hope you like it,, every country has the same capitalism in the world for Now.!!! one world run by N.W.O i don't know ,but interst rates go up and down at the same time,they sit in the same meetings,they all have one way off thinking,this seems to be true for all the world leader's, it's getting very strange to say the least. they rule the world by fear,for fear is as old as man himself !!!
  14. they should !! why f**k the saver every time !!!! let property owner's pay more after all, we know property only ever goes up ..
  15. maybe your right..some EA's will soon join the hooker's, as they close down..that might even things out between them !!!
  16. bump !!! many ea's really do think green shoot's are coming because of the low B.O.E interst rates...
  17. i agree how many none working women can pay these rent's up town on no income unless,they too are hooker's. someone i know, his agent let two flat's out for him in W.2 both women who rented them were hooker's it was not easy to get them out..he lost 3 months rent and £1,600 in otheir cost's+ legal etc.on each flat, oh yes the £1,600 inc's a new bed !!! the agent's only want their bit of the cake they don't care how they get it...it's not just foxton's most of them are doing the same thing,,it's just foxton's are leading the pack on this front !!! we had liar loans,,,now we have liar agent's even more, then in the recent past a new low for EA's.
  18. it's still a win,win for HPC...if you get them on board, you will get many other's who will pay. many will advertise on the back of of their advert and pay you good money so you really have nothing to lose...many company's who would never think of putting their advert on hpc may do so if they see kirsty and phil's advert on HPC...so what do you really have to lose if you do put their advert on for free it's a one off !!!
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