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  1. No hard evidence but I do have a friend who was advised to purchase a new build with a BTL mortgage. Then after completion advise the mortgage company that they had deicided to live in it themselves rather than let it out.
  2. Their website (when you can access it) is says they are experiencing problems and are currently 2.4 days behind with data processing.
  3. You are entitled to the bin and it's associated collections through your council tax. When did you stop paying it as technically the council could stop collecting if no tax is being paid on the property? I would be amazed if that information filtered down to the bin men on collection day though.
  4. It was from the Sovereign Man event that was held recently in Chile. Jim Rickards was tweeting about it a bit. I certainly wasn't expecting Nigel Farage to turn up in a photo with the others. Sovereign Man
  5. Now being reported that deposits under 100k will be protected. @MacroScope: Eurogroup to say Cyprus should safeguard protection of depositors below 100,000 euros -- Greek Finance Ministry source
  6. Thought I would refresh this post as the CPIH announcement is tomorrow morning. Could this mean a sustained fall in house prices? Certainly bloody hope so!
  7. Same here. Their website appears to be down as well so I guess it is a wider issue than our computers.
  8. Mole Valley seem to make it easy enough. Only want to charge if you are going to be selling alcohol and need a license. http://www.molevalley.gov.uk/media/pdf/4/m/Street_Party_Application_Form_and_Guide_2012.pdf
  9. Very true. The contracts will decide how it pans out. I imagine there would also be some fraud or embezzlement case to answer if they have been using deposits to support their business.
  10. Surely the landlord ultimately as the agent was operating on their behalf. Could get very messy pursuing the agent for it if they are bankrupt though.
  11. Key facts House prices in the three months to April were 0.3% higher than in the preceding three months (November 2011-January 2012). This was the first increase in prices on this measure of the underlying trend since September 2011 (0.1%), following six successive falls. On a monthly basis, house prices fell by 2.4% in April. This more than offset the previous month's 2.2% increase as prices continue to fluctuate month-to-month. Prices in the three months to April were 0.5% lower than in the same period a year earlier. This measure of the annual rate improved slightly from -0.6% in March and showed the smallest fall in prices since October 2010 (+1.2%). No change in the average UK house price so far this year. The UK average price in April 2012, at £159,883, was virtually the same as in December 2011 (£159,888).
  12. Pretty hefty uptick but not unexpected. Roll on next month for a resumption of the falls (crosses fingers).
  13. Would the transaction even touch the LR? Surely it would just be the ownership (shares) of the company that would change and the property would still be owned by the same company.
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