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  1. it will probably be over 20 years before we find out who were the good guys and who were the bad guys ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVshhMZePek
  2. Just to add my views on the Boomers. It was the Boomers' parents who had it all. They had the big families which meant plenty of people to pay their pension and push the price of their houses up. I am a boomer and my parents took early retirement and live better than I do. We had smaller families because it was seen as anti social to have a large family and over-populate the planet. But the rest of the world laughed at this and continued having large families and they are now flooding into the western countries to compete with Boomers for pensions. Meanwhile, I am still working in my 60s with no prospect of retirement. I will work until I drop, which considering my fitness levels with my involvement in running, martial arts etc. is at least another 30 or more years away. My pension is non existent due to banks and governments squandering all the taxes I have paid over the last 40 years of full time employment. Any savings have disappeared due to inflation and helping my kids out with cash handouts. I own a house which I view as a home, not an investment. And that is lucky for me, because its values drops steadily every day. Consider this. If the western governments had not flooded us with immigrants, we would all be looking at a golden age now. Plenty of houses to go around, and plenty of jobs. No need to encroach on green belts, or destroy pristine villages. All our white collar jobs would be done in India and all our products would be made in China. The population of a country like Britain would be about 40 million with no ethnic ghettos. Everyone would have a job and social disorder and congestion of cities would be unheard of. Its a shame that there is not a label for the Boomer's parents generation, because they are the ones who got the gold plated pensions for life. Here in Australia they call them the "Grey Nomads". They travel around Australia in expensive caravans and motor homes, living a life of leisure on generous pensions, after retiring in many cases in their early 50s' I can only dream of such a life of leisure.
  3. 100% right, but we aren't suppose to notice that are we?
  4. Just wondering if this is a typical cross section of the demographic mix of Tottenham? Where are the Polish rioters or the local white British rioters? Is that 50Cents standing there second from right or just another gangsta wannabe in a rapper costume that his Mum bought him for his birthday?
  5. a lot of people will see it as an opportunity to experience the "buzz" of living in a vibrant multi-cultural area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrDgln6NGPc
  6. Surely all the Polar Bears are supposed to have been wiped out by global warming?
  7. its always amusing when a young nerd sitting at his computer keyboard with no job, probably still relying on masturbation for sexual relief and still living with mum and dad talks big on the internet about taking on elderly people with pitchforks. I am afraid that there can only be one result if the feckless youth of today were to take on my generation. Guys like myself who have seen armed service and had to kill people as part of our duty to our country would not raise a sweat dealing with some pimple faced chinless wonder with a pitch fork. This is a fair approximation of the likely result:
  8. Its game over for nuclear power, the VI just cant face up to it yet. No one is going to want a nuclear plant within 100 miles of their home. The civil unrest and sabotage that will meet any attempts to build new plants will make it impossible to go ahead with any new buildings. At least with Chernoble you could console yourself that it was mismanaged by an inept bunch of commies. Nuclear power is over. Opposition to huge India nuclear plant hardens after Japan http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/15/us-india-nuclear-idUSTRE73E4YV20110415
  9. The downward trend has started ..... http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/melbourne-home-property-prices-plunge/story-e6frf7jo-1226039922655
  10. I am still waiting to hear how the nuclear industry proposes to solve the problem of all the spent fuel building up around the world, and how they intend to factor into the estimated energy costs these extra costs of looking after some of these filthy, dangerous waste products for up to 24,000 years. The nuclear industry is a joke industry, that uses a form of power generation far exceeding the ability of humans to manage at our current stage of evolution. We have created dangerous nuclear materials that have to be protected by heavily armed security guards because there are still people sharing this planet with us who believe that they should kill their fellow humans because someone on another continent burned a fukcing book!!!! 600 lousy nuclear plants over the blip of time of 40 years and we have already rendered two huge tracts of this planet uninhabitable for generations. God knows how many people will die of cancers and other related disease that can never be proved as being due to these disasters. Sorry, but we have failed as a species on this one.
  11. Nuclear Power is finished. Any attempt to build a new facility anywhere in the world now will be met by so many demonstrators and political reaction that it will be impossible to even contemplate it. I feel sorry for those guys who have made a career as nuclear experts, but they should be able to earn a decent living decomissioning the plants that have already been built and assisting in disposing of all this dirty fuel. Its over, like the Zeppelin, the Concorde and the Space Shuttle. Dead ends in technological evolution.
  12. a worried wee man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KoMdkTn-6g
  13. Japan may raise nuke accident severity level to highest 7 from 5 TOKYO, April 12, Kyodo The Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan released a preliminary calculation Monday saying that the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant had been releasing up to 10,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials per hour at some point after a massive quake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan on March 11. http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2011/04/84721.html
  14. Even on a local basis, the radiation particles are going to be released into the air for months at least. So these particles are just going up into the air and swirling around waiting until wind patterns eventually spread them over the entire country of Japan. God hope there are no typhoons for the rest of the year! So unless they fix this in the next few weeks, we probably have to assume that everyone who resides in Japan is going to die prematurely of cancer or some other radiation related illness. Of course if it goes on longer than months the speed at which people get sick and die will be speeded up because the effects of radiation exposure are cumulative. As for the massive containment structure, will it be possible to build such a massive structure and make it earth quake proof?
  15. Hard to argue with the guvnor. But isn't it a shame the house prices have to be so high? In a country the size of Australia, why cant every family have their own 3 bedroom brick veneer house in the burbs for a price tag around $150,000, as well as also owning a town house near the CBD worth about $110,000 for when they visit the big smoke for a theatre trip, and also why not also have a holiday home on the coast worth about $90,000. Why cant the average Oz two income family have that package for the total outlay of $350,000? What do we gain by just pumping all the speculative money into bricks and mortar instead of oil futures or gold? I really wish you and your greedy speculator mates would just pi$ off and play the stock market or the gold exchange so that my kids could buy a house to live in for its true worth of $150,000.
  16. And it looks like the Chinese property investors are even more insane than the Oz ones ... (at least our guys actually rent out their investment properties) Bubble, Bubble, China's in Trouble The mad scramble for Chinese real estate. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/05/13/bubble_bubble_china_in_trouble?page=0,1
  17. It just keeps on coming.... Mortgage stress Around the country the pain is palpable - in Sydney the sheriff is changing locks all over Bankstown, Blacktown, Cabramatta, Smithfield, Fairfield and Auburn. http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/article/7238738/money/mortgage-stress
  18. Some wise words from one of the SomerSoft pundits ... http://www.somersoft.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61996&page=2 Things are going to get ugly very fast in the OZ property market. China is starting to stumble, Rudd is hell-bent on destroying the mining industry, and the great white hope of immigration is going to slow down over the next few years. Kevin Rudd has already raided the piggy bank to stimulate the economy and now we are in for the real slow down, his pockets are going to be empty. What will happen this time around to artificially prop up house prices?
  19. Dont take things too personally. But you do claim in your posts that you are interested in property development and buy to let. In fact you claim to be a businessman travelling internationally to China and that you have a small portfolio fo invetment properties. Therfore the 30 weeks you have racked up on this site would have been more profitably spent over on the Somersoft forum or similar real estate web site, where you would have been able to share in discussions on property investment opportunities and had stimulating discussions about the latest developments in using the OZ tax system to maximise tax write-offs on your investment portfolio. I personally see the purpose of this site to share information on examples of house price crashes around the world or on economic and social events that may have an impact on house prices. Being on this site as a reader and a poster has provided valuable and tangible returns to me as it saved me investing in a second house on the coast a couple of years ago which would have seen me heading to retirement lumbered with a large mortgage as we head into the second dip of a global Financial crisis. I dont mind some contrary opinions, but I do wonder how it is possible that a business man and property investor like yourself is always waiting in the wings ready to respond to any Oz related post day or night.
  20. Still on the topic of what motivates people like Bardon and Aussieboy to hang around this site posting contrary and negative posts. I notice that Bardon joined this site in 2005 and has posted 6224 posts in that time. I estimate that a serious poster on one of these forums probably spends an average time of ten minutes per post. Sometimes a post is just a quick one liner or a cut and paste job, other times the post can be almost an essay. And you need to also factor in the time researching for material to cut and paste or add personal commentary and the time spent reading other posters comments. If anything, ten minutes a post is probably being too conservative. So 6224 posts times 10 minutes per post is 62,240 minutes spent posting on this site. 62,240 minutes = 1037 hours. Assuming a 7 hour work day we get 148 regular work days Most people work a 5 day week so that would be 29.6 full work weeks. Bloody hell !!!! Bardon, a person who believes that there will be no house price crash, has devoted the equivalent of nearly 30 working weeks of his life posting on a forum called house price crash. Something is definitely not right with this.
  21. I actually find it disturbing. This is a forum on a website called "House Price Crash" and yet here we find two posters who between them have posted nearly 8,000 posts arguing that there will not be a House Price Crash! What could possibly motivate people to give up their free time to waste that much time on a site that is totally opposite to what they believe and desire? If they just wanted to see people proved wrong in their beliefs they could lurk on the forums and have the occasional chuckle to themselves about the various predictions made by people who either want a house price crash or suspect that we have one coming. Why spend hours of their lives posting contrary views just for the sake of it and to achieve nothing? Here in Australia, we have many web sites and forums where property investors meet and discuss strategies to make money investing in real estate. Wouldn't you expect these individuals to spend their time on those sites swapping tips and strategies to make even more mega bucks in the property game? Very strange. Maybe if there are any people on this site with psychological training they could assist us with an explanation.
  22. Sydney home buyers spooked as interest rate rise bites shouldnt take long to hit 55% if it keeps dropping 10% per week http://www.news.com....0-1225867288259 as the clearance rates fall, it will not be long before prices start to fall off a cliff ..
  23. Yes point taken. The last time I was there was back in the 70's and I think the best view they had there was of a rusty old gasometer.
  24. We can only hope. I cant see how he can seriously persist with this insane tax on mining. But if he back-flips again I would expect to see him kicked out and replaced with Julia Gillard. What worries me if if he vandalises the OZ mining industry, it could take decades to undo the damage. Then Oz house prices will be the least of our problems.
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