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  1. Wrong people right people doesnt that depend on what group you think your in ? Be careful what you wish for or you may find only blonde blue eyed are allowed to breed
  2. So you belive that lot are different ? perhaps your not old enougth to remember last time ................and before you ask I dont have a clue who can sort this mess out myself voting for the Monster Raving lot i next time just to register my view of the rest of them.
  3. In the real world of Engineering one segment failing can and does bring the other bits down as well hence why we have few manufacturing jobs left in this country. Banks are no different in my view and we should have let them crash and burn setting up a new govt funed bank in their place.
  4. That’s how it works in my business (manufacturing) in fact if I am really lucky and the whole business exceed all expectations I may get £2000. before tax NI and pension. so these people need to get real and get there noses out the trough. Of course if you just a worker not a manager you get sweet FA so these people are even less likley to support bonuses for anyone.
  5. Just remember that employment agencies are run by people who didn’t have sufficient morals to be come estate agents
  6. Try snopeshttp://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=28532
  7. I have a few hundred in this just to test the water very happy until xmas when I noticed that I have 4 late payers all of a sudden not sure if this is a normal issue at this time of year or the start of something worse but I have held fire putting any more money in for a time. If you are going to use your STR fund in here remember that you have to wait to get your money back 12 24 48 or 60 months so its a long term commitment. but you can choose. listings are fun but loads riskier I belive Process and software seem to be reliable though.
  8. I cant see it will make stuff all difference ive been around for almost 50 years now and it seems to me that all of our politicians are as incompetent and corrupt as each other. As soon as they get into power its "noses in" time for the greedy sods. So I don’t know who to vote for but the raving loony’s are at least honest about it http://www.omrlp.com/ edit was the smile didnt work.....
  9. I agree a sudden attack on the Iranian nuclear plants by Israel alone but using some brand new US technology a vote in the un condemns this action but US abstains. Nuclear program set back years no major diplomatic fall out. Not sure on the timescale though
  10. Dont think anyone else has posted this yet. TOKYO (AFP) — Japanese production fell at the fastest rate on record in November as firms closed factories and cut jobs due to slumping demand brought on by the global economic crisis, according to data out Friday. The government also said another 100,000 people were out of work compared with a year earlier and that more were set to lose their jobs as firms axe employees on temporary contracts. Industrial output in the world's second biggest economy plunged a record 8.1 percent in November from the previous month, the biggest drop since the Minis
  11. Ex = has been Spert = drip under pressure I guess that says it all
  12. Its true and I guess this depresses the local house prices as well http://www.mrmethane.com/http://www.housep...fault/laugh.gif
  13. Not sure about you others I find this forum less depressing than east enders which is what the females in the house are watching
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