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  1. Usually I'd say it's the LL's responsibility. I'm not sure anyone can say definitively as we don't have a copy of your contract. As a compromise on this as you are trying to resolve urgently, is there a friend/family member who could be there instead of you? I wouldn't make any arrangements for the tradespeople to let themselves in...
  2. Notice to quit on what grounds? I'd get the CAB to have a look at your contract - I'd be surprised if you are responsible for letting any tradespeople into the property. I'd be even more surprised if you not doing so forms grounds for you to be served notice to leave. Good luck.
  3. Calm down. I was specifically responding to what I thought was a series of comments (starting with Injin's) about buying and starting families. The impression I have is that many people renting see it as a temporary solution until such time as they can afford to buy. As someone who has had a number of 6 month leases since STR I can say it is a pain to have to keep moving. I don't think many people would relish starting a family with a system that means they might have to move twice a year. I wasn't saying improving renting would change the mind-set of the nation. If your comment was more general and a comment on society's obsession with property ownership then I agree but why tack it onto a posting about starting families?
  4. Probably because renting here doesn't have the benefits of doing so in, say, Germany.
  5. Hells teeth! On the few occasions in the past I had a wee look 'over there' it seemed they were a bastion of HPI. If mumsnet are getting it, then maybe there's hope for society after all.
  6. So we have to wait 13+ years till we can start to get things sorted from when it kicked off in 2007 ?! I appreciate that might help our children/granchildren but it's going to be a lot of pain till then.
  7. Proponents & supporters of the current monetary theory still have most of the brass and lead though.
  8. Similar thoughts to mine recently. The risk of losing a large amount of money (because people I wouldn't put in charge of a paper-round are controlling things) makes me worried. On recent form, mortgage holders will be protected. There are just too many over-borrowed to let things correct. I wonder how future history books will record this period...
  9. If the only way we can have growth is through QE then we have no growth at all. This obsession with growth (at any cost) will be our downfall.
  10. I can't be bothered with authors who write nonsense such as: "In both physics and finance a bounce indicates one the harder impacts possible, indeed much harder than smashing through the floor." So by that logic, if you think you are going to crash the car, just accelerate - then you will bounce not crash...
  11. I believe it always used to be the case that verbal offers alone were binding in Scots Law so gazumping couldn't happen. Since the crash of 2007 I think the rule book has been torn up. How long has it been on the market? How quickly can you complete? Do you have a copy of the Home Report valuation (treat it with caution but do compare it to the o/o). If you make an offer, make one of the conditions you want if withdrawn from the market. You seem to think you are more likely to be gazumped because it's a repossession. Why? I'm sure the bank wants it off their books - any shortfall will have to be made up by the former mortagee. The best price for a property is the one the seller can get now - because it sure ain't going up in the future! Good luck
  12. Possibly - or too many people thinking they can get a mortgage sorted and then can't. In my search area EA's are not passing on offers unless buyers have funds in place or a firm offer already on the table for their current property.
  13. You mean the gated communities with armed private security?
  14. So given there seems to be consensus that interest rates will be held as low as possible for as long as possible what else is there that might mean we see a fall in house prices and restoration of a sound economy? Starting to despair we will ever see a correction. Feels more and more like the cards are stacked against us. No political party with any chance of forming a government has the balls to do what should be done. Might as well max out the credit cards, take a huge mortgage, stop working, claim benefits etc... Getting very pi$$ed off :angry:
  15. Detroit house price rises? Don't see how that reconciles with (apologies for Mail link!): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2269966/Blighted-home-says-Detroit-going-bankrupt-Families-flee-leaving-streets-broken-governor-cuts.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  16. Agree with you. We have a neighbour who works for a utility co' and brings his lorry & trailer (with digger) home but parks it on the pavement which is now wrecked. Apparently he's not breaking any laws so feels entitled to do this. Is it just me or is there a sense that the reasonable person gets FA and the idiots get whatever they want?
  17. Yes but very slowly: http://greenanswers.com/q/91459/pollution-toxins/are-cigarette-butts-biodegradable And in the mean time they look unsightly. It's an established phenomena that once litter starts to get hold in an area, more people will litter there: http://www.kdb.org/cleanbusinessmanual.doc I think a lot of people who litter don't have the self-awareness to realise they are doing it. At a subconscious level they finish with something, it's no longer needed and so discarded. Eg the cellophane wrapper on fag packets. Getting people to change behaviours generally requires a reason for them to do so. Given that no reasonably minded person would say littering is good, punishing bad behaviours is going to be part of the mix (along with education etc).
  18. JBJ seemed more aware of the current economic situation.
  19. You might need to soften them up a bit first. Eg making anonymous very low rent offers and separate very low purchase offers. Agree with the comments about going in under £250k. Any seller holding out for just over this number has to be ready to pay the stamp duty IMO.
  20. We recently viewed an end of terrace red sandstone 3 bed (East Renfrewshire). The home report made reference to a minor crack to the back wall render but said nothing about the crack that ran from the soffit down to about the DPC level on the end wall. The crack zig-zagged between the sandstone blocks (ie along the mortar lines) and was about finger wide. I was increasingly suspicious when I saw half of the end-facing garden wall had been rebuilt with neither the old nor new walls being vertical (Handy spirit level app' confirming eye impression) - bizarrely one wall leaned in and the other out. The road slopes down towards the end of the terrace. I went to see the EA about this who tried to find a reference in the HR to the crack but couldn't - and to be honest I think he played the "oh, is there a crack?" line. He left a message with the surveyor but of course no-one got back to me before the closing-date. We didn't offer, largely on the basis of the crack (and I'm closing-date averse) but I wondered what the legal position is regarding such a large omission from the HR. Can the surveyor say it was accidental? (Edited for minor detail changes)
  21. I didn't know. Of course, I Googled: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/prostitute-at-centre-of-osborne-story-gives-interview-2352738.html Good to see now he's in power he's more responsible these days: http://order-order.com/2012/07/10/george-osborne-demands-hooker-goes-down-chancellor-is-super-pimp/
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