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  1. I'd suspect the EA spun the same line to the other party who then bit.
  2. Imogen - very wrong end of very wrong stick. Try again. If you had thought just a little harder you would have realised my point was about who is monitoring the politicians who are meant to be monitoring the police. I'm not sure how you make the assumption me using Latin means I think police brutality acceptable - it's not. Comparing me to erranta is just bizarre. I suggest you lay off the fondue at this time of night.
  3. Lets just see what happens with crime figures... https://www.osac.gov/Pages/ContentReportDetails.aspx?cid=12282
  4. I had no idea there was one on the horizon till your post got me googling: http://www.bimmerboost.com/content.php?3179-BimmerBoost-spots-the-2014-BMW-X7-testing Subtle undercover paint job... And then I saw this: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/concept-cars/bmw-x7-project-dies So maybe not coming after all.
  5. But would they do more than just say it? Recent performance would indicate otherwise.
  6. And this is the quality of people leading managing the country. I despair sometimes...
  7. This is a history book. http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/products/asa+briggs/from+weimar+to+wall+street+281918-2929/3351135/ Something similar might happen in the near(ish) future yes but how is the book weird?
  8. (Sorry to go off-topic) If you follow the links to the 'club' he was a client of, you see under noted clients: "The United Kingdom's 3rd wealthiest man, the Duke of Westminster, is alleged by former Emperors Club VIP escort Zana Brazdek to have engaged her services through the company." So out of curiosity I followed the link to the DoW page. What a very charmed life he has had - not bad for a boy who left Harrow with one O-level. Born with a very silver spoon in his mouth, new letters every couple of years, fingers in some very powerful pies. I wonder, is he any good, or is he just lucky?
  9. A shame the fan chart doesn't extend back to show how the actual compared with expectations. Does anyone keep this data and could do this? They may as well cast chicken entrails...
  10. I can see native British "bush-meat" taking off. Apparently the high-rise residents near Pollock Park (Glasgow) have equipped themselves with cross-bows and night visions goggles to do a little deer-hunting...
  11. Not been to Ireland? http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/facing-starvation-the-sad-plight-of-ireland-s-abandoned-horses-a-730796.html "Abandoned Horses Face Starvation This Winter But the real estate and debt disaster has had a consequence that has so far attracted little attention: Animal welfare experts estimate that around 20,000 horses in the country are no longer wanted. Some of them are now roaming around the country after being abandoned by their owners." Ie free meat for anyone organised enough to pick it up...
  12. Exactly what I said at 9:02 PM which agrees with the OP's comment about dealers having to inform HMRC for transactions >£10k... However what has not been answered is the OP's original question. Why are they obliged to do so?
  13. Sure. 7.1 is about record keeping. I was looking at 3.1 which is about notification. "The first time that you make an exempt supply of investment gold which exceeds £5,000, or when the value of your supplies of exempt investment gold to any one customer is over £10,000 in any 12 month period, you must notify us within 28 days at the following address:" Am I misunderstanding this?
  14. I'm sure you realise I was being a little facetious but cash has nothing to do with my comment about money laundering. One of my local EA's has the following on all their RM listings: "1. MONEY LAUNDERING REGULATIONS: Intending purchasers will be asked to produce identification documentation at a later stage and we would ask for your co-operation in order that there will be no delay in agreeing the sale." As unfunded_liability has said, it's more about notifying HMRC about the transaction (ie the seller's details if over £10k worth) not the buyer. See Section 3.1 of: http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pageVAT_ShowContent&id=HMCE_CL_000104&propertyType=document A simple solution would seem to be to keep transactions <£10k and from different suppliers if you are worried HMRC might come after you.
  15. So they know who to take it off when gold is repossessed. Probably something to do with money laundering regulations etc...
  16. You said in your 1st posting you only have 3 months left on the existing contract. Can't you just not tell the agent about the flatmate change until the renewal date. You can then give the leaving flatmate the option of her paying the £240 penalty or not pay it but she'll have to wait 3 months to get her deposit back...
  17. How "non-connected" does someone have to be to fall under what you are saying? The poster was referring to his nearly wife. Sounds pretty connected to me...
  18. Please give link for this statement. I'm not finding any which backs you up. I'm a ltd company - my accountants are well aware we're not married but have no problem with her being a B shareholder, as she carries out various activities which genuinely support my business. I.e. there is justification on commercial grounds. I gather keeping the shares 'ordinary class' and not doing anything 'clever' helps.
  19. Wouldn't be foxton's would it? http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/e3-3rx/?include_retirement_homes=true&include_shared_ownership=true&new_homes=include&q=%20E3%203RX&search_source=nav Seems a great deal. I'd buy two. Sure you're in the right place?
  20. Your current housing situation: 2 Adults, 2 Teenagers. Renting through agent. (£850 pcm) What type of house would you like to buy?: 3 bed bungalow/semi with potential to extend/convert, or 4 bed. Garden & garage. How much does this cost in the area you are planning to buy in?: Huge price range due to nature of properties in search area. From 'death' houses £210k (would require additional £100k+ to get what we are after) to £400k for houses in good nick. How much would it have to cost before you thought it was worth buying?: Right now I'd be happy with a 10% nominal drop. My heart tells me they should drop way more than this. My head tells me we might not even get 10% due to all the feckwittery going on. Do you think this is realistic and if so how long do you think before prices reach this level?: Hard to say, if ever. Not helped by being in the catchment of the best non fee-paying schools in Scotland. How are you currently saving for the deposit?: Moving whatever is left at the month end into 'savings' (hah!) accounts.
  21. If the £240 really has to be paid (though I thought 'admin' fees were spurious) and you were all aware of the fee when you signed up, I'd charge the flatmate moving out - unless the rest of you have been so unbearable you forced them out.
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