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  1. Being facetious being easier than making an effort... Just in case you don't understand, you can do research without having to physically be present and see something yourself.
  2. Ermm, the problem isn't a "potential" one. We are messing up our water supply. For example - go google "hormones in drinking water uk". http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jun/02/water-system-toxic-contraceptive-pill Technically feasible? - yes Likely? - limited power resources and lack of will means not so likely.
  3. There are lots of blind opinions being spouted here about there being no water problem looming. The water industry and the Royal Society of Chemistry (both of which I am involved in) see this as a major issue. To get some idea of how little fresh water there is have a look at: http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthwherewater.html Then look at how little is accessible. Then consider how much of this is safe to drink with minimal treatment. Around the world aquifers are being drained, water tables lowered and groundwater contaminated. Just because it rains a lot in the UK does not mean on a global scale things are fine. They're not even fine in the UK. (edit speeling)
  4. If you are moving out on the 21st of May then "the last month" is the period from 21st April. You knew there would be viewings so is there another issue? Have you been unhappy with the property or services? There's nothing to stop you being creative about making the place temporarily less attractive to prospective tenants but I'd not be too arsey about this just for the sake of it. The agent has your deposit. You may need a reference.
  5. Mods feel free to move to a more appropriate section. Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuela) has died aged 58. I'm sure there are people in high places in America who will not be sad about this. Even the BBC mentions the conspiracy stories. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-21679053
  6. Politicians will promise anything to get elected. What they actually do once in power is another matter entirely...
  7. I think many on this site had high hopes for the Tories before the General Election. Many (myself included) vainly thought a new government had an opportunity to say Labour messed it up and we are going to fix things by doing it differently. Sadly this has not really been the case. I don't see much support for the Tories here now. If anything I see people expressing hopes labour will win in 2015, really mess things up and the markets will intercede. Seems a pretty desperate plan to me. Is that really the best we can do - wager on matters being taken out of government's hands? You have a valid point about us not learning. To use your language, I think the problem is: though the human brain as an organism is thousands of years old, we as individuals largely start from scratch each time and make it up as we go through life. Economic depressions run with a frequency approximating the human life span. Recessions may only repeat two or three times within an average person's working life. Each time we are told (and want to believe) it will be different this time. We don't learn, we don't want to and too readily accept the words of the political classes.
  8. Good for you. Your avatar wasn't matching your "cup of human kindness" approach so far
  9. Hold on - let me get this straight. The house is now in your name and the previous householder was still there after completion (what if they'd torched the place?). 5 days "grace" has passed and now you are suggesting a further extension for him to get his stuff out! And then what happens come this w/e when nothing's happened? What are you thinking? You're being a soft-touch and doing more for this person than his brother. You have no obligation to this person. You completed on 27 Feb - whenever was agreed was the time for them to get their possessions and themselves out. If any of it is worth anything they would have organised transport by now. I'd let your solicitor know that the previous resident had left possessions and could he advise the seller's solicitor you will be disposing of it immediately. I'd say any reasonable solicitor would see this as just a little mopping up so shouldn't charge you. Want to play hard ball? Get your solicitor to advise all costs will be picked up by the seller. It's up to you if you want to call the council to uplift it, flog it on Gumtree/ebay, give it to a charity, or keep it and use for yourself. There's compassion and there's being taken advantage of...
  10. Excellent. Does anyone have a feel for how the UK figures would compare?
  11. Why would you offer to pay half the shower installation costs? It is not your responsibility to check the shower is as advertised, however you should always remember caveat emptor. Could you not tell when you looked around the property? I expect the LL will say RightMove messed up the text and it's not their fault. If the shower situation is that important to you I'd go to CAB and do everything you can do to get out of your contract. What costs do you have upfront? If you've handed over a deposit and one month's rent in advance I doubt very much the LL will bother to do anything - hence your offer being ignored - they have your money. You refusing to move in till this is sorted is unlikely to motivate your landlord but may help if/when this goes legal. Save the RightMove listing - not the link, as the text could be changed. I suspect the communications between you and the LL so far are a good indication of how things would be in the future.
  12. I can only see England & Wales "regional" information. Scotland? NI?
  13. It really does sound like you will be better off away from the place. I appreciate you are concerned about the upheaval of moving for your daughter but surely it's better she has a happy father who is not stressing over where you both live? I'd still go see the CAB for some of the contractual issues.
  14. 40% - not sure if it's me that's so far out of touch or the price of houses...
  15. That should have been your first warning. Massive is not a size. In any doubt, ask for dimensions, in writing. How did you get a shock off an HDMI cable? What were you doing? They don't go into power sockets! When did this happen and what did you do about it at the time? Was it fixed quickly after you reported it? If it's that bad why did you stay for 16 months? Your posting is a little confusing. At the start you say the garage was too small. At the end you say it was "revoked and sold as a commodity for profit". Unless you have complained about things when they happened and nothing was done, I don't think you will get very far deciding 2 months before you are due to move out that you suddenly don't like feeling paying the rent. Deserve is a word to be very careful with. Go see CAB.
  16. It's occurred to me there might be a deliberate policy of ensuring it's always more expensive than diesel to stop people doing this.
  17. I'm just wondering if there has ever been an example of a country bond buying on this scale that has ended well.
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