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  1. I thought all banks are technically insolvent: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-banks-are-technically-insolvent-1418229.html http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/08/09/255341/european-banks-technically-bankrupt/ etc...
  2. Any reason why you haven't had an informal chat with your local planing dept? You don't have to own the property to ask what you might be able to do with it. Alternatively speak to a local builder and/or architect.
  3. But why does he have stained decking planks on his wall? Is this one up from twigs in vases? You lot are so shallow, this is the important question.
  4. Just because services run past the land doesn't mean you will get planning permission. The key is that it's listed as "amenity land". I suggest you go and google this term. To start you off: http://www.ebuild.co.uk/topic/10414-what-is-amenity-land/ If you can take a long-term view on this land it might work out for you if you can go down the route of "temporary agricultural dwelling basis". I heard of someone who did this over a long time period. 1st he built a secure store for the tools and equipment he needed for the land, then ran in a water connection so he'd have water for chickens and cleaning etc. Then power for heating & lighting of the poultry shed, plus security alarm. Followed by temporary accommodation. This takes many years though.
  5. I quite like Lautner's style: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lautner
  6. OK so no idea what state it's in but that's a lot of ft2 for £81k. Jealous :angry:
  7. I think this is just a revenue raising exercise. The government is basically saying look we know you are coming in and will be staying so we might as well charge you for the pleasure.
  8. Interesting and very scary chart. Source?
  9. Isn't part of the problem that the banking system is so internationally entwined that if we were to get the scenario you describe, it's going to be the same or worse in most places? In which case, the UN is going to find itself pretty stretched. I can't see it ending well either...
  10. You're not the only one who thinks so: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-17/russia-sending-permanent-warship-fleet-mediterranean-russian-naval-base-cyprus-comin
  11. There is no intention to ever pay down the debt, hence the obsession with growth. So no growth, what happens to the debt.....?
  12. Would that be boomer-bonking, bookcases and beverages?
  13. Not so much 'survivalist', more 'independent'. I'm sure the mountain villagers would get something set up pretty quickly for water transport. Have a look at the Google map - the green colour is a hint. Do a search - there are reservoirs. I'm not talking about Mad Max type scenarios - I'm talking about a return to older ways of doing things that don't rely on a fiat banking system. Living somewhere fertile with good weather surely has to make that easier. So who exactly is going to last long if "law & order break down"? Do you fancy your chances in a British city?
  14. I presume you've ventured inland? Troodos mountains was my favourite area when we did a couple of weeks in the summer there. OK a bit chilly in the winters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troodos_Mountains Loads of Byzantine churches (world heritage site) which narrow that 2k year cultural gap for you. Couldn't help but notice that people living in all the mountain villages seemed to have something growing on every inch of their land. Courtyards were covered in vines. Apart from water in the summer which was tankered in I expect many could fend for themselves for a while. So many of these poorer EU countries will return to peasant agrarianism. The rest of us will probably end up fighting over tins of beans.
  15. Scenario - singleton 56 year-old meets new 54 year-old partner who moves in. What then?
  16. The emergency vote was due today but has been postponed till tomorrow: http://www.france24.com/en/20130317-cypriots-shocked-over-bailout-plans So they might have to make Tuesday a bank holiday too...
  17. If you have that much money to spend then should really have learned by now, the golden rule of buying a house is 99% of ESTATE AGENTS ARE PREDATORY LIARS with apologies to Eric
  18. Possibly but I remember holiday jobs when I was young where people skived-off to sign on.
  19. Probably a bit of a non-event. Anyone using IOM or Channel Islands as a way of not paying tax has plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.
  20. Just worked it out. It's an ideal investment opportunity for a pimp to work his employees in...
  21. The floor plan is missing something - you know, like space for someone to live in. 15m2! Don't animals get better conditions?
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