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  1. Yes but if I had the money to buy one of these to get to work, I'd probably decide I didn't want to, or have to work
  2. Yes - little point addressing the head of a criminal organisation about how bad his cohorts are and expecting him to do something about it...
  3. You think? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korean_famine
  4. It's that boiling frogs thing again... I share your thoughts. How far will things have to go before people do say "this is enough"? Aren't we past that point already?
  5. CCTV didn't exactly prevent all the riots of 2011. Clearly sending a very strong message afterwards was the order of the day - I suspect this might last in people's minds for a while.
  6. Is it townies vs countrysiders? Won't that be pretty much the same for a lot of England?
  7. AFAIU HtB doesn't apply in Scotland: "HtB - Shared equity scheme whereby Government guarantee up to 20% of cost of new build property, interest free for 5 years, repayable on sale. Up to £600,000 on a new build property, comes into effect from 1st April 2013. Not available in Scotland but £266 million earmarked for Scotland if the Scottish Government wants to apply it to a similar scheme." Taken from: http://www.mov8realestate.com/blog/item/145-budget-2013-help-to-buy-scheme-what-does-it-mean-for-the-property-market-in-scotland.html#.UXvZ54Ly8mk I've no idea if the £266M offer is being taken up. Anyone?
  8. We submitted a bid at valuation this week. The property had 10 offers at closing date and sold for 8% over valuation, taking it well into the 3% Stamp Duty band. Such is the madness of a good schooling area. Even the one local EA (different to the sale above) who talks sense, doesn't get what's going on and admitted it couldn't last.
  9. And the many who bought on a repayment mortgage but have had to convert to interest only as they couldn't keep up payments. Most of whom I expect thought this would just be a temporary solution for them and so have no repayment vehicle either. It really is like watching a very slow, very large train crash...
  10. He is. I don't think anyone really knows how this is going to pan out. I do think it's going to be pretty painful though.
  11. What difference does this make? Can you be a little bit dead? Or just slightly pregnant? Are you less "bad" the shorter the period someone's offer has been accepted? How many days is acceptable to your personal ethics? Where do you draw the line? You sound like you have enough emotional intelligence to get this. The offer on your "dream house" has been accepted but does the 'buyer' have funds in place? If they do and you don't, then you have to let it go. However, you might be surprised how many sales fall through because buyers assumed they'd get a mortgage or manage to sell their own place and don't. I'd stay in touch with the seller and/or their EA and let them know that should you manage to get a sale and the other buyer doesn't deliver they should contact you (and ask very nicely if you still would like it). We've seen a few "dream houses" go by us - and each time a better house comes along. If Karma is part of your belief system, you may find this yourself. What were you planning to do? Always have contingencies. For everything...
  12. A strange question to ask of strangers. You ask if it would be "bad" if you were to gazump someone. Ie you are asking for a comment on morality. Don't you have your own moral compass? If you want a personal opinion, I'd say you should remember "what goes around, comes around". How would you feel if someone did this to you?
  13. Ok, your answer deals with the you're clearly not kidding part. I wasn't doubting what you said - apologies for any ambiguity. Perhaps I should have written "you kidding!" Anyway - what I still don't understand is the 'why?' Is this just a cynical way to make more sales? "Sorry sir, you can't let anyone else drive your car as we will deactivate the controls if you do". Hmmm
  14. Not much use if I walk into something in the real world, no matter how good the augmentation.
  15. Are they going to do something for those of us who wear glasses already?
  16. If you don't like Apple products, don't buy them - no-one's making you. What's the fuss about? Seriously, I don't get it. I use Mac's and PC's. I happen to prefer Apple products and have owned Mac's since I bought a Classic (that's dated me). Is it so different to people choosing say a Mercedes over a Ford? They both might do the same job but everyone has different priorities and personal preferences.
  17. Our search area, being within the catchment for excellent schooling, has been pretty resilient wrt nominal house prices. Saw a new-to-market this morning on RM at £x. Over 15 viewings booked already and can't get to see it for days. Speaking to an EA (not the selling agent) based IFA they are telling me it will go to closing date, will sell for £250k plus a wee sweetener (couple of £k) to cover for furnishings (all tatty) just to get the sale. I believe they are sadly, probably right. It's worth not much more than the o/o price. I can't see the fundamentals to account for rising prices, nor could the IFA. The IFA said people seem to think the worst is behind them and things are settling down, hence lots of mentions of "market confidence returning" etc. I despair. What's everyone else seeing?
  18. As in shirkers vs workers. The rhyming catch-phrase being the epitome of modern political thought it would seem...
  19. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/duplex+apartment I guess what we might call a maisonette.
  20. Last I checked IOW hadn't declared independence...
  21. Can they call bedrooms dining rooms or something else to stop them being called bedrooms?
  22. Sure about that? Ebay liable for advertisers details?
  23. So all banks are technically insolvent. Ie they would be unable to meet payments if they were all requested.
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