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  1. Often apparently ultra-low prices are a consequence of one person buying out another's share - perhaps indicating Mackie Ave 190k and 240k Barnett Rd?
  2. From memory, prices in Islingword Street were somewhat over 80k by 2001: otherwise we could & would have bought one and no doubt would still be there today. Whereas in 1997/98 80k was quite reasonable for 3 or 4 storeys of bungaroosh. The Land Registry Data's worth plotting on a graph to be aghast at the peak price paid - 354,950 pounds on 26/10/2007 for 26 Islingword Street. A friend of mine paid 353,000 pounds less a few doors away in 1970. 1997-11-04 42 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £82,000 1998-10-02 66 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9US Terrace, Freehold £81,500 1997-11-21 23 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £80,000 1997-08-15 83 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9US Terrace, Freehold £78,000 By 2001 they were more like this in January: 2001-01-08 21 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £119,000 2001-01-09 11 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £170,000 and later the same year: 2001-07-13 9 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £177,500 2001-11-14 10 Islingword Street, Brighton, Brighton And Hove, BN2 9UR Terrace, Freehold £181,500
  3. Just in case its useful: ourproperty.co.uk - one of many repackagers of land registry data for our consumption, has subscribed to the Land Registry data for transactions between 1995 and 2000. More info on their site. No doubt others will follow soon. It's helpful when considering how much / little houses were being sold for not so long ago. You do need to give information about your current dwelling (I presume it is matched with information held when registering with ourproperty) but not all fields are compulsory. Not knowing by whom and for what the data I give will be used for, I've given the minimum.
  4. Perhaps the EA is acting for someone selling a house at the same time. Buy one Get one Free deal on fees? Perhaps the EA is selling his / her own boat - though there's usually an acknowledgement if an agent is acting for self or an employee. The discussion seems to have drifted, in a nice way, from Brighton Area and it's curious houses. Any new contributors - please don't be shy!
  5. Would that include a permanent mooring? Perhaps a little too far from the canal network for us though!
  6. I've noticed some funny business engaged in by estate agents on rightmove in attempt to disrupt the continuity of property bee - such as reregistering a property by a different index number, etc. I find the most interesting aspect is the alteration (as depicted by strikethrough) of textual description as a house fails to attract interest!
  7. I wonder what agents are saying, if asked re the previous occupants of the house? It reminds me that a few years ago, while working with archival material donated by a local publisher, I found numerous photographs of vandalised / boarded-up houses believed (often wrongly) to be the current home of a person previously acquited of a murder charge. Local sentiment can take decades - if ever - to desensitise to such tragedies. The house itself is on a road with a good view and there are allotments within easy reach. Rightmove, by mishap or design have also mapped it to a spot about 300 further east than it is!
  8. Lorna 1999, I agree with your observations re changes in Brighton in recent years. Beneath the facades / veneers though, at least the built environment and cultural infrastructure remains relatively intact. Interestingly, "Brighton" has also become a comparator (taken on a meaning presumed to be understood by non-Brighton folk): The Guardian this weekend described Lancaster as "The Brighton of the North". Having enjoyed living in Lancaster, I hope that Brighton might aspire to become "The Lancaster of the South" - it's smaller but retains a disproportionately high level of interest (when compared with the majority of towns and cities in the UK). And most important, provided that work can be found, decent affordable stone houses abound!
  9. I for one, am delighted! Perhaps now Brighton can return to being a slightly quirky place where real people could do shoestring stuff without being entirely oppressed by unfeasibly high rents, ex-london downshifters property prices. I recently found a bundle of Buzz magazine from 1988 to 1990 and the Punter or similar vintage. Infinitely preferable to Latest Homes!!! My next project would be to find a suitably eclectic variety of books and reopen Noel Brookes' wonderful bookshop on Queens Road (the same side as the restaurant previously known as Cheungs, near to where Virgin Records was in the early '80s).
  10. At the moment - in Brighton - staying with family members. But usually urban West Midlands. Carefully tracking a few neighbourhoods of Brighton. Though in reality, to return would rely upon a happy coincidence of (a) suitable job for self ( suitable job for partner © able to sell existing house (d) able to afford and sustain big(ger) enough mortgage for (e) house from which offspring could catch a "suitable" secondary school place. Aware of the contingency of any / all of these, we are not holding our breath! Latest Homes appears much the same in form and content as last autumn's offering. Can anyone more clued-up offer a concise analysis of trends within advertising copy?
  11. Of course, since the re-drafting of catchments, one no longer needs to live in the "golden triangle" to benefit from access to DS and V. Hanover, Kemp Town, Brighton Town Centre, Queens Park, Elm Grove all fit the bill. I never heard of it during my time in Brighton - 1972 to 2001 - despite knowing plenty of people who lived within the area contained within it. It was generally accepted that unless you paid the premium to live on the doorstep of Dorothy Stringer/ Varndean, your children would need to be particularly gifted / talented to win an appeal against attending a less-favoured school. Some (though not all) of my parents' friends moved to that area - or out to Lewes - to avoid sending their offspring to Falmer. I spent 4 happy years at Falmer (1983 to 1987)- in a relatively successful cohort: from a tutor group of 25, I know of 3 doctorates, several postgrad degrees, large proportion went on to higher education. I would imagine that compares to the UK average for that era; would be interesting to compare with the longer term outcomes from Stringer / Varndean from that time. That said, if I could afford to, I would move within the catchment areas for DS & V rather than Falmer & Patcham. This is a pity, as the room size & quality of houses - e.g. edwardian redbricks on Riley Road / Wolseley Rd - is usually superior to the bungaroosh of Hanover. In the words of one family member (!!!), on discovering her house was now in the favoured catchment area: "Oh good! Hopefully it'll put our house price up. We'll be richer!". I don't think there was any irony in her delight, nor that she was alone in her sentiment. A return to 1998 prices would suit me fine. There is a long way to go.
  12. Quite often an apparently implausibly low price recorded on the land registry data is the result of one person buying out another person's share - i.e. the whole house may have been valued at 520,000. Usually occurs in the context of partnership dissolution / divorce / settlement of an estate.
  13. Regarding the Hanover / Albion Hill / Carlton Hill area - as it was prior to post-war "slum clearance", there's plenty of photos and other information in Backyard Brighton and Backstreet Brighton, published in the 1980s/90s by QueenSpark Books and no doubt still available. Most of the photos were taken by the Borough Surveyor's office. As far as I know, they are amongst the photographic collections of Brighton and Hove Libraries and Museums. There are links to Brighton and Hove in Pictures and My Brighton and Hove (seperate projects) from the council website.
  14. Hello All, I've been lurking for a few weeks and made a few semi-flippant posts in the last few days. My chronology is pretty much: (a) 1990 - 2001: tenant in a range of living arrangements in the north and south coast. ( 2001: joint owner-occupier with partner of a little house in the north west (3x one salary) © 2003: tenant again on south coast - work (d) 2005: tenant in the midlands - again for work (e) 2006: joint owner-occupier in midlands with partner (4 x one salary plus equity from () Throughout have been looking for a way to afford long-term return to south coast. Decision (e) in retrospect doesn't look good at present! I've noticed some interesting contributions on the forum & will add my 20centimes worth or local knowledge when it seems appropriate. Best wishes, chaise-longue
  15. One of the houses in this terrace was inspected by my father in the course of arranging a home improvement grant: no mains electricity, lit by gaslight. This was the mid 1980s. Just imagine when trains ran on coal!
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