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  1. Thanks for the reply's, seems that cash or rapidly disposable assets are the way to go. Might just buy the max in premium bonds tho, and some land. As suggested a compound crossbow and some staple provisions seems sensible. Read somewhere lately that over 40% of American households are doing some serious prepping for realy bad times ahead (breakdown of civil society) I dont think they are too far off the mark. ajax
  2. Just wondering if you think that it is still better to have all your assets as cash ? This is how I'm placed rgiht now, all with HSBC but I am now feeling a bit nervous. Very tempted to buy land. thoughts ? Ajax
  3. How about this then. http://www.canadiantimberhomes.co.uk/ Cheap as chips !!
  4. I'm getting 3.25% on a 1 Year bond with HSBC Premier, matures end of August. Don't know what I'll do with it then. ajax
  5. Panic is starting to settle in.. Some people are begining to realise that all the unresolved debt is still there, it hasn't gone away. All the smoke and mirrors has failed to hide the truth. Their eyes are open wide now as the see the inevitable tsunamie heading towards them, and they realise it might just be tooooo Laaaaate !! Top enders are shitting their pants right now.. Ajax2001
  6. A family member of ours lives in Crete, and we rented a villa there for three months from Sept to December 3 years ago to see if we would like to move out, but thats another story !! We were living in Gavalohori / Almaryida near chania and We got to know Andrew and Brian quite well in our three months. mailnly through being in the bars on the beach. Nice enough, but very Gay, totally gullible and completely lacking in bussiness accumen, they ran a series of ventures themselves and for others all of which failed. But they are not alone, most of the expats we met, and there were many were bo
  7. Asking Prices around Newbury in Berkshire are steaming ahead, back to pre slump prices and more ! But lots of High price tag homes coming to market 750k - 1.5m This place always seems to hold up in difficult markets. I'd love to see the whole housing market collapse to 50% of current prices, but I just dont ever see it happening. However having just got back from cyprus I can say they are in the shit, thousands of unsold finished, and part finished villas, apartments and re-sales. Nobody but nobody is there to buy. And tourism there is dead apart from all inclusive hotels. ajax
  8. Why not do away with all income taxes and allowances, and just use VAT as a method of collecting the required tax revenue. The more you spend the more you pay...... Sounds fair doesn't it ? Rewards the carefull and thrifty and penalises the feckless. No more HM Revenue & Customs ( just leave the bit to process Vat) No more tax evasion by the population, job done ! Ajax
  9. The Centre for Policy Studies, usually referred to as a "right-wing think-tank" has done some sums on the UK government's debt - adding back in all the things the government likes to leave out, such as the pension liabilities, Network Rail's debt, the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) debt, etc. The CPS says... http://www.cps.org.uk/cps_catalog/the%20hidden%20debt%20bombshell4.pdf So the real debt is 2.2 trillion pounds. And note they based their figures on a headline debt of £805 billion, because they wrote the report a few days ago. Also they missed out a big one - nuclear decommissionin
  10. Well Frank Hovis, it's a guessing game isn't it. Perhaps you could use an historical average or just readjust your predictions annually. At least it can offer a ballpark prediction ! Ajax
  11. Here is an example of how to implement this formula in Excel cell a1 - put your principal amount (P) cell a2 - put number of years your money must last (SML) cell a3 - put net return as a % (NR) cell a4 - Put annual inflation rate as a % (S) Cell a6 place the formula for this example the formula would be as follows =PMT((1+a3)/1+a4)-1, a2, -a1 ,0 1) Hope you get it now ! If not read a book on Excel Ajax
  12. Ok, so you want to spend your money over whats left of your life, without running out ! Here is my formula I use in excel to calculate this PMT((1+NR)/1+S)-1, SML, -P ,0 1) Where P = Principal Amount SML = Number of Years savings must Last NR = Net Annual Return S = Annual Inflation Rate So, for example £500,000 over 30 years @ 3.25% nr and 2.5% inflation would allow £18,488 per Annum This will calculate your Maximum Annual Withdrawl Amount, based on your figures for Principal, Net Annual investment Return, Number of years your savings must last and the Annual inflation rate. ha
  13. Well here goes......... I expect I'll be lambasted for this.... but what the heck ! Bring back all the troops from Afghanistan, deploy them on our own borders. this should minimise the risk of terrrorism from overseas. and stop illlegal immigration Immediately Repatriate all illegal immigrants, no appeals etc Halt inward economic migration, except for highly skilled workers or entrepreneurs. Reinstate capital punishment for murder. Hard labor for other serious crimes. No benefits unless you contribute to society by working for the local community - no excuses - everybody can do something
  14. Ardnamurchan Point, Western Highlands. definately no chavs...... not much else either ! ajax
  15. Well, as for Downers Ea I wouldn't trust the lying scumbags....... Had dealings with these buggers before ! Ajax
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