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  1. kellaway should retire. She's written absolutely nothing of interest since she killed Martin Lukes off. That was the best thing in the FT a few years back. Brilliantly observed, well written modern take on the traditional roman aux lettres. Now you get crappy articles like this that wouldn't be out of place in Grazia. zzzzz if you're reading lucy then you're better than this - pls bring back martin!
  2. wonder what he sells in this shop that nets him £80k per annum. That's a lot of sweets and newspapers.
  3. Why should I be feeling sorry for this fictional person? From what I can see they bought a house that they couldn't really afford even on an interest only basis based on unverified earnings, then benefitted from a sustained period of low interest rates reducing their monthly payment by 75%, and did not use this windfall to pay down any capital (no mention either of any alternative repayment vehicle - how were they ever intending to pay back the loan?) Meanwhile, the value of their house has somehow increased by 14% (meaning the value of their original £100k equity has increased by 70%) despite the biggest global financial crisis since the great depression. My heart is bleeding. Lets have a whip-round. They can have my place - I'll sleep in the shed.
  4. I wish that 48% would hurry and and emigrate. I think it would be pretty nice here if there were half as many people. Might even get a seat on the tube in the mornings.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17469252 If it wasn't for those pesky kids, borrowing loads of money to buy overpriced houses off of pensioners so they could pish it up the wall on overpriced holidays then we wouldn't have had a banking crisis and all these pensioners who've worked hard their whole lives would have money to spend on our holidays. Oh, hang on, I;m getting a circular reference warning. Interesting to see Saga pushing intergenerational conflict. For the most part boomers tend not to start such debates.
  6. My ideal solution would be for my employer to pay in the matching contributions into my SIPP, however they have refused to do this. Anyone know of anyway I can force them to do this? thanks
  7. I have an IG index account, but they don't cover this market. Any ideas? thanks posti
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/domesday/dblock/GB-536000-180000/page/20 http://www.mouseprice.com/property-information/ref-7285935/687-Commercial-Road
  9. if someone stole £1000 pounds, but it would cost £2000 pounds to try them and find them guilty, and get the £1000 back, is it worth doing?
  10. your first point is a politicians point. - you are saying you agree with me but that we shouldn't fix a mistake/injustice because it's complicated/difficult/expensive. Lets just leave it as it is? copout not sure what your second point is - people get old and less mobile, lose their marbles, get arthritis and then they die. life is tought. so what - it's going to happen to all of us, me too. do you reckon i will still get a free bus pass in 40 odd years when I'm old? will i ******. They're busy taking away free university education from students right now. besides, i don't reckon many of my generation (i'm 31) will hang around anywhere near as long as the current batch of coffin dodgers - we are drunker, fatter, more sedentary etc etc - your third point totally ignores maths. the "paying in all my life" principle is totally stupid. The system does not work - the maths doesn't add up - everyone so far has taken out more than they put in, and it just puts a larger and larger burden on those behind, who gradually get a worse and worse deal despite paying in more. moral entitlement point is mute. if she's that pissed off, just give her back what she's paid in national insurancec. i guarantee that she'd be worse off still so she should stop moaning. I'll keep the £400 odd quid a month that i pay in national insurance and look after myself thanks i don't mean to sound mean, but i am, so that's how i come across. call me an arsehole, i probably am, but don't ignore the fact that the system is ******ed, and sop stories about vulnerable pensioners doesn't change that fact.
  11. if they can means test my child benefit and take it away, they can means test old peoples' WFA and take it away where it's not needed. Not sure why old people should be excluded from getting legged over like the rest of us. Anyway, if the WFA benefit they receive is not enough to keep em warm, they can travel around on their free bus pass. Do they actually pay for anything? No sympathy for that old bat saying she's worked all her life - she's not working now is she? probably been retired on state pension since she was 60.
  12. as long as gazumping is possible, then gazundering needs to be possible. what's fair on the way up is fair on the way down as far as I am concerned. remember a last minute gazunderer will likely have racked up more costs than a vendor who allows a prospective purchaser to get gazumped, so gazundering is a riskier practice. Anyway, if the house is worth the previous higher value, then they'll have no problem finding someone to buy it, no?
  13. It must be all the £2m+ properties that were listed in August that have been flying off the shelves? Do you have the longterm average TLP?
  14. lets not forget of course that gen x and y do protest about some stuff in a pretty dedicated, meaningful way - iraq war, the environment, runway 3, fox hunting etc - it's just that they have been bought up to be so grateful for what they've got that they are not selfish enough to protest about the things that directly affect the - there's this worthiness about getting involved in all this stuff, compared to when you look at the poll tax riots which was people looking after their own interests directly. Noticeable also that green agenda stuff is something that is quite heavily studied in the education system now (when they learn about "issues").
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