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  1. Trouble is leaving cash in the bank results in the odd holiday etc, meals out!!! I have been waiting to buy for 3 years since I have had the 'deposit' ready Currently sitting with 50% Equities 20% Cash (inc. NS&I index linked bonds) 15% Fine Wine 5% Gold 5% Alternative Lending zopa etc. Shares returned positive returns, gold up, wine doubled yet sitting now 15% down overall??? Budgets are required...
  2. One solution would be to take from everyone that has brought since 1995 say 1% of the increase in value of their house (in real terms), put it in a pot to use as an incentive to 1st time buyers when they want to buy. Everyone could just fill in a form saying how much they think they may owe - collect it as a tax return through NI numbers, any non-responders get investigated and potentaily stung. Even if someone has made £200,000 1% is only 2 grand. People buying since 1995 should be seriously well off compared to the youngsters coming though now and hopefully (especially with multiple buy-to-let offenders) if they've been foolish and spent the equity some may have to sell up!
  3. Got a small story about this quick blip, I thought the FTSE might come under pressure that evening of the election and opened up a £1 per pip FTSE sell on trade fair when I got home from work, as it started plunging I opened up a further 4 x £1 sells (helped by a glass of wine) for a total of £5 per pence movement sell on the FTSE (stop loss set at £20ish for each - no limit order didn't have time). My account valuation went from £100 to £300, £500... £900... £1200 to £2300! in a matter of minutes as the FTSE dipped to 4600 or whatever it went to. Unfortunately I wan't fast enough to try and close the trade at that lowest level otherwise I might be able to to find out if a close was possible, my gut instinct at the time was that if I had tried it'd have given some 'can't place order' message as severe dip at the end only took 3-4 seconds to bounce back. I manage to cash in at £1200 profit.
  4. For the record I brought 1000 shares on last wednesday 16th June before Obama's speech @3.40 per share. What I don't get is BP hires a rig (car) to sub-contractors (you or me) who then crashes it then BP (car hire company) gets sued for the damage? On top of that our new government does not offer a word of support for BP. Obama & Co (the biggest polluters since the asteroid that killed the dinosaur) ought to think about taking some of the blame themselves. Our government should ast least say something and stop them brain washing the yanks into thinking it's all BP's fault gaining public support and taking them to the cleaners, who knows what the compensation will stop at then. :angry: :angry:
  5. As for moneyweek................. <img src="http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> Only fit for wiping your ass with it. They made quite a few hot stock picks recently (past few weeks) - some people slate the publication as the editors are uber-bearish on houseprices perhaps?
  6. Yes thanks going in the right direction at the moment - now just a case of when to take the profit!
  7. That's great food for thought, I was thinking along the lines of hoping there would be a drop back in the FTSE in the next few weeks, then taking a quick profit before it resumed it's accent. As you say timing would be risky unless the trend is already down. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Tempting strategy - the amateur hedgie! Mine is more to bet on the falling £, by diversifying (particularly eastwards) into assets that derive value from currencies that aren't being debased (or at least, not on the kind of scale we've got here). That sounds like a good strategy also, being a newbie at this I haven't any losses to recoup but appreciate what you mean when you say others have only recovered partially from being exposed to previous highs. I may go down the path of using a profesional cfd company so I don't have to pay capital gains etc. and use the help of an 'expert' to make my bets and suggest when to get in and out. I'll mention east, weaker pound and lower Ftse to them and see what they suggest.
  9. Sat 26th Sept 09 FTSE 100 Index 5,082 52 Week Range Volume 3,461-5,212 52 Week Change -114.80 -2.21% The FTSE currently sits 2.21% lower than it did a year ago before the recession even hit. I like most others who during this time frequented this forum more than they might have had there 'not been a crash' have probably missed the boat on equities bouncing since the March bottom. There must be a fair few of us sitting on unused deposits we could have bumped them up by 50% in that time seemingly by buying more or less any shares we punted on. They tell us not to be greedy or give in to envy, which is what I'd call joining the rally at this time. Surley now we've missed the boat? Is the FTSE due a correction? I for one would like to not miss the boat and make something from this unique situation even through the back door. At this moment in time, my punt is to short the FTSE (LSE:SUK2) whilst at the same time buying a selection of stocks that still have value in them. I've just loaded some funds into self trade, ready to roll.
  10. Just brought £9000 worth last week on bullion vault - may go up may not, Money week keeps touting it! If it does go up I'll probably cash in half of it to give me a safety net against holding the other half in case it drops significantly. When you make a purchase at bullion vault 0.8% commision is charged when purchasing and the same when selling.
  11. Thanks for all the replies on this - think I may not go ahead now - by the time I take off what I can earn on 3% in the bank anyway I'd only be making an extra £2000, assuming everything went 100% smoothly - that's before deductions for currency swapping.
  12. Thanks for all the replies on this - think I may not go ahead now - by the time I take off what I can earn on 3% in the bank anyway I'd only be making an extra £2000, assuming everything went 100% smoothly - that's before deductions for currency swapping.
  13. Ok where's you source on this rental potential, do you have hard evidence on how other 4* type golf resorts are renting out in terms of occupancy rates in the Costas - or am I just plain gullable and it is common knowledge that nothings renting out?
  14. My main concern is will the property hold it's value with all the carnage in the Spanish Property Sector and banks that may be yet to get worse. Buying next year may be even cheaper - but there again this is quite a low level (therefore low risk) investment so perhaps 'he who dares wins'
  15. I am on the verge of buying into one of these fractional ownership schemes - any opinions appreciated / for's against etc. Going to put down a deposit tommorow unless I'm scared off it. I know there may be euro pound fluctuations to consider. Purchase price 25,000 euros (12th share of appartment). Yield 12% if I never visit it and just rent it out. 4 x 1000 euros - 1250 yearly maintenance fee. This link gives more detailed info: http://www.newskys.co.uk/listings/details/1330994/ :-)
  16. Found an article that talks sense on many of the issues facing us coming out of recession one way or the other, to quote a page from the Inflation/Deflation section: Inflation/Deflation The end result is a dramatic collaspe in the Velocity of Money Concerns by deflationists that Bernanke's printing presses will have a material inflationary impact soon are unfounded Additionaly, as the money does not make its way to consumers (either from a supply or demnd perspective), people end up not spending, and thus not competing for items on price. Delation will continue untils this vicious cycly is broken The question then becomes how much more can the Fed grow its Balance Sheet liabilities before foreign countries completely shut down the spigot on purchasing U.S. Securities? http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/fil...Recession_0.pdf Interesting read, currency collaspe is a possibility but houseprice inflation seems exceptionally unlikely.
  17. Ok how is it then that one of my best mates a 'Bank Manager' looks at me as if I'm a 'tripped out looney' whenever I try and explain to him the threat of hyperinflation may be real?
  18. NO I AM NOT A TROLL - just lucky to have seen it all coming YADDAH YADDAH YADDAH. Mate I had all this from the property bulls back 2005 - 2007 when I posted this... What do you say to that? Ok I get your drift mate - if you STR'd in August 2007 when are you going to be jumping back in then? I just feel like from you signature you're possibly enticing people to buy sooner rather than later by scaring them about the widespread inflation we 'may' face - which potentialy has the same effect as property ramping. I'm just sitting on cash only so don't appeciate getting un-nerved but glad to hear you're renting also. If I haven't brought a house before long (which my instincts say not to) I'm considering investing in some ETF's by the middle of next year as an inflation hedge. Seriously how risky is not buying in the next 12-18 months due to this potential onset of high inflation leaking through to house prices? EDIT to add this bit... I personally think we'll see the real HPC start kicking in about a year after the next general election.
  19. Are you a troll in disguise? - the gap between 8 & 9 will most probably take at least 2 years 8. Global Quantitative Easing will be carried out on a Massive Scale 9. Global (Inflationary) Default on Debt - (Bond Market Collapse) STOP SCARING PEOPLE - WELL SAID 'People are converting their cash to assets'... BUT FOOLISHLY SO, FAR TOO EARLY
  20. Good friend of mine married a Brazilian girl. Lived there for 3 years. During that time he was robbed at least 8 times and beaten up during these robberies five times. Says as a 'gringo' he was prime target even though he lived and worked with wifes' family. He says he was scared and felt threatened the whole time he was there. Final straw - he was kidnapped for a couple of days until the family paid up about $2,000 to have him released. After that he could not get the airport outta there quick enough. He and wife now happily in UK. Wife returns to Brazil for holidays - he stays here. Holy smoke thanks for the info, been to Jamacia though that was bad! These are 5* resorts that are being put up in several locations including St Vincent & Barbados and they are all run by the same organisation. Always a risk but getting involved at an early stage might be worth taking a chance as certainly outlaying 15k initially on the Brazil one seems less than putting up between 27k and 85k on the St Vincent & Barbodos ones which are nearer completion. I am very skeptical though - I think France would be a safer bet for buying a property abroad. But these big resorts offer 100% property management + possibly ya pension sorted.
  21. Fair comment. Brazil is a bit unstable at the moment but in the future may become a rich nation, un-tapped oil reserves exist off the coast etc. "Predictions by leading financiers, Goldman Sachs, are ranking Brazil amongst the top 5 world economies by the year 2050." It was a resort I was buying into not a villa, it's just for investment not my own holidaying purposes. The only reason it's cheap is I would ideally look to buy at pre-launch prices or at pre-planning stage - one of those rip-off deals that you put a % down to start with that will probably never get built ... but if Brazil did take off (which part... Salvador - that's where any 'rich' Brazilians would holiday themselves) the rewards would be likely far greater than any housing investment in this country (continent!). I'm looking into many ways to take advantage of the downturn at the moment, got to go through the mad ideas to find a good one. But this doesn't sound too wacky?
  22. How about buying into a Brazilian resort (pre-build) for a Medium to Long Term Investment !!! I'm considering it.
  23. You's better not be shittin me on this one - I just brought £50k equivalent of 'haven currency' last Friday so I'm going to sleep tonight hopefull of converting back to sterling post whatever goes down tommorow! Was scratchin me head (head butting the wall) yesterday at all the optimism!
  24. Even if we are though the worst (which is not certain), lets face it the current government are going to totally trash our ecomony trying to pull the wool over our eyes to try and win the next election, we'll all be screwed soon into the next 1st term of office for whoever gets it - so to all you bulls buy now and weep later.
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