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  1. They should scrap it, but instead they'll hold onto it while it causes serious damage to the fabric of Europes economies.
  2. I wasn't talking about deflation, just pitifully low growth. And have you seen the latest Japanese saving rate. Apparently its declined to only 2.2%, the US rate is higher at 5%.
  3. I'd love to hate him, I really would, but he's done nothing to merit it yet. He just seems like a Hague style leader. won't win the election, swiftly booted out.
  4. Its an odd recession. With the magnitude of economic contraction we've experienced I was expecting a serious deflation, but instead we've got slightly above average inflation. No real mass unemployment and house prices holding showing crazy buoyancy, in London at least. I can only imaging that the QE has taken the edge of the worst effects of the crunch. London is still stable, because of overseas money. I think we're in for more of a living death Japanese style zero to low growth economy for the next decade or so rather than a full blown 30's style massacre. But who knows?
  5. I didn't click on the link, where is it? Helmand?
  6. To be fair to Ed, he doesn't seem to be as much of a scumbag as the rest of the old guard he served with. In fact during the civil war between the Blair and Brown camps he was the only Brownite that the Blairites could actually communicate civily with. I guess now he;s the man in charge he's going to get rid of as much of the gangsters as he can so he can create a less dysfunctional organisation.
  7. Some government organisations I've had the misfortune to have worked with have assistants who have assistants! Everyone has a PA and they all must have Blackberrys weather they use them or not. Awaydays, team bonding, desks that cost £1000 each and chairs that cost £800. Unbelivable waste and profligacy. Will it end?No, it'll still be there.
  8. Lets hope they start dumping their overproduction over here soon.
  9. From the British to the Germans, lol. I can just see the IRA in 50 years time blowing up Berlin.
  10. Its a stimulus package for the local economy, focusing on the transportation sector. They're doing everyone a favour.
  11. There will be a tighter regulatory regime in the aftermath of this particular collapse. But it'll be back to bubble economics in about 50 years time, when this current generation is dead or too old to be listened to.
  12. I love Jon Stewart, and the CNBC video is rapidly becoming a legend.
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