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  1. That house on Bermondsey Square is very expensive and if you're a growing family I can't understand why you would choose this house when as you say you can get bigger\equal sized houses in prime family orientated areas slightly further out of town. The schools in Bermondsey aren't suppose to amount to anything so I suspect this house would attract an investor or rich childless couple as oppose to a growing family. I like the Bermondsey Street area though, there's plenty to do round there and it's very central so to a degree I can understand why folks would pay big money to live there. Those Pages Walk houses are really really overpriced for their location & size of the houses, honestly, there's nothing to do round there, bonkers that folks pay a fortune to live in them.
  2. Well seeing as I'm Black British it's quite difficult for me to be racist against non-white working class types/areas, I was brought up in an non-white working class area myself, and currently live in one now. Oh and for the record, I never stated that non-white working class areas wouldn't be a safe investment, I just stated that the bank of mummy & daddy tend to opt for these areas in preference to the more ethnic/urban areas.
  3. Hi Vanessa Kensington, I was being sarcastic in regards to the names and the comments. I do agree with you though that it is strange why mummy & daddy seem to invest in those areas mentioned, but as Neverland has stated I suppose investing in East London could be seen as a bit of a risk by mummy & daddy. The areas you've mentioned in South West & West London are by and large safe, predominantly white middle class areas. North London is a strange one though because some of the more upmarket areas such as Belsize Park, Primrose Hill are very nice, though very very expensive to boot.
  4. But oh so true, I prefer the names Tarquin and Talulah, "Oh I'm so ghetto fabulous dahling, I adore slumming it in Cla'ham"
  5. Your joking right? Have you not read any of my replies in this thread to the reasons why I don't think Barking is a more attractive prospect than the areas you originally listed?
  6. I understood you from the start, I just don't agree with you. Quite interesting that you base your profile of SE17 purely on the estate you live on, nice. But anyway....as you say this whole debate is moot as it has nothing to do with the OP.
  7. For sure Lambeth and Southwark have plenty of areas of deprivation but that wasn't my initial gripe with what you said. I'm under no illusion in regards to the deprivation in both boroughs, I was just merely pointing out that the areas you describe as "Ethnic Ghettos" are really just by in large Urban Inner City areas that have very congested/compact housing with pockets of very well maintained historical housing with wealthy residents living in them.. I just found it comical that you describe these areas as some sort of "Ghettos" with huge problems and point out that Barking is a better area because the Houses are cheaper there!
  8. I wonder if that bathroom on the 1st floor was previously a bedroom and that the Kitchen/Diner has been reconfigured due to there previously being a bathroom downstairs? Just a hunch....as I've seen a few Houses configured like this in other locations in South London that have been reconverted from 3 to 2 bedders to allow for more entertaining space.
  9. Barking is hardly an area of beauty, I'd imagine all the problems you describe of SE17 exist in Barking too...it's a very deprived area. The only difference being that house prices are incredibly cheaper because it's miles away from the Centre of Town and that the demographic of the area suits your taste more? Below is something I picked off the Web...quite interesting....
  10. I don't live in Battersea I live in Streatham (an area I assume you would refer to as a Ethnic Ghetto). I've spent some time in SE15 & SE17, I've friends who live in both areas & have looked at Houses in both areas myself. SE17 isn't a particularly wealthy area I agree, but it does have some very nice pockets of Housing, a friend of mine lives in Sutherland Square off the Walworth Road, those Houses on the Square and a few of the surrounding streets are beautiful, they wouldn't look out of place in Islington. Their is wealth there...you just have to look for it! I also have friends that live in SE15, one of them right next to Peckham Rye Station, whilst I wouldn't necessarily want to live there myself, some of the Houses round there are fantastic, very nice Grade II listed Georgian architecture and many of the Houses look well looked after too. Peckham by name has a bad reputation but the area around the station and the Rye is undeniably middle class. I'm not going to get drawn into the whole white middle/upper class debate as I don't think it's necessary. But yeah I agree that for your money you'll get a lot more further out...but that doesn't mean that it's a better area. My argument was that the places you listed IMHO are not worse areas than Barking.
  11. Sounds to me like you have a problem with living alongside Ethnic folk, I've highlighted prime examples in your post. Wealth is present in many areas of London, not just the areas that may have a higher concentration of White middle-class folk. Obviously in some areas it's very pronounced...in others not as much. Citing Rotherhithe as an example of a extremely wealthy area is laughable, you clearly don't know Inner London very well.
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