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  1. They're sucking out every last bit of risk they can possibly can This is what all businesses strive for. Many people on here castigate amateur landlords and praise professional landlords that run their portfolios as a proper business, so you cant blame them when they employ good business principles. You cant have it both ways.
  2. because if you own a company you currently pay 21% tax on profits then take out approx £37,000 in dividends plus approx £6000 in personal tax allowance = £43,000 (£86,000 if you make wife/partner a director) which you dont pay NI on (saves approx £10,000- dont quote me)- leave any excess in company and eventually sell shares which means paying 10% tax on any money left in company as CGT. alternative- be an employee paying tax at 20%, 40%, 50%, no personal tax allowance after around £112,000 some smart kids must be tempted surely?
  3. mine started at £18 for a small dog 8 years ago-direct line worked its way up to £30 a month then jumped to £40 a month this year got it back to £30 a month by increasing excess from £90 to £180, of course within days a lump has started growning on her head
  4. I presume your parents clothed and fed and supported you for at least 18 years and yet i detect resentment and a general feeling of entitlement in your posts. why dont you try living uncomfortably for a while and save up for a depost and why give 10% to charity and then expect your parents to stump up the readies
  5. you are over generalising- often its the uni and not the degree thats important. for instance psychology at oxford,cambridge ,UCL or any russell group uni is still worth doing with good grad job opportunities
  6. just watched recording of piers morgan in Dubai interviewing two british chaps who had bought 'Britain' in the 'world islands development' £20,000,000 for a pile of sand no bigger than a few football pitches! Bring it on baby!
  7. many times on here the old pros are held up to be clever and financially astute. they no more so than todays mob, like any business incomings should increase relative to your outgoings over time, and some of todays Btlers who bought sensibly with good business principles will be future old pros in 20 years time, whether you like it or not.
  8. Saabs and hondas both been mentioned on this thread which effect me. yesterday bought a new honda jazz for the wife for £6500- list price around £9000- for cash- they are desperate man. the trade in in for the Saab 9-5 auto '99' about £100-£200 i also have a saab 9-5 auto from new '02' now list around £3000 was £25,000 i can understand the big drops as both heavy on petrol and parts are expensive . gas guzzlers are now dead and anyone that buys them old or new are mad.
  9. had a pier opened up in Harlequin shopping centre in Watford only a couple of months ago. not surpised they are closing, can anyone guess how much rent they charge for a 700 sq ft shop in the centre? £75,000 per annum plus £25,000 business rates! THATS A HELL OF A LOT OF CANDLES
  10. a lot of people? are you a bailiff by chance
  11. to emphasise the point, if anyone has watched a recent series 'all over the shop' where a so called expert goes in and tells a shop owner where they are going wrong. all these people had no idea how to run a business. multiply them by thousands and it is obvious a massive cull of independent shops is on the way. after rent, rates, electricity, insurance and labour costs, most will be earning less than minimum wage, if anything.
  12. I went to uni and also retired at 40 so i make that a 1 -1 draw
  13. 'The student loan book is worth around £18.1 billion - expected to increase to £55 billion within the next ten years. The Government say they expect the proposed sales programme to generate £6 billion in receipts by the end of 2011. With treasury coffers emptying rapidly as a result of falling VAT revenues, caused by the ‘Credit Crunch’, it is feared that if there is a lack of private sector interest in acquiring the debt, the Bill may be altered to give private companies a greater say in the setting of interest rates and payment thresholds.' parameters can change very quickly in this enviroment.
  14. yes ditto hal exactly my story, poorest of the poor but with motivation and the grants avialable- no problem going to uni. The opportuniy was open to everyone if they wanted it. Scary today though, just got my daughters first year uni loan statement in, first year £8018 - going up at over £30 per month interest, so second year will be £16,000 going up £60 per month interest then £24,000 going up over £90 per month interest. When she gets a job at approx £23,000 per year the repayment would be about £60/ month so wont even cover the interest. so if no capital repayment, will be the everlasting loan. For someone who is averse to paying one penny in interest charges, it was a sobering moment.
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