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  1. Hi lucky_str, yes, you make a good point, albeit exactly the same point I made in my own post. I'm not going to ignore you. No need for melodramatics. Basically I just wanted to draw people's attention to the fact that the OP has got something interesting to say which I have thanked him for, yet a bunch of others have decided simply to write things like their brain hurts, or that they only read halfway before getting bored and then decided to argue on some matter that they clearly, by their own admission of not reading the full post, could not have known to be the point of the OP or not. It doesn't take Einstein to understand the OP's math. I don't think he was saying anything too profound, it's just a play with the numbers that Sky is publishing and at the same time sort of uncovers the spin aspects of Sky's statements. Hehe, Sledgehammer, should have ignored the dunce when I did. It would have saved you the trouble now, however I admire your attempt at giving them the benefit of the doubt and trying to help them.
  2. Ah another one to add to my ignore list. What is it with the pointless comments. Sure it may be a bit of a pompous thing to say but it doesn't detract from Sledgehead's main argument. Why waste your time commenting. At this rate I'll have most of the forum banned within the week .... yes I am aware my comment here is largely pointless too, I could have placed you on ignore without informing you but that would not inspire any annoyance in you.
  3. Tom Peters, I could not agree with you more. Probably the stupidest comment I've seen written for a long time.
  4. Thank you, Sledgehead, for doing the hard work on this one. A very clear demonstration of the spin is coming from the media at the moment. Hara, I'm not sure that was Sledgehead's point. I think it was more to do with the spin coming from Sky and how he'd managed to unpick it.
  5. Financials and basic materials are the two main gainers so far today. I'm not sure about the basic materials sector but it would seem the financials have trampolined off the better than expected earnings information from Citigroup. That is a single bank who's CEO seems to have crafted a memo specifically to help his battered share price. How people have interpreted this as a sign that the recession is over is beyond me but at the same time is unimportant. A bounce was widely expected for some time now, those wanting to trade it would have gotten their long positions sorted out before now. They can revel in the fact that the herd instinct is hurling money at them. On the other side though, if the negative fundamentals do not change to positive fundamentals while the bounce is in progress (more or less impossible as they're such great problems), then we can equally expect another devaluing of the index. For those who did not get in on time for the bounce there is the option of going short instead. To come back to the herd instinct that is likely driving today's gains for a minute; I read recently that brains release dopamine when people conform to a societal norm or herd instinct. Dopamine is something that brains like to get. It makes people feel happy.
  6. vicmac64, I'm confused ... If this is your 'long held forecast' then what are all the other forecasts you've made to this forum on various market movements in the short while that I've been registered here? I'm not saying I know any better than you but it sometimes feels as if there are those who know what they don't know and therefore don't comment and then there are empty vessels making a lot of noise. You well know that in 24 months nobody is going to be coming back here and digging up this forecast. More likely than not, the dip we've experienced today was all that triggered your thoughts of this 'long held forecast'. I highly recommend you work on containing these knee jerk reactions each time the market does something interesting and that you contact someone you trust about your paranoid thoughts. Not that I disagree with you completely, the news is still bad and the markets are still trending down, I just disagree with you about making exact predictions of a wild nature, or any predictions at all based on this type of false logic. it just clutters up the forums. I also don't believe that this is a long held prediction of yours.
  7. There is a little bit of an explanation of the move over here: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/news/banking-change.htm To save you the hassle though I quote:
  8. Yes, please see above for my apology with regard to the spell checker remark. Sorry again. It's done the trick though, you're well and truly focused on this thread. Not sure we'll ever agree though, no matter how much arguing we do. I'm prepared to stand down for now. Shake hands, metaphorically speaking, and agree to disagree on this point.
  9. Interesting how we both got different things from what I wrote. I thought I was writing that the buffalo would run away and not burden themselves by worrying that their weaker brethren got taken. They can give each other advice, and they do, by calling to each other when a cheatah is spied. They don't stand around moaning about it though. Here you seem to report that I am saying the buffalo would stand around explaining that weak one being eaten had deserved everything the cheetah is doing to him. I didn't mean that to be the meaning my message. PS. I apologise for trying to irritate you with the spell checker jeer.
  10. Jister1, please check to ensure your spell checker is still plugged in. You're starting to look like a slow buffalo ...
  11. Jister, you're welcome to your opinion. I don't understand why you feel it is so important to stop the hounds on this site from baying at the site of blood. It's all part of the process of natural selection. People, while removed from the natural processes for the most part, are still just as much affected. Do buffalo go around groaning that the weak ones were taken by the cheetah because they were weak and that the others who ran away are heartless bar stewards? No, they understand that this kind of culling off is how they evolve and progress as a species. They get over it and move on lest they, who are otherwise fit and healthy, get eaten themselves. The sooner labour and their inbred voters are moved on the sooner we can get back to the business of living, and then without the unnatural weight of feeling we have to save every weak human. That is not to say that the conservatives or any other political party are the solution. I would rather not have to choose among them. Try to feel a little less. It is your duty. Or if you must feel, then feel for the people who are killed in wars or murdered through no doing of their own. That is worth feeling for many of them were strong yet we feel for the weak and they are just statistics.
  12. The sort of thing under discussion in this topic is why I nearly got rid of my TV altogether but stopped short after cancelling Sky TV. I watch it very little now and it is amazing the sort of 'propaganda X-ray vision' one develops in it's absence. I very often find myself with many more questions about a news article than I would previously have thought of. This is the way it should be. We should be questioning. We should be our own masters and able to see more than just the news caster's point of view. This phenomenon stretches much further than the BBC though, if you've ever watched Bloomberg news while the American markets are open you'll have seen a lady who they let roam the trading floors in the states and who they use to dramatise market movements, in my opinion. She is little more than a market mascot for their TV station. When Bloomberg holds an interview with an 'expert' what is the one question you can guarantee they will ask? They will always ask the expert if we have reached the bottom of the market yet. Innocuous on the surface, but you know they're fishing for something deeper. It's an appeal to the average viewer's subconscious desire for their investments to appreciate in value. They never asked if we were at the top when the boom was in full swing. Sky TV too. A few months ago when the market movements were large they had running coverage of it. It almost seemed like they were treating it like the ultimate football game. They even pushed Kay Burley into a financial commentary role. This is a woman who, on the face of it, hasn't a clue about finance at that level. The television made us stupid and now that we're stupid that want us even more so.
  13. I've often wondered how a final salary scheme could ever be financially viable in the long term. My reasons for thinking this are set out clearly in the BBC article linked to by the OP. Eventually, to keep going, all final salary schemes have to become Ponzi schemes, which is exactly how the state pension is funded. Ponzi schemes, as we know, pose significant risks because unforeseen events such as a slow down in new recruits to the scheme will cause it to start to collapse. Be aware that your state pension is a Ponzi scheme and if it is to be guaranteed future viability then the government will be taxing us to the brink of bankruptcy to provide that guarantee. As the baby boomers retire so all pensions will become a hot topic, lucky for them few of the younger generation understand much about pensions, for if they did they would find more selfish ways to provision for their retirement that don't involve paying for the baby boomers!
  14. I feel your annoyance. I'm self employed too and have been saving since I started work. My family stopped supporting me as soon as I left school. It has been very much a crusade with my girlfriend and I firmly at the helm since about 2002. Fast forward to today, and she is working on a contract basis in a public sector organisation that shall remain nameless. Now she has worked for public sector, as have I, in the past and it has always been a very annoying experience given the people's attitudes in those places but I shall try to relate only a small part of this latest experience that is relevant to what you have said. Basically, like all partners she'll come home and have a moan on the odd occasion. Nothing unusual there, just like any ordinary couple do. I've been listening quite intently and have picked up on a particularly amusing thread. It's not something that bothers my girlfriend but I have cobbled together the story from fragments and it has become very amusing to me. For instance someone on her team that earns either average, or below average wage is an admin sort. No problem there, but somehow they have managed to be duped by another team member into spending £15k on what amounts to a self hypnosis course. I can only think that this was on credit. Then, recently this same person announced they were getting their kitchen redone at a cost of about £6.5k. The situation became even more amusing to me when I heard that this is in fact a divorced lady with children. These are not events that have happened a while ago, they are quite fresh! The sheeple, they live among us, or, we among them ... A good deal of them work in the public sector and it is no surprise to me to hear them make those kinds of remarks. Their logic would run something along the lines of making a connection between their vague idea of your job and the media making a fuss about house prices falling and then assuming that you being stung and justly so. Of course, they couldn't be further from the truth as you have related to us, but this is how their minds work. Use it to your advantage and screw with their heads Maybe even encourage them to take hypno therapy courses at £15k a pop!
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