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  1. What kind of house was it? £1600 sounds high, but as a repo maybe it was a bargain.
  2. OK in that case I think you need to be concerned - there is a reason why he has added them.
  3. We have similar clauses but different wording in our agreement, but they are preceded with "if applicable". I take it that this is a standard agreement template and as the house is not main home of the LL these clauses are not applicable.
  4. Moving into new place next month made me calculate the yield to the new landlord. We will be paying £925 pm = £11,100 per annum for a 2-bed semi which was sold for £238k in November 2003. Using this 2003 figure yield is 4.7%, using guestimate of current price it is a lot less of course (or maybe not ) . How much do you pay / get?
  5. Never seen this before, but Cubitt and West EA is advertising "price range" instead of asking price. i.e. Price Range: £360,000 - £400,000 . What is this about?
  6. UK taxpayers would be bailed out by the gvmt, but all foreign "investors" (read: savers) would be left with nothing. In addition, other countries would apply terrorism legislation to seize UK companies' assets in those countries.
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