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  1. its time for revolution the uk politicians have sold you out you have been sold out for money we live in a corrupt society.
  2. we rent a buy to let house. we have recieved a letter adreeseed to "the occupier" about 5 weeks ago that a repossession hearing will take place on 5th may at the local court. can you beleive the cheeky bar***r landlord rang me on tue the 20th april this month the day the month rent due asking me for the months rent. and they have not put our grand deposit in the deposit protection scheme !!!!!!!! deposit AND rent thieves im sick of being shafted by these scum by renting this is the second deposit theft in a row.
  3. have you seen the price of a bottle of malt scotch lately ? up about 10% in recent months
  4. is there such a thing as "peak food" ? What happens once we've ate all the animals. ? Will agroculture / food farming still feed the planet ? Besides, i thought most folks on the planet were starving so how come we have cheap food ? Non of it makes any sense. We probably have cheap food AT THE EXPENSE of those millions starving, ie we give them a dollar of quantively eased paper for their bunch of bananas. Thy get robbed and we get "cheap food". Its another scam, basically we are robbing starving people of their food.
  5. merry crimbo peeps lets hope for a good new year enjoyed this years forums entertainment and the regular posters deserve a round of applause for their sterling efforts hip hip hooray....
  6. I assume zero interest rates will mean my future pension annuity will be way less than the oft quoted 7% ? Anybody got any ideas on this ? This of course assumes zero interest rates will persist for some time, which i dont know. But the obvious worry is my pension is toast and i will need a humongous pot of millions to get 500 quid a year pension. If so then there will be trouble ahead. Especially since the radio tonight said by 2030 there will be 25% of the population over 65 years old. It will be a pension disaster.
  7. i noticed peace and calm after about 9pm this year whereas during the last 10 free-money years it would go till a week past bonfire night defo nobody lighting 50 pound notes round my way
  8. dont the english invade france every year these days ? i expect next year you wont be able to move in francais for chavs who cant afford benidorm, but can drive their bangers over on La Ferries
  9. reply :- " if you guarentee my job for 2 years i'll sign your 2 year rental agreement..."
  10. i genuinely beleive that the majority who are taking the pay cut are fearful that if a number are made redundant it will affect the house prices of those that are left. there is some sort of of huddling together type menta;ity going on here . to do with house prices etc. i see it at my work also. why wou;d you vote to hand your pay over to someone else ? except if you are frightened the fear stage has arrived. i can smell it all around
  11. WHAT FUNDS ARE THESE CDSs in ? what fund do avoid switching my pot into. This is the important question . equites or interest or money based funds where are the CDSs being held by the pension companies ?
  12. if pension funds are holding trillions of worthless CDS's, to avoid the CDS pension fund massacre, should i switch my pension pot into - equity based funds - money based funds - interest based funds im out of equities and holding a 50/50 split on money and interest funds the big question is WHAT FUNDS ARE THE CDSs being held in by the pension companies ?
  13. see my thread earlier today on exactly the same subject. The proles will be allowed to pay back at £1 a week....
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