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  1. Simple Question. If I invest £100 into company A and it drops by 2%, then is my capital then worth 98% - all the fees and broker stuff. What if company A dropped 101% would i be then have to pay another 1%? Not really done much reading but I think it's spreadbetting where you can put £100 on a share going up but if it drops you need to pay more than you initial capital? Basically I would like to manage my own shares but invest £x amount a month but not lose more than my initial investment. Thanks for any responses. Frames
  2. Lived in Preston all my life, it's close to town but at the top end of new hall lane which contains over 20 takeaways. The Callen estate which is a 5 minute walk was one of the worst estates in northen england. I went to view one last year with my sister, the bottom floor appartments are poor and small, looks like a prison inside the hall way. Make what you will heard they filled most of the bottom floor with people on housing benefits because they couldn't sell. The top floor seemed a little better but not much. Basically one massive open plan room, and by massive I mean about 12 ft high with paint comming off one of the walls. The one you've linked is one of the bigger appartments on the upper floor, I wonder how much that would cost to heat in Winter? I'd pay 70k.
  3. Feel like listening to Rage Against Machine and smashing stuff up. This government just F**s stuff up and cheats on the common person.
  4. I moved out of my house 10 days ago and have had no contact from the letting agency about my £760 deposit. I'm sure on the tenency agreement it said they would notify me if they planned on taking anything off the deposit, however there 10 days are up and I've heard nothing. Does this mean by law i get my full desposit back? I think it's 28 days until they have to give it back.
  5. we need interest rates to increase in order for people to start selling. My friends got a 100% mortgage for about 30 years and was paying about £800 - 900 a month - he was thinking about getting rid, it's now dropped about £200. He's over the moon - doesn't have to have beans on toast every night.
  6. Can I ask what job do you do? And how much desposit do you have?
  7. I have moved home and im currently saving £550 a month. This either is going to sit in my bank account or in my TSB isia which is poo. I'm haven't got a clue about gold or silver or stocks and shares. If I buy Premium Bonds, how easy is it to get your money out? do you have to have it in for a certain amount of time. Any point in doing it for a 6 months? kind of appeals to me, because its secure and better than sitting in my current account i guess/ frames
  8. frames


    The carpet in the bathroom is a mess because the seal on the bottom of the shower door is crap. I've also told the letting agent this. The bathrooms have damp because the fans in each of them are not powerful enough - this is what the estate agent said. However I feel that the landlord knows there are quite a lot of problems with the house and will try and reclaim the whole deposit of £740. The only problem that we have done is broken 3 tiles on the kitchen floor.
  9. frames


    Any landlords or renters who have had deals with damp when handing back a property. My two friends and I are moving out of the property we have rented for the last year. After aboutt 2 months of living in the house we started seeing small black dots in our bathrooms. Anyway over winter it's got a lot worse. We have imformed the landlord and estate agent on every visit and they have been aware of the problem from when it started. The only action taken was for the landlord to drop off a air humidifier. Anyway now we are about to hand back the property we think they might take our deposit off us because of this damp. Also things like capeted bathrooms, the areas where we get out of the shower are screwed how would this work affect our deposit? Thanks frames
  10. Unsure - I think she didn't have a clue and sounds the guy at NR just said this is what you want.
  11. No it's fixed. Makes more sense with help from you guys. Once the mortgage had gone through - Nr gave her £1000 back.
  12. Thanks I've searched google and still non the wiser. Why would you have a secured part and an unsecured part of a mortgage? What the balls do NR get from this.
  13. My friends got a mortgage and she showed me the statement today - it shows 76k secured and 4k unsecured. The mortgage is with Northern Rock and was taken out about 3 years ago. What does this mean? And why would they have a unsecured part to the mortgage? Would it not make more sense just to have a 80k secured against the property? Thanks for your help
  14. Just got back from Dublin and from the airport there was protests about bankers pay on the thursday friday of last week. Could this be the start of something big?
  15. Open plan is the worst selling point to a property for me, well in winter. Live with my two mates and I can leave the heating on for over 4 hours and I can still see my breath when I talk in the front room. We all hide in our bedrooms like we are on crack. Christmas was fun at our house.
  16. Live in Preston and a loads of the rented properties I was looking at have all gone. But still loads of properties coming onto the market each day.
  17. Should i buy my Euros now or later in Feb? I don't think it will be that different then. I think that with no understanding of currency, just in my waters.
  18. I'm thinking about quiting my software development job and going into teaching. Good pension, massive holidays, help out in PE when they are short, good job security. Or stay in my current job, with 28 days holiday and just had a 6% paycut.
  19. http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/article.aspx?cp-...mentid=12019296 haha
  20. frames

    £ - Euro

    For next year I'm going dublin in Feb for my girlfriends birthday for two nights, central Italy for a week in June and Ibiza for a 10 days in Sept. I have no idea how hard this is to predict but my question is will the pound recover and should i buy my Euros now or wait until the time, or will I be paying £15 a bottle of beer in an ibiza club next year. Anyone just not going on holiday because of the pound to euro rate?
  21. Work for a small IT company in lancashire. We have got rid of two people and everyone's taken a pay cut, I took 6% my manager took 24. I'm the only skilled .NET developer left here so think i will be one of the last to go. Bit poo really i moved jobs in June got a 6k pay rise from my 18k wage from uni.
  22. This will be the answer for the next 4 years. Thats MDMA
  23. Not been made redundant yet! but had to take a 6% pay cut in order to keep my job. I'm a software developer
  24. Don't hide. If they are more than happy to attack you in the 'good times' then attack back. People need to take the good times with the bad times if they don't or can't then they lose at life with a massive epic fail.
  25. Just thought i'd up date whats going on. My friend rang the estate agent to ask why no viewers had been in 8 weeks of the house being on the market. The estate agent said the property is over priced. The agent said terrace houses are going for about 89k and flats in the same area are now going for about 82k. My friend asked why she hasn't been in touch and the estate agent she thought my friends wanted to get the most out of the house. They are waiting until March to drop it to 98k I was told last night. Also the other partner said they won't get anything if they sell it for less than 90k so won't. Getting quite messy betweent them.
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